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Modern Decor For Bedroom

Symmetry and serenity best describe modern bedroom décor. Design elements are streamlined to grant the modern boudoir a sense of calm. Emphasize the function of the space and find ways to pare down clutter to really capitalize on this décor scheme. Keep things simple and the bedroom becomes a sensual oasis that revives the body and the soul.

A low platform bed provides the focal point of the room. In most design schemes the bed is placed in the center of the wall that is opposite the entrance of the bedroom. This is also true for modern décor, but this design plan also allows latitude for more creative placement of furniture. In many ways the bed inspires further design elements within the modern décor bedroom. A low platform bed will make the room seem larger and less cluttered. Select a bed that has a striking headboard that draws the eye and makes a strong style statement.

Choose colors that promote a sense of peace within the space. Modern décor devotees used to swear by simple black and white with metal accents, but today’s design ideas come with more leeway. Try out dark wood, rich chocolate brown and cool aquamarine. Don’t shy away from a pop of color here and there as these small touches allow the personality of the room’s owner to shine through. Background colors should remain neutral so that the focus of the room’s occupants stay on the clean lines of the furnishings.

With modern décor a minimalist approach works well. Having adequate storage enhances this image. Supplement closet space with shelving and cabinetry. Most of these additions should feature doors that enclose the contents, as this promotes the clutter-free atmosphere that should predominate in the modern décor bedroom. Most of these furnishings should be free of ornamentation and carving – less is definitely more in this decorating philosophy. Locate dressers and nightstands that combine excellent storage possibilities with clean, unornamented lines.

Accessories make the bedroom appear homey, but they are definitely minimized in the modern approach. A clear glass vase with long lines and room for just one or two blooms is perfect for this type of room. Accessories should never be ornate and most should showcase geometric designs that complement the overall feeling of contemporary décor. Add a simple silver bowl to a mantel or bedside table for precisely the right touch.

Choosing the right lighting is essential to complete the modern décor look. Recessed lighting is always a popular choice and it does provide a clean appearance. However, some people are discovering how easy it is to get creative with modern lighting. Bedside lamps and pendant lights play a large role in the modern bedroom. Choose lights with clean lines and a pop of color for a little extra personality.

Modern décor is the perfect choice for people who want their bedroom to be an oasis of calm and tranquility. Using long clean lines and eschewing clutter make modern décor an accessible option for everyone. For modern décor for your bedroom be sure to check out Viesso today!

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