Modern Ergonomic Office Chairs

There is a lot of talk about ergonomic performance going around the modern office these days, and for good reason. Optimizing comfort is key to assuring that a day at the desk is one of ease and painless attention to the tasks at hand.

Increasing Productivity Through Comfort

As an employer, you know that when your team is able to work in a stress-free environment, you get the best out of each member. When a person is not conscious of his or her body and the stresses that can ensue from hours at a computer, time goes by quickly and productivity increases.

Eliminating Corporal Stress

If you work at home, the emphasis on a comfortable environment is tantamount to keeping you disciplined enough to complete your work each day, and this means making sure that your furniture is perfectly tailored to eliminate corporal stress.

Encouraging a Supportive and Healthful Environment

Ergos in Greek means “work” and Nomos means “the natural law” of a particular thing. Putting the two together we get “ergonomic,” which is quite the buzzword these days when it comes to making sure we encourage a supportive and healthful environment for our bodies, our mental capacities, and our ability to generate creative and productive output.

Enhancing our Physical and Mental Abilities

When our chairs are designed with the body in mind, we have the ideal ergonomic situation. Ergonomic modern office chairs are made to enhance both the physical and mental abilities of the user, reducing stress as they evenly distribute weight throughout the body.

Poor Posture, Poor Working Habits

We are well aware that sitting puts inordinate stress on the entire body as the weight of the upper body drops to the buttocks and thighs. Most of us have poor posture when sitting at a desk, eventually slumping into a pre-conditioned slouch that cuts off circulation to the brain as the head juts forward, the spine rounds, and the pelvis angles forward. As we slowly disrespect the natural curve of our spine, each vertebra takes on greater pressure, eventually impeding blood and oxygen flow to the head as the entire back ossifies into position.

The Advent of Apathy, Pain, and Fatigue

Because of the stress on the shock-absorbing areas of the spine due to sitting for long periods of time without paying attention to posture, the lower extremities begin their own negative response. Gravity takes its toll whereby blood does not flow naturally through the legs and feet, creating a density and apathy that also reflect in a slow return of blood flow to the heart. Not only does pain set in, but also fatigue.

Becoming Alert, Creative, and Productive Through Good Ergonomics

A well designed ergonomic chair alleviates all of these symptoms through its intelligent construction. Support of the lumbars as well as the entire back and arms helps to reduce pressure on any one point. Adjustment of the chair’s height to accommodate each individual prevents the legs from dangling and thus cutting off circulation behind the knees. It also allows the seat to be regulated at a level where the knees are not too high, whereby the natural line of the hip and thigh can be maintained. With the right ergonomics, there will be no pressure on back muscles, discs, or any other area of the body. When there is no pressure, there is no stress; where there is no stress, there is less fatigue. Where there is less fatigue, we become more alert, more creative, more enthusiastic, and infinitely more productive.

The Body and Mind At Their Best

At Viesso, one of our missions is to encourage proper seating, especially when it comes to office settings, be they away from or in the home environment. In our commitment to increasing productivity, we have a perfectly selected line of ergonomic office chairs that are comfortable, stylish, and dedicated to making both body and mind feel at their best. Each one of our models is made with the same basic construction:

- A height-adjustable gas piston base that allows for swiveling and tilting as needed
- A chromed steel 5-star base with plastic casters
- A solid steel structure forming the seat and consisting of S-shaped springs for flexibility and strength
- A steel frame that is molded by polyurethane foam injection
- Upholstery that consists of removable velcro-enclosed leather, PPM, or wool fabric slipcovers

Here are a few examples of some of our most popular models:

The Eiffel Office Chair

Designed by sohoConcept studio, this truly contemporary modern office chair is made with a beautifully upholstered seat and backrest. Cover it with Maharam Kvadrat’s Divina Malegna pattern, choosing whatever colors conform to your office decor, and you will have a piece as unique as it is healthy to sit upon.

The Crescent Office Chair

This modern chair is also by sohoConcept. With its beautifully rounded design, it embraces the body while providing graceful aesthetic appeal. Customize it by choosing from a wide range of colors or patterns.

The Patara Office Chair

Another beauty by sohoConcept, the Patara is as classic as it is contemporary. And like this company’s other designs, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to make your office look like a million dollars. Cover it in a hot color like the orange we have on our website, or with something more subtle. Either way, you will be doing your employees and yourself a favor with its unsurpassed comfort.

The Gakko Office Chair

Designed by the brilliant Tayfur Ozkaynak who has the bead on futuristic style, the upholstered seat and folded backrest give a whole new take on what’s stylish in the office these days. Here again, the marriage between functionality, comfort, and beauty show us that we can have it all. Upholstered with specially ordered Maharam Kvadrat fabric, this chair becomes the apotheosis of all things modern and cool.

Honoring the Body, Honoring You

Choosing furniture with a modern ergonomic style is your way of honoring the body and its need for comfort and ease. Providing you with excellent choices is Viesso’s way of honoring you. For more information on our selection of healthy office chairs, please contact us by calling 877.8.VIESSO.

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