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Modern Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Fall 2013

In 2013, we have seen a big shift from the design trends of yesteryear. This year is all about neutral colors and downsizing. If you are looking to get a modern look in your bedroom for this fall, think organic and natural. Here are some ideas to help point you in the right direction when selecting modern bedroom furniture for this fall.


Aside from white, greens are the color of the year when it comes to interior design so a color palette of green and white would make a calm, soothing theme for your bedroom this fall.

During the fall, you should opt for deeper green colors such as a cool forest green. This will offer a great contrast to the otherwise lighter hues in your bedroom of white and metallic finishes. Green makes a great option for a wall color or upholstery. If your bedroom incorporates a sitting area, perhaps you should include some green items such as a love seat or table to bring some added coolness to the space.

Floral patterns are also another option that is popular this season, however they should be used sparingly and only when pair with a solid color or white. Floral patterns are a great option for bedspreads or table lamp covers if you want to bring a bit of fun into the bedroom.


The must-have of the season is to incorporate brass or copper into your modern bedroom furniture. So consider purchasing furniture with brass or copper legs, metallic lamps, and bedside tables that have brass or copper handles. By incorporating brass or copper into your furniture, you can add more texture to your new bedroom. These items can have a harsh look when used on their own so it is very important that you pair them with a texture such as natural wood.

Natural wood is also making a big comeback and you should incorporate some items such as a dresser or armoire with a natural wood finish. Stick to lighter colors for the wood finish in order to give your bedroom a comfortable, airy feel.

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Retreat

As the seasons change, you may opt to bring a bit more comfort to your bedroom. This seasons hottest trend is to turn your bedroom into your own personal retreat and chill space. This trend was inspired by homeowners that enjoy the feel of relaxing in a hotel where everything has been especially prepared to increase one’s comfort level.

Now there is no reason to only enjoy extreme comfort while at a hotel. You can also experience this directly in your own home if you choose the proper additions for your modern bedroom. You can do this by incorporating items such as high headboards that are fixed directly to your wall and feature upholstery. Another option is to add comfortable items such as matching bedside tables and small lamps which will allow all of your necessities to be within arm’s reach.

If you are interested in buying appliances, some good options to increase the comfort level of your bedroom include adding a mini-fridge. Having a variety of throw pillows for your bed also adds a nice comforting touch and if done right, your bedroom can become as relaxing as a visit to your favorite hotel.

Opt for Smaller Furniture

As more people opt to live in smaller living spaces in the cities, the new trends are in smaller pieces of furniture for your bedroom. By opting for smaller furniture pieces, you can open up a small room to make it feel as though you have more space. In addition, smaller furniture pieces will allow for less clutter in the bedroom and will make you get rid of those things that you really don’t need.

For smaller furniture options, try adding in smaller bedside tables or smaller clothing storage options. If you don’t like the idea of keeping all of the items in your bedroom small, comprise a bit and play with a mix of small and large furniture options for your bedroom.

Make Your Bedroom a Mash-up of Ideas

The key to staying on trend this fall is to make your bedroom a mash-up of textures and colors while maintaining an overall neutral tone with regard to the color pallet. Don’t be afraid to mix metals and wood together when choosing bedroom furniture. The contrast of metals such as copper and brass versus wood will bring your bedroom into the modern era. Keep in mind that at the end of the day the goal is to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy yourself.

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