Modern Dining Table

The dining room is defined by the appearance and style of the furnishings; they work upon the senses and affect the entire meal presentation. Modern dining furniture, especially the dining table itself, should be chosen to accent the room without appearing too gaudy or prominent. And in today's world of eco-friendly products and environmentally-conscious consumers, many top manufacturers are now offering high-quality dining tables made from select materials that minimize the carbon footprint as well as protecting against the savaging of rare wood species. The increased use of recycled materials is another interesting point, as many of the most luxurious dining tables are made with post-consumer products, yet delight in their appearance and overall quality.

Examples Of Modern Dining Table Design

Everything from hardwood to polished steel, with glass inserts and rotating leg positions are among the choices consumers have when purchasing a modern dining table. One of the most challenging problems for manufacturers who build wood dining tables is to make the best use of the wood's natural grain tendencies as well as the characteristics of knotting, mineral streaking and shade variations, all of which are natural and can be used to highlight the appearance of the table when the right pieces are chosen. Another popular accent with wood dining tables is the brushed steel edging that many prefer on both the tabletop and the legs. This simple touch gives the product a very profound look and signifies quality and strength.

Equally exciting is the minimalist style tables which feature a simple top and steel or chrome legs. The modern, balanced look of the support legs complements the tabletop nicely, and popular varieties include oak veneer with solid metal leg supports. And the oval or round table designs have evolved significantly over the past several decades, with more emphasis being placed on the design of the table legs. Many folks are hesitant to purchase a round dining table that rests on a central column for fear the unit will tip easily, but modern tables with intricate steel or chrome supports provide a sophisticated look while keeping the unit properly balanced.

The modern glass top dining tables are fascinating in their designs. One of the most exciting is the style featuring solid walnut or other hardwood that has raised pegs supporting the thick glass tabletop. This allows for enhanced viewing of the wood underneath and creates an amazing visual effect, as the entire table takes on a true 3-D look.

Caring For The Environment

Shoppers have the opportunity to browse modern dining tables with the actual materials in mind. Viesso takes pride in partnering with environmentally friendly suppliers. Many wood species are being used for their beauty and ease of procurement, but at a great cost to sensitive ecosystems, such as the tropical rainforests. And the manufacturing of metal products can have a very costly effect on the environment if the proper steps are not taken to minimize pollution and energy expenditure.

Just as foods have certified organic labels, shoppers of modern dining equipment are encouraged to look for product descriptions that mention post-consumer waste, green manufacturing methods and manufacturing techniques that result in energy credits.
Viesso offers a huge selection of modern dining tables that are sure to please all who visit online or come to the Southern California showroom. These tables are made with high quality products, carry full warranties and are designed with protection of the environment in mind. Look at the dining table inventory at Viesso and see firsthand what the 21st century offers in the way of exciting furniture styles.

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