Modern California King Modern Bed

On your next bedroom shopping spree, consider a California King-sized bed. It is considered the longest in size and is a perfect fit for tall people. It offers the benefit of an extra four inches longer compared to the standard king-sized bed. Measuring 72" wide and 84" long, a California King bed can accommodate two people quite comfortably, as well as one very tall single person. The extra four inches may not seem like much, but a very tall person can sleep corner-to-corner, if preferred.

California King Beds or Cal. king beds offer a great advantage to families that share their bed with their pets. Even with your dog sleeping at one end of the bed you won't even know he's there. These beds are designed to render enough space for really stretching out and ultimate luxury for a restful sleeping experience.

California King Beds can be found in several available styles and made from many different materials. They are most popular in the platform design because in this form they do not need a box spring. Cal. king beds are often seen as a decorative focal point in a master bedroom. The framed platform serves the purpose of making your bed the center of attraction upon entering to your bedroom. The clean modern design element makes for a contemporary look that features a vast array of beautiful hardwood constructions.

The leather-covered or upholstered headboards add to the style without the use of extra space. Cal. king beds are available in Asian design styles that are made from such sustainable materials as, reclaimed mahogany or plantation teak. When choosing your California King Bed style, usually there are accessories available that coordinate with the bed. They come in the form of night stands or dressers that exhibit the same style and distinctive characteristics as the bed.

If practicality and luxury are the theme-words for your brand of bed, there is a modern California King bed available to satisfy your most discriminating tastes. A sleigh bed can be delicately designed to fit any age or gender. Headboards can be made in a variety of patterns that add drama to your bedroom decor or made to bring quiet character to a child's bedroom.

Cal. king beds offer maximum comfort in its adjustable bed design. These adjustable beds are the perfect solution for physical conditions that otherwise would not allow for a comfortable sleeping position. A California King adjustable bed is available through manufacturers that specialize in beds built to last. They are strong and durable, yet lighter than the average bed. A quality Cal. king adjustable bed base is designed to fit the majority of footboards, headboards and frames. These beds serve as an ultimate sleep system with a wireless remote control for setting or changing your sleeping position. Some of these beds are equipped with massage features for the upper and lower body. They are great stress relievers and known for functionality no matter where you position it in your bedroom.

In summary, California King Modern Beds can accommodate any of your requirements for a restful night's sleep. Find the California King Modern Beds of your choice by checking out Viesso today!

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