Modern Cow Hide Rugs: Reinventing This Look

When you think of cow hide rugs what do you typically envision? Most likely, cow hide rugs bring about ideas of a country home complete with taxidermy hanging from the walls. However the new modern cow hide rugs are changing these old ideas of the cow hide rug being only considered as an item to have in a traditional, country home.

New cow hide rugs are changing modern interior design by allowing a traditional item to be incorporated in a contemporary and refreshing way. Now cow hide rugs can be looked as a statement piece in your modern room instead being considered as outdated. Many interior designers are incorporating cow hide rugs into modern room design.

What Are the New Cow Hide Rug Patterns?

Cow hide rugs are available in a range of modern designs ranging from abstract to regular patterns. No longer do you have to stick with the traditional style which is the natural shape of the animal. You can find cow hide rugs in such patterns as block square rugs, concentric squares and even abstract designs that completely distort the natural color patterns of the cow hair.

In fact, the traditional style of cow rugs with just the natural cow pattern and natural shape of the hide is why most people that don’t like cow hide rugs typically choose not to buy them. However once you see these new designs, you will see that they are nearly indistinguishable from rugs of other materials. The only difference being the texture of the rug of course.

Cow hide is a great material for a rug because of its durability and softness. Cow hide rugs are also fairly easy to clean and maintain. Modern cow hide rugs are typically designed to highlight the natural variations of the cow hide while providing a unique and interesting pattern or can come in a variety of colors that render the material that the rug was made from almost unnoticeable.

If you are wondering where to put a cow hide rug in your home, the new modern designs make them perfect for a living room or bedroom. Cow hide patterns work great with natural wood furniture and solid color furniture. In the bedroom, cow hide adds a soft touch to your room and feels great on bare feet in the winter.

Cow Hide Rug Colors

Modern cow hide rugs have a new twist on the cow hide rug because of the fact that they don’t only come in natural colors. Cow hide can be easily dyed and comes in a range of colors from blues to yellows. These color patterns are incorporated in modern cow hide rug designs so cleverly that it is impossible what the rug is made from unless the material is investigated up close.

Some of the current trending designs include cow hide rugs with alternating dyed colors designed to create a piece of art that is greater that the rug itself.

How Do You Clean Cow Hide Rugs?

Cleaning a cow hide rug is fairly easily. If there is dust or dirt in the rug, all you need to is take the rug outside and shake it. By doing this you are also giving the rug an opportunity to breathe. Cow hide rugs can be fairly heavy so it might be best to do this when there is someone available to help

If there is a spill on the rug, simply start by gathering up the area of hair that is affected by the spill and gently stroking the hair to remove the spill. You can use a damp cloth and just a small dot of soap on the spill. Continue to stroke the hairs until the stain is removed. Do not add more soap but instead you should rinse the cloth that you are working on the stain with until it is clean of the stain and the stain is out of the rug. Once the stain has come out of the hair. place some books or some other object underneath the wet area so that the wet area can dry.

It should take anywhere from several hours to a day to dry depending on how large the stain is. Make sure when cleaning a stain to use the least amount of water possible to ensure fast drying and to prevent any possible damage to the rug from the stain spreading via the water application.

Are you wondering what these modern cow hide rugs look like and if they would be a good match for your home? If you are still trying to decide whether or not you’d like a cow hide rug, check out the new styles here.

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