Modern Entertainment Centers

A Modern Entertainment Center for Every Home

For every member of the family, having an entertainment center that is organized, yet full of personality is a must. The great thing about modern day entertainment centers is that they can easily be adapted to the tastes of every person in the house. These centers can take in even the most latest of technology and with a little bit of planning and customization, you can have a unique space to call your own.

Finding the entertainment center for you

The first thing you will need to do is measure your TV and have its dimensions down pat. This is essential if you want it to gel well with the entertainment center you put in place. You will also need to look at the dimensions of your living room. The unit you choose will have to be proportional. Now once you are done with this, the next aspect is to take inventory and figure out all the things that your unit will have to store – from DVD players to CD racks, music and gaming consoles, remotes and any other accessories that you would like within arm’s reach.

You could choose to do a preliminary check online for the kind of entertainment center you are looking for. Going online gives you the flexibility of shopping from the comfort of your home and checking out multiple possibilities at once. Viesso can help you choose a storage unit depending on the kind of décor you already have in place. This will be inclusive of cabinets as well as shelves from those that have glass shutters to those that are left open. If you want a more spacious feel, then it would be a good idea to choose shelves that have open sides. The only downside is that they do not cover up much; so keeping them well maintained becomes a necessity. This is also the point where you look at the all the features you think should be incorporated into the design. This could be additional glass shelves or doors, speaker shelves, grills to insulate the sound and keep them grounded, etc. You will also need to come up with a way to handle all the cords and keep them out of sight.

Once you have all of the above details down, you could look into various models of entertainment units. You will need to look at centrally placed ones as well as those that fit into a corner depending on the geography of your home.

Now, buying entertainment furniture can be done in two ways – you could opt for some readymade styles that are available in branded as well as non-branded versions or you could opt to customize your units, giving you the flexibility of creating something that will suit your needs specifically. These can be designed so that they match your requirements to the T and you will not have to worry about making do with something that sort of works. Viesso gives you all this and more in the form of eco furniture – furnishings that have been created without causing harm to the environment.

Different kinds of entertainment centers

The main advantage of an entertainment center is that it frees up space in your home, allowing you the flexibility of adding more to the space that you have. Here is a look at some of the popular styles that you can consider.

Armoires: This is the most classical of all designs and is predominantly used by those who have entertainment centers. Most of its front will be closed with glass doors and shutters; this kind of storage space is compact. It allows you to store everything out of sight and is great for formally styled living rooms.

Corner units: Most living rooms have that one corner that remains unused. These are the best spots to use, especially if you have a space issue in your home. Entertainment units can be neatly tucked in, giving you space to add in anything else.

Entertainment walls: In present day homes, this is a widely utilized form of an entertainment center. It consists of numerous pieces that can be put together to make a cohesive unit. It is not necessary that each piece be physically connected to the other. It is largely made of different shelves and has a built in lighting system that helps.

Side by Side units: These generally measure around 60” in width. The right portion of the unit is where the TV will be placed, while the left is utilized for storage of components. You will also find doors of varying heights on the unit to make way for convenient, out-of-sight storage.

Ideas for customized units for your home

There are times when none of the commercially available entertainment units actually fit into the scheme of things. That is when you approach companies to help you customize a unit and Viesso can help you with all your needs. A low profile entertainment unit for example exudes a modern look yet is quite functional. It can be made from hardwood, veneer, and use a range of glass facades as well. You could have two detachable side cabinets created that can be placed anywhere in the space. You can also have two floating shelves that can be placed at varying heights. You could choose to have ventilation holes to keep all those wires out of sight as well; this is primarily for a plasma TV set up.

Another idea you could incorporate, especially if you are looking to save space, is the upright storage unit along with a long low table that runs at least half the length of your wall. While the lower table can serve to hold your DVD player and CDs, the side unit can double up for books, gaming consoles, etc. If you design it so that the central portion is a glass-enclosed showcase, then you can make it a rather riveting piece of furniture to have in your home. This can be used for a TV that is placed on a stand or one that is mounted on the wall.

There may also be a few cases where you live in an apartment in which you are not allowed to bore holes into the walls and this can put your entire plan for an entertainment center off. However, with developments in carpentry and interior design, you can now even have ceiling to floor units without having to so much as drive a single nail into the wall.

Viesso can help you from planning the layout of your entertainment space and make sure that every detail is covered to your exact specifications. Contact Viesso today to get started on crafting your own space.

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