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Modern Dorm Furniture

Moving into a dorm may bring up thoughts of cramped spaces and lofted twin beds. However, the classic scenario of one room with a line down the middle is largely a thing of the past. Many dorms have become more like small apartments complete with a central living space and private bathrooms. These modern dorms are at their finest when filled with modern furniture that is stylish and streamlined. However, even traditional one-room dorms get a facelift when decorated with a few pieces of modern furniture.

Study in Style

Viesso offers a variety of modern furniture in addition to a comprehensive line of eco-friendly furniture, bedding and accent pieces. If seeking to furnish the study area of a dorm, you may be interested in Viesso's modern reference desk, which features a v-shaped trough used to hold books. The deceptively simplistic design lends great functionality to this visually appealing piece. If you are seeking additional storage, the Homework Desk provides this in the form of customizable drawers that appear to float below the desk's glass surface. The drawers may be built to hold files or larger objects according to your preferences. The desk itself is offered in both small and large sizes. If you are interested in taking a completely no-frills approach, the basic Calvin Desk is a sleek and simple alternative.

Secure Storage Space

Creative storage spaces are another must for modern dorm life. Viesso offers modular storage units that utilize rectangular shelving and feature clean lines and symmetry that make them visually appealing as well as efficient. For students who prefer something a bit more whimsical, Viesso's Bola series of storage units manages to feel both modern and fanciful. These pieces utilize circular shelving and feature bright colors of the purchaser's choice. Two styles of the Bola shelves double as glass-topped coffee tables and no tools are required for assembly. Other models are stacked as high as traditional bookshelves providing floor-to-ceiling shelving. The round shelves securely hold a variety of objects including file folders when placed in free-standing holders, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and even bottles. These modern storage units work well in study areas, bedrooms and living spaces. Students sharing dormitory suites may use the storage units as room dividers. When placed strategically behind a couch, they will help divide the common area into a space for work and a space for recreation and relaxation.

Plan for Rested Residents

Residents seeking to heavily furnish a dorm can also find modern couches, chairs and beds available from Viesso. The Buden Twin Bed is perfect for dorm rooms because it doubles as a stylish and efficient storage unit. There is an open space for storage at the foot of the bed as well as drawers under the bed. You may also opt to add additional drawers to the headboard. The Nini Twin Bed sits low to the floor and has a very artistic look. However, it also offers shelving above the headboard to students needing extra storage space. Chairs and couches that convert into beds, such as the Dublexo Deluxe Chair and Pyx Sleek Sofa Bed, provide a stylish and comfortable alternative to the standard futon.

Supplement with Soft Essentials

Alternatively, residents of dorms that have been furnished by the college or university can still use Viesso's accessories to transform their dorm into a more modern, stylish and inviting place. For example, existing bedding may be easily switched with Viesso's offerings. The Wooly, a mattress topper, will make any bed more comfortable and will help provide college students with the quality rest they need. The Wooly is available in varying degrees of thickness. For students who prefer organic cotton, mattress pads made from this material are available as well. Duvets made of both eco-wool and goose down may be paired with pillows made from goose down and wool-wrapped natural latex for many peaceful nights of slumber and relaxation.

Decorate the Dorm

Another way to add interest to any dorm, large or small, is through the use of accent pieces. Viesso offers accents in the form of throw blankets, rugs, decorative pillows and lighting. The Edith Linen Throw blankets come in a variety of colors. Residents may select a color they like and then choose other accent pieces which complement it. Rugs are made from fiber, cowhide and sheepskin. All feature a variety of solid colors and designs available in multiple sizes. Even if you dorm does not feature an outdoor area, do not disregard outdoor rugs. Viesso's outdoor rugs are easy to clean and work well in kitchen areas and bathrooms. Decorative pillows feature solid colors and designs. However, residents also have the option of creating their own pillows by hand-selecting the fabric, size, filling and shape of these accent pieces.

Lift the Mood with Lighting

Lighting creates atmosphere within the dorm and can instantly tie a room together. Viesso's Unfold Pendant lamps hang from the ceiling and provide a pop of bright color that will coordinate with the rugs, pillows, blankets, furniture and any artwork displayed within a dorm. To create a sense of warmth within the dorm, Viesso also offers the Flow Lantern by Dario Antonioni and the Lightbox, each of which emit a steady glow somewhat similar to firelight. Light fixtures like the Medium Lotus Flower Chandelier act as pieces of functional art. For industrious students, the Y LED Desk Lamp will be a great addition to their study space. Viesso also sells light bulbs designed to work in harmony with the fixtures available online.

Add Depth with Mirrors

Mirrors are another decorative element essential to making a small dorm look larger and more dynamic. Viesso offers mirrors that hang on the wall and stand on the floor. All have a sleek, modern look with clean lines and rectangular designs. The Anna Mirror features a bottom shelf along which you may arrange items from Viesso's Avalon Vase Series or Viesso's Silhouette Vase Series for added interest. The Norfolk Mirror is large with a wide frame. The Lean Mirror lacks framing and would work well when bordered by other wall art. Finally, the Malta Mirror is a framed option which comes in three unique sizes.

Pay Attention to Little Luxuries

A final factor in furnishing a dorm room is selecting functional luxury items. College students will love Geneva Sound Systems' contribution to Viesso's Modern Audio line. The Geneva Sound System Model L offers an all-in-one combination of a CD player, FM radio and dock for the iPod and iPhone. The unit also includes two full-size speakers and a digital amplifier. The unit looks like a smooth rectangular box atop an aluminum stand. Four colors are available. Other single items that enhance both the atmosphere and look of a dorm room include simple things like coat racks, clocks, coasters and trays. The Arrow Hanger will look like an interested piece of art when not in use keeping your coat off the floor. The Epigram Clock by Milton Glaser makes creative use of the expression "Time Flies" and will certainly amuse intellectual college students. Alternatively, the Free Flowing Clock by Tord Boontje is pure modern art. Residents who like a little inspiration with their coffee and tea will love the Paul Smith Statement Coasters and also the Paul Smith Statement Serving Tray. The Paul Smith line combines modern design with whimsical words of wisdom displayed discreetly in an understated font that mimics hand-writing.

Embrace Collegiate Customization

One great thing about furnishing your dorm with Viesso is the power of customization. Most of the modern furniture can be altered to meet certain specifications. At a minimum, you may cover any of Viesso's custom furniture items in the fabric of your choice. You may even order up to 10 fabric samples for free. Rug samples are also available for a small fee. Since dorms are often the first place you will live away from family, it's extra important to make the environment a reflection of your personality and to make design choices that will make your new environment as welcoming as possible. Some people neglect to furnish dorms with quality furniture and accents because they see everything about the college experience as fleeting and separate from the rest of adult life. The alternate point of view involves realizing that college lays the foundation for what is to come. Purchasing quality modern furniture and accent pieces for your dorm will fill you with a sense of respect for your living space and will provide you with quality furniture that can last a lifetime and be transported to your future home. At this point, Viesso will have much more to offer that is in keeping with the modern feel you have already established with your college pieces.

Viesso's website is easy to navigate and allows you to search for products by name or type. Eco-friendly items, sale items and custom items are also listed separated. Please contact Viesso by visiting www.viesso.com to view the entire inventory online and to obtain any additional information.

Who says one’s dorm room has to clone everyone else’s dorm room? The common look for dorms today is using colorful plastic cubes to hold your things in with the current “in” colors being hot pink, purple and a mixture between pea and lime green. Smaller colorful plastic cubes can be inserted to hold smaller items. The bed in most dorms is a single bed which, at most, holds bedding, a couple of pillows and a student. Usually, everything else has to be squeezed into the small closet provided. The look is “college look”.

There are students, however, who want more. Maybe something with class, something that holds space and something that lasts. For those students there is Viesso.

The Buden Bed is a platform/storage bed that comes in sizes from twin to Cal King. The beds come in four shades of bamboo; natural, amber, coffee and chocolate. They are made from solid bamboo plywood which makes purchasing one of these beds a green choice since bamboo is a sustainable wood.

The platform itself offers student two choices; to have foot storage or not to. The foot storage option is a great way to go in dorms because there is lots of space for storing things like shoes, sports equipment, books and extra bedding and pillows. For those who prefer a cleaner look there is the option with no foot storage which gives the bed a minimalist look.

The next choice would be whether or not to have base drawers. You can go either way but choosing the base drawers, one on either side, allows for the storage that dorms are so low in. These drawers are great for storing things like extra clothes, seasonal clothes, school supplies, night clothes and extra sheets and towels.

Finally, there is a choice of whether or not to have headboard drawers. Again, students always need more space and these drawers provide plenty. These are great to hold a book or two as well as things one might need at night such as medicine and tissues, make-up and hair accessories, index cards and other extra desk supplies as well as things like stationary, pens and stamps for writing home.

The Buden Platform/Storage Bed allows the student to make the most of their space, gives their room a classic look, is a “green” choice for the environmentally conscientious, can be customized and has a warranty for life. On top of that it looks great and is comfortable.

Other space-saving bed choices for dorm rooms include the Cubed Sleek Convertible Sofa Bed which comes in a Turkish Blue and looks like a soft turquoise. This is a comfortable sofa that looks great during the day and equally comfortable bed by night. Viesso makes many sofa beds in different styles, colors and textures. They also make space-saving seating such as cubes and benches and have a selection of desks as well. Your dorm room may be the most stylish thing you own when you choose to go with Viesso. Check www.viesso.com today!

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