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Modern Designer Furniture Sofa

Modern designer furniture sofa styles by Viesso helps designers create comfortable living spaces to entertain family and friends. Viesso crafts our sofa collection to complement other design elements such as coffee tables, chairs and entertainment centers. Each piece works together masterfully to create living spaces that guests will compliment and experts will award.

Many designers select sofas as the starting point or focal point of living room designs. Interior and exterior rooms benefit from the comfort, style and functionality of modern designer sofas. Designers commonly choose Viesso designer sofas because we addresses new trends in design without sacrificing environmental or design principles.

Trends in Modern Designer Furniture Sofa Colors

Viesso modern designer furniture sofas indicate a trend in sofa colors toward bold and neutral colors. Many sofa colors may be monochromatic neutral tones consisting of creams, coffees, taupes, camels, grays, charcoals, blacks and whites. Bold colors such as red, blue and lime are also popular. Designers may use two or more primary colors together to provide a complementary color palette. A lime sectional sofa with coffee-colored accent pillows is a perfect example of modern designer furniture color combinations.

Viesso allows its clients to customize sofa designs to meet the needs of their homes or commercial properties. With the new trend in re-upholstery, some clients are re-upholstering every two years with a new color. Our re-upholstery fabrics are made from eco-friendly materials. Frequent re-upholstering, to keep up with the modern trends, will not negatively affect the environment. Viesso encourages designers to remain current with the new trends in furniture design.

Trends in Modern Designer Furniture Sofa Eco-Friendly Materials

Modern designer sofas by Viesso are made from eco-friendly materials. Most of the sofa frames are made from sustainable materials. Sustainable materials include locally sourced SFI-certified alder hardwood or bamboo. Materials that can be grown and harvested quickly at a low cost without damaging the environment are considered sustainable.

Natural filling is used in the construction of most Viesso sofa styles. Wool deck, natural “jute webbing,” foam and natural latex are also present in eco-friendly designs. In sofa designs, the most eco-friendly designs are 100 percent natural latex. Natural latex is often present in the cushion filling and on the backs and arms.

Bamboo is a popular choice for sofa frames. Viesso features an impressive selection of bamboo float sectionals. Each seating space is separated by bamboo tables to provide an Asian Zen feel. The light bamboo color balances the boldly colored upholstery for a unique design appeal. The upholstery, bamboo and filling are all eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing for any space.

Alder wood is an option for sofa frames in Viesso modern designer furniture sofa styles. The wood is kiln-dried to prevent warping. Alder wood is SFI-certified and made from locally sourced sources.

Stainless steel is also used for sofa frames. Stainless steel frames are attractive and provide a complement to leather upholstery or fabrics made from recyclable materials. Some frames may consist of simple and straight lines and other frames may consist of curved lines. Many Viesso designer sofas and sectionals feature stainless steel.

Trends in Modern Designer Furniture Sofa Styles and Designs

Viesso modern designer sofa styles are characterized by clean lines and simple design. Ornate curves and other design are not featured in modern designer furniture. Sectionals, chaises and split-backs are common features of Viesso modern designer furniture sofa styles.

Split-Back Sofas. Modern designer furniture sofa styles are known for modular designs and dual functionality. Split-back sofas are popular with designers. Instead of the bulky, traditional sleeper sofas, designers are incorporating split-back modern designer sofas into living room designs. With a simple push forward, split-back sofas can be converted into a lounger or extra bedding for a guest.

Most Viesso split-back sofa designs are upholstered with soft and supple leather. The frames are typically made of stainless steel. With split-back sofas, one side can be left up and another down. This design often adds an element of intrigue in an open-floor plan. The split-back design also maximizes comfort. Comfort and style are the major trends in modern sofa design, and split-back sofas meet both criteria.

Sectionals. Sectionals maximize the seating space in a living space. When sectionals are implemented in living room designs, tables and chairs can be coordinated with the sectional designs. Sectionals are made to withstand high traffic areas. Most Viesso sectionals are highly resilient and made of eco-friendly foam, natural latex and down. Natural materials are also used for webbing and wraps.

Most sectionals include eco-friendly alder wood, bamboo or stainless steel leg options. Each type adds a different look and appeal to the sofa design. Stainless steel is more cosmopolitan, modern and contemporary. Bamboo and alder wood are more earthy, modern and contemporary. The frame and leg options depend upon the designer’s vision for the living space. Viesso frames are durable and feature lifetime warranties.

Support for sectional sofas is provided by coil springs. The springs are durable and able to withstand the traffic received in most living areas. The seat cushion can also withstand high traffic areas. The seat cushions and back pillows have removable covers that can be replaced or laundered according to instructions. Some Viesso fabrics have special warranties accompanying furniture purchases to verify the Viesso’s commitment to quality and durability.

Sofa Beds, Loungers and Chaises. Each of these sofa styles allows guests to relax and have a more pleasant extended visit. With each design, guests may put their feet up, take a nap or even stay overnight. Most Viesso modern designer furniture sofa bed styles are streamlined and sleek unlike traditional designs. Some modern Viesso sofa bed styles still feature the interior hide-away sofa bed style for additional comfort, but most Viesso sofa beds and loungers simply recline with a simple push of the seat back.

In seconds, guests can be reclining or sleeping without significant effort. In some sofa bed designs, the sides of the sofas recline instead of the seat backs. Viesso “wing-sided” sofa designs are visually intriguing in an open-space but are also highly functional. Modern Viesso sofa beds consume much less space in living areas than traditional designs. Space conservation is the primary reason designers choose modern sofa design in homes.

Consider Modern Designer Furniture Sofa Styles

Consider modern designer furniture sofa styles for interior and exterior spaces. Viesso helps designers remain abreast of the latest in modern designer furniture sofa styles. Contact a Viesso representative for more details.

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