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Modern Furniture Design

Modern furniture is designed with an emphasis on functionality as well as lasting quality. As society evolves new styles of living, dining and bedroom furniture are created to appeal to every individual's personal taste. And as the world becomes more environmentally conscious and demands reusable energy and raw materials, manufacturers of fine quality furniture adapt their product designs to take advantage of money-saving reusable materials. Turn to experienced manufacturing personnel who are proud of their creations make top-quality furniture.

The ability to mix and match, rearrange and even add pieces to existing furniture set is one of the focuses of fine name brand furniture manufacturers. The choice of materials keeps growing and so does the imagination of designers. Much like the fashion industry where new is in and old is out, furniture design is now so varied that it is impossible not to find the perfect sofa, chaise, bedroom set or dining accents for every style of home and every human personality.

Form Follows Function

This is true in nature and also in the furniture industry. While furniture is designed to be visually appealing and extremely durable, consumers want to be able to build a custom set from scratch. Every living room is a different size and shape. The position of the doorways, windows and fireplace determine which furniture will look good and where it should be placed. The wall paneling or texture will complement some furniture pieces but create a very negative atmosphere when the wrong material or color is chosen. Yet with all these restrictions there is no reason why furnishings for the living room, dining area and bedroom cannot be designed in such a way that allows for multiple placements. Homeowners and apartment dwellers love furniture sets that can be placed in different configurations.

Modern sectionals are designed to be arranged in several ways. This means that the same set can be placed in different living room configurations. It also means that the separate pieces are interchangeable in their positioning. A whole new living room atmosphere can be created simply be rearranging a well-designed sectional.

Shoppers can visit a dining room furniture showroom and immediately see what a small sidebar, set of barstools or chandelier can do to liven up the atmosphere of the dining area. Modern dining furniture is designed with an emphasis on visual appeal as well as the ability to blend with the surrounding accents. Everything from polished steel to solid maple and oval glass is available from top manufacturers who design their products to complement the surroundings.

Furniture Goes Green

Many of the highest quality tables, chairs, beds and sofas on the market are made in part with recycled materials. This in no way affects their durability or lasting value. One of the major concerns for consumers is the materials used for fabric and filler. Most of the top manufacturers now use hypoallergenic fillers and organically derived pigments. Natural latex has replaced some of the more environmentally unfriendly materials used in the past.

It takes energy to produce a fine piece of furniture. But many of today's modern furniture designers and manufacturers use only locally produced materials and natural compounds in the production of furniture. Organic substances like wood and bamboo are harvested only from certified farming operations that do not destroy the landscape. In fact most of the bamboo now used in modern furniture is grown on special farms that were once cleared land. In this way the ecosystem is restored to its natural state and at the same time a reusable material source is acquired.

Manufacturing methods

employ the use of less electricity and water when furniture components are crafted. This also saves money and is better for the environment. Top-of-the-line furniture may sound like a fashionable thing and it certainly is, but those who make these products keen on protecting the environment.

Contemporary Living Room Designs

Sectional furniture has become the favorite for most homeowners. The pieces are usually not interlocking but rather fit snugly together to form an L-extension. This means the furniture can be rearranged in several different patterns. Depending on the shape and size of the living room, consumers have the opportunity to compare various sectionals and choose one that can be placed in more than one configuration.

High quality sofas and loveseats will be made with steel or hardwood supports. The legs will be adjustable, meaning the sofa can be raised or lowered several inches. A sofa may look great closer to the floor when there is a picture window directly behind. The same sofa may look better when the legs are extended if placed against an adjacent wall.

Build-your-own designs means the manufacturer uses the same materials but connects the base support to the overlaying material in different patterns. Bamboo furniture for the living room is a good example. Buyers have the choice of purchasing sectionals where the cushions and back supports are in the center or to one side. The latter design creates a functional end table where the beauty of the bamboo is showcased.

Contemporary Bedroom Sets

The 21st century bedroom is also designed with functionality in mind. Beds made from top-quality hardwood frames and eco-friendly filler materials come in almost every shape possible. Quite popular today are the low-lying pieces that feature a beautiful hardwood perimeter. The mattress and spring combination is set low to the floor and the headboard contains cleverly hidden storage compartments. The fabric for the headboard and box is soft and easy to clean.

Solid bamboo bed frames are very appealing in their appearance. They are also very functional because the entire frame can be designed as a storage area. A solid bamboo bed has a look of elegance and luxury. This material is also long lasting and will outlive the individual who purchases it.

Low frame beds made with hardwood often have inset legs that remain invisible when the unit is covered in sheets and blankets. European style wood slats are connected firmly to a center rail that gives the bed a wonderful support system. Walnut is the popular wood chosen for this unique bed design.

Creating A Custom Dining Room

Modern dining tables are usually hardwood with a lacquer top or are manufactured from polished steel. Many have an inset for a glass top and are designed to complement a wide variety of chair styles. Many cheap dining sets come with identical style table and chairs, but many shoppers want an attractive table that can be used in combination with high-backed family dining chairs, contemporary crescent chairs or even modern steel and fabric barstools. The highest quality dining tables have a distinctly modern design yet are complemented beautifully by various colors and styles of chairs.

Modern Indoor Décor

Floor lamps, end tables and interior fireplaces made by top manufacturers are just as much a piece of furniture as the sofa or loveseat. Shiny, polished interior fireplaces are energy-efficient and at the same time are conversation pieces. These attractive stand-alone units burn ethanol, which has virtually no carbon emission. Their beautiful design means they can be left in place permanently as an added visual feature of the room. At the same time they are completely portable and can be used in other areas of the house as well as outdoors.

Accent pillows are a wonderful way to change the atmosphere of any room. These are made with high-quality, hypoallergenic fillers and pass the most stringent of stain rub tests. Most of the top-line throw pillows come with the choice of at least two fillers. Polyester gives the pillow more strength and rigidness while down feathers are softer and make the pillow more rounded in shape.

Indoor rugs made with high quality wool or other materials can be expensive if purchased from the wrong manufacturer. Some materials are imported and resold at an inflated price. The finest rugs made by top designers are constructed with materials chosen for their cost savings as well as their durability. Shoppers looking for indoor rugs will immediately notice the huge material choices available for a single design. Some rugs have the same pattern but can be purchased in wool, wool and viscose or synthetic polyester. A sophisticated showroom will have samples of each material and offer customers the choice of several materials and sizes of the same pattern.

Accents can change the appearance of the living or bedroom in a flash. The key is to choose color and fabrics that are interchangeable. When the consumer has found a combination of throw rugs, accent pillows or cushions, drapes and sofa fabric that can be combined in several ways with equally stunning visual appeal, there is a feeling of great satisfaction and accomplishment.

Viesso is a company committed to providing consumers with the largest selection of modern furniture available. The design choices for the living room, dining area, bedroom and outdoor patios and decks are virtually limitless. Viesso is dedicated to protecting the environment and offers customers top-quality furnishings that are manufactured with an idea for protecting the ecosystem. Visit their online showroom and view the amazing selection of sofas, loveseats, dining sets, bedroom furniture and more at Be sure to check out the material choices and learn how Viesso is committed to consumer health and environmental protection while offering customers the highest quality furniture on the market.

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