Modern Furniture End of The World Sale

As any good Mayan will tell you, December 21, 2012 is the day the world ends, so if you haven’t already gotten around to buying the modern furniture you’ve been intending to own, now is the time.

Don’t Let Your Taste Level Suffer

Perhaps by the time this article is published, we will already be experiencing what it’s like to live in the grand void. But just because we may be “worldless,” it doesn’t mean that your taste level should go the way of the wind as well.

Staying Ahead of the Times

Maintaining your aesthetic is just as important in a fully operating civilization as in the lack thereof. Just ask any neighborhood Mayan how he or she has been doing ever since the demise of their culture. Surely their singular homes boast contemporary styles, as these highly advanced humans have always been known to stay abreast, if not ahead of the times.

Taking You Into the Future, Regardless

All competition aside, it would be a shame if you remained a step behind the shamans of yesteryear. At Viesso, we make sure that each piece of furniture we display on our online site or in our Los Angeles showroom is created to take you into the future, whether or not there is one.

Enjoying the Rio Chaise

Let’s assume that we’re able to enjoy the tangibility of a well-constructed sectional in a world without its known essence. Lying back with legs a-stretch on our Rio Chaise is the perfect way to welcome in the unknown. Classically modern with deeply cushioned seating, here is a design that fits in with any type of décor.

Made with our eternal eye towards all things green, we’ve used a locally sourced SFI alder hardwood for the frame and natural fillings, recycled or natural fabrics, and natural materials for all of its internal components. Because we build it once you buy it, there is no waste, enforcing our commitment to the environment, even if it no longer exists.

Something Concrete

Sitting around the dining room table discussing the void with friends is a delightful pastime that can be best enjoyed when the table is designed by James DeWulf. With his exceptional creativity, along with an innovative use of unusual materials, he can take something as ephemeral as the world’s end and make it concrete. Add a net, and your dining table is ready for a game of ping-pong. Let’s hope you don’t drop the ball like someone out there in the stratosphere might be doing.

For What Its Worth

Viesso’s end of the world sale wouldn’t be complete without adding our exceptional beds to the mix. Though we hope you don’t sleep through the colossal transition, we do recognize that you might need a rest from all the excitement.

MODLOFT’s contribution to a Zen outlook might just be the perfect way to handle the existentiality of non-existence with their exquisitely tailored Worth Bed. Ideal for the urban aesthetic, here you have a low profile platform with nightstands built in on either side. With its masterfully leather upholstered headboard and pine-slatted mattress support system, you can choose your wood and fabric colors to create just the right look as you while away the hours of non-existence in blissful horizontally.

Stepping Out Into the Unknown

We wouldn’t want you to step out into the unknown without a good rug under your feet. At Viesso, we have a plethora of choices when it comes to pile, color, patterns, and sizes. You can select something monochromatic in any one of the many hues available, something spicy and colorful for accenting a more subdued room, or an art piece that will highlight your Elizabethan sense of “as above, so below.” In this regard, you should definitely take a look at our Henzel beauties, which are like woven paintings.

Their Second Session collection is an ideal way to display shockwave physics as it relates to the current lack of space and time. Just take a peek at Aldo Taccona’s “Intense,” a hand-tufted mix of viscose and New Zealand wool. With its explosive quality, this could be the most effective way for you to express how much you understand and are a part of all that 2013 implies.

Keeping it Light

Lighting is everything, as any woman over the age of 72 will tell you. There may be eternal darkness outside, but don’t let that stop you from illuminating your pad with our contemporary standing, table, or overhead lamps. Just for the sake of remaining completely up-to-date, Scale 1:1 has created the Supernova. Functioning with pneumatic pressure, inflate this baby with an air pump, plug it in, and let the games begin. Powered by LED technology and multi-color RGB, you can change colors with a remote control, programming your own light shows. Take that, Universe!

The Piano 2 Seater

If you’re really brave and adventurous, you’ll want to observe the after effects of the end of the world from your balcony, porch, or patio. At Viesso, we have made sure that you can do so in the inimitable style that you’re accustomed to. There’s nothing like Harbour Outdoor’s Piano 2 Seater Sofa for cozying up with your honey as you watch the galaxies implode. Made of powder-coated aluminum, the frames are covered with light diffusing mesh and high-pressure laminate slats that provide the perfect support. Using marine-grade vinyl, it is UV resistant, water resistant, and probably will last way beyond your own demolecularization process, should this be a part of your experience. Made with Sunbrella fabric, the Piano 2 Seater is stain and mildew proof, which will be a huge relief for future archeologists, especially if they are prone to allergic reactions.

Optimizing Space, Providing Green Solutions

At Viesso we are known for our attention to comfort, style, and functionality when it comes to each and every piece in our inventory. For this reason we’ve become the number one source for modern furniture, as consumers search for ways to optimize space while turning to Green solutions to do so.

Keeping Your Aesthetics In Tact

Our motto has always been, if you’re gonna go, you might as well do so with your aesthetics in tact. So run, don’t walk and get that home of yours redesigned while the going is good. For more information on our end of the world sale, please contact us by calling 8.877.VIESSO.

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