Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

In the contemporary world of home design, the bedroom is where we should take the most care. As the protective shell for our dreams, it is where we regenerate as we prepare for another day. In this regard, it should be a haven, a respite, a retreat where all of the daily cares fade away as we become horizontal, recalibrating ourselves to take on the world.
At Viesso we have a line of exceptional furniture and accessories for the modern bedroom. Always adhering to our minimalist philosophy, each piece is created with an eye to its purpose, eliminating the extraneous and focusing on the exquisiteness of line and function.

A bedroom should be utilitarian and magical, harmonizing with your masculine or feminine energy, or better yet, a combination of both. A bedroom should speak of your deepest tenderness, your attention to self, which in turn is a reflection of how you should ideally attend to others. A bedroom should be the place where intimacy reigns. Quiet and serene, it should emanate a palpable vibration the moment you enter.
Our many styles of beds, bedding, dressers, nightstands, mirrors and more, give you ample choice when it comes to demonstrating your taste and character as you furnish and decorate your bedroom space. Here are just a few examples of what you can expect from the Viesso brand, as well as other custom brands we represent.


The Buden bed is one of our most popular models for its simple, solid form and the ability to customize it so easily. Made of a solid bamboo platform, the bed also supplies areas for storage. With beautifully made cut-out areas at the foot of the bed, along with flush drawers along the base and headboard, you can easily keep items hidden and organized, especially if your closets don’t comply. The base of the bed is the same size as the mattress to eliminate any wasted space, and the headboard is designed so that you can place items on it if you desire. Coming in amber, natural, coffee, and chocolate, the Buden is an eco-conscious bed that confirms your commitment to a healthy Green lifestyle.
The Nini Bed is another popular model and a part of our Quickship line in that it is created with limited options to allow for a fast lead time and an extremely competitive price. With its wide base, the bed boasts a sleek silhouette. Lying close to the ground, it has the great benefit of offering a storage area right in the headboard. The Nini comes with many quality fabrics and colors to choose from, including white infinity suede, league linen, red, and azure. The high resiliency foam surrounding the frame gives it an easy appeal. The bed is made of alder kiln-dried hardwood with metal legs, giving it a thoroughly modern, graceful, and serene feel.

The Mattress

A deeply sound sleep requires the right mattress. Often we don’t quite know what to look for when it comes to the most important element in ensuring a good night’s sleep, which is the support we get from a mattress. Add to this the importance of sleeping on healthy, non-toxic material, and the formula is complete.

The Cascade natural mattress comes with a 7” core of medium firm natural latex material and is 100% organic in all aspects of its construction. As if this isn’t enough, there is yet another plus: the Cascade is a two sided wonder that boasts a sculpted surface providing a medium feel, and on the other side, a flat surface that provides firmer support allowing you to have just the right sensation, all in one very special mattress.
With its sculpted top covered with specially created knit quilting, the bed is a bastion of carefully made comfort. Made of cruelty-free wool that is processed under the strictest of controls, the mattress meets all federal flammability standards without having to resort to the use of chemical retardants. Because wool is one of the best temperature regulators, you have the added comfort of a long lasting and resilient material. Every material that has gone into the making of this mattress comes from renewable, biodegradable resources, including the organic hand- tufted organic cotton padding. The bed comes in twin, full, queen, Cal King, and King sizes.

The Mattress Topper

Adding the Wooly mattress topper to your mattress is another way to ensure a perfect rest. Measuring either 1.5 “ or 3” thick, the topper gives you a soft surface akin to a featherbed. Made with pure wool on the inside and organic cotton on the outside, this plush addition helps you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter through the benefits of wool’s temperature regulation properties. Wicking away moisture, the Wooly mattress topper offers the luxurious sensation of floating on air.

The Dresser

The Brix Modular Storage System is one of our best choices for a stacking drawer system that allows you to create the space you need for your intimate items. Providing a multitude of configurations, this elegantly designed piece consists of preassembled modules with a pin and cam mechanism for stacking the rigid units securely. The dresser is made with steel under its frame to provide strength and stability and can be stacked vertically, or horizontally to lay low along the floor. With push latch sides on the drawers for easy opening and closing, a steel reinforced top to support heavy loads, steel fin legs or a low platform base, the Brix is made from high density wood composite painted with a high gloss polyurethane lacquer. Coming in white, charcoal, putty, or red, the dresser is both practical and contemporary, and fits in with any bedroom decor.


When selecting a nightstand, you want to find something that compliments your bed. At Viesso, we have the perfect solutions for creating a seamless and harmonious look, whether you need extra storage or simply a place for a lamp and a book. The Bruno nightstand from Area Home is made from oil finished solid walnut or American white oak, or solid ash with a water-based wash finish. Adding die cast aluminum legs and a straightforward surface, here is an elegant piece with clearly defined, timeless lines.
Another one of our contemporary styles is the Gio, a no frills box that comes with a cut out area as under-surface storage. Made of bamboo, this nightstand is another modern solution that can also be customized with drawers.


What bedroom is complete without a mirror? Whether you’re looking for a wall or floor model, sohoConcept has a variety of options, including the classic Anna mirror. Framed with a wide wooden border and a slender shelf, this mirror is easy to hang in your dressing area or anywhere else you see fit.
The Malta mirror comes in small, medium, and large and can be wall mounted or placed on the floor. With its bold design, the oak veneered MDF frame, designed by Tayfur Ozkaynak, adds both dimension and style to any bedroom.
For more information on our modern bedroom design ideas, please contact us or by calling 877.8.VIESSO.

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