Modern Furniture for Small Spaces

Small space decorating can be challenging but provides the opportunity to add an upscale touch to the décor of a room. Places where scaled down versions of larger furniture work include dorm rooms, studio apartments, bedrooms and offices. Among the pieces that can be scaled down to fit a small space are modular sectional sofas that can be custom designed to fit in a small spaces and tables that nest or stack, and those that include storage areas. The sofa is perhaps one of the most important pieces when decorating a common space such as a living room. It is not only a functional piece but a focal piece that anchors the entire room. For this reason a stylish modern sofa is a good choice for a small space.

Sectional sofas may be the answer to small spaces. Sectionals have been around for decades. When the term sectional is mentioned, it may bring to mind upscale high rise apartments or condominiums with floor to ceiling windows with chrome trimmed side chairs and glass top tables. While sectional sofas are still considered “modern” by today’s decorating standards, they are versatile pieces of furniture that enhance the look and functionality of family rooms, living rooms, and recreational rooms. Whether the dwelling is an apartment inhabited by college students or small suburban cottage, the sectional sofa has the versatility and good looks that make it a lasting investment. The durability and quality of today’s sectionals mean that the pieces hold up under repeated daily naps, sitting, and the frolicking and romping of young children playing inside on a rainy day.

Why Choose a Sectional Sofa for a Small Living Space?

A sectional sofa with a chaise lounge is a multifunctional piece. Used in a small apartment or home. The chaise lounge section of the sofa doubles as a quick bed for guests. This part of a sectional sofa can be moved into a bedroom, or other space where extra seating is required. A chaise can be a quiet corner relaxing, and curling up with a good book. Additionally, a sectional sofa with a recliner provides comfortable seating, and a place to grab a quick nap after a long day at work. An additional option for sleep space is the sectional that includes a sofa bed with a singles or queen size mattress.

Sectionals promote intimacy during small group gatherings. Sectionals can be arranged to allow individuals to sit close enough to engage in conversation or use a sectional ottoman as a surface for playing board games or card games. Sectionals can be grouped to form smaller intimate spaces. This is suitable when one or two individuals desire quiet corner for reading or engaging in conversation. Sectionals can open up a room. They can be purchased in various configurations that fit almost any space where seating is needed. The flexible design of sectional sofas makes it easy to arrange the pieces so that the sitting space is open, making a room appear larger. This configuration works well for parties or other social gatherings. This allows for flexible decorating and staging a room for a special event like party with dancing, where more floor space is needed along with adequate seating. A sectional’s modern design with clean lines makes it the perfect partner for other types of pieces. Traditional, contemporary, and period pieces work well with sectional sofas. A sectional sofa can be taken from plain to fabulous by adding accessories like colorful pillows and throws.

A sectional can be cost effective and eliminates the need to purchase a new sofa if one section is damage. If a section is damaged, it is not necessary to replace all pieces. The damaged section can be removed and repaired if the damage is minimal. If it is beyond repair, it can be replaced with a matching piece.

Shopping for a Sectional Sofa

Shopping for a sectional sofa is not difficult. The first step is to determine where the sectional will be used? Look at the room and determine if a sectional is the best choice. Placing a large sectional in a room that is too small is not the best use of space. However, one characteristic of sectionals is that in some cases units can be purchased separately. This means that sectionals can be used in small homes and apartments. Wasted space can be avoided by measuring the area where the sectional will be placed. Taking measurements takes the guess work out of determining which pieces and what size sectional makes best use of the space.

It is important to choose sectional pieces that will provide the best function. For example armless pieces might be better in some homes. Sectionals with chaise lounges or recliners might fit some lifestyles better than others. The sectional should have a sturdy hardwood frame that can withstand several persons sitting on the unit at the same time.

Viesso offers Customized Options for Small Space Furnishing

Viesso offers customers ready-made furniture for smaller spaces as well as customized versions. Custom furniture allows customers to design pieces to meet their unique needs. Customers can choose the features most important to them while staying within a budget if needed. This means Viesso has pricing options to fit almost every need. The experts at Viesso can provide information about products that help customers make the best selections of colors, fabrics, frames and frames.

Sectional sofas and other chairs may be ordered with durable upholstery and other features to match any décor. Choose a soft microfiber, 100 percent polyester, polyester blends, and other durable fabric with textures ranging from smooth to plush. Sectional sofa backs include tight backs, pillow backs and loose pillow-backs. Many who choose sectionals opt for leather as the upholstery of choice. Leather sectionals not only offer durability, but the leather tends to become more comfortable with use. Leather upholstered sectionals come in many colors from natural browns and beige, to white and pastels.

Obtaining color swatches is helpful when purchasing upholstered pieces. It is difficult to make a good decision about color without seeing the color in the environment where the sectional will be housed. One way to find a color that compliments the décor of a room is to browse sectionals and color selections online. Viesso makes the furniture shopping experience as easy as clicking a mouse or visiting the showroom. Shoppers can visit the website to view a large selection of sofas, cocktail tables and dining tables in different styles. Where appropriate, fabric samples can be requested to aid a shopper in choosing the perfect colors, patterns and textures.

Sofas and chairs can be taken from plain to fabulous by adding accessories like colorful pillows and throws. The Viesso showroom carries these accessories that pull the look of a room together once a sectional is chosen. When small space furniture will be part a of a total room makeover, the customer should check out additional accessories offered by Viesso. Rugs made of natural fibers and materials; and light fixtures are a few of the items that may be purchased at Viesso.

Coffee Tables and End Tables

No home is complete without coffee tables or end tables. Coffee and end tables are more than accessories or lamp holders. When chosen carefully coffee tables and end tables can be used as surfaces to hold plates of food, drinks and other items that might be used in a family or living room. Tables with drawers and also those with shelves serve as extra storage space for items like television remotes, extra batteries, pencils and note pads. Nesting style end tables feature three identical tables that fit together as one to save space. There is one taller table and at least one other table just shorter than the tallest table. In a collection of three nesting tables, the third fits just under the second table. When extra space is needed for dining or other activities, the nesting tables can simply be pulled apart to create more surface area.

Dining Tables

Dining tables with extra leaves are space saving solutions for an eat-in kitchen or small dining area. Tables with glass tops make a dining area seem larger. In small apartments or homes the key is to choose furnishings that allow certain rooms to serve as dual duty spaces. When an apartment or home is small, a separate dining area can double as makeshift office. The dining table can serve as the desk. In this case, it would be wise to choose a dining table with a finish that would stand up to books, laptops, telephones and similar items that might be used for study or accomplishing work at home tasks.

Visit the Viesso Showroom and Find that Perfect Piece of Furniture

For those who prefer seeing sofas and tables in a real environment, a visit to the Viesso showroom is an important step in choosing the right pieces to fit a small space. Visiting the showroom allows a shopper to see available pieces to determine which styles will provide the best look and service. Viesso can also recommend an interior designer who can assist customers in finding the perfect items. Customers pay a small fee for an in-home interior design consultation that takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect pieces to fit small spaces. Those in the Los Angeles County area can purchase a consultation online for only $99, which is a good investment when making a major furniture purchase.

Go Green with Eco Friendly Furnishing Options

Those who desire green living can find “eco-friendly” furniture at Viesso, Eco friendly options may be viewed at a Viesso Showroom or through the Viesso Online Showroom. Eco friendly sectional sofas and other items feature raw materials such as local sourced hardwood, jute, wood; and natural and recycled fibers. Additionally the “extreme” green option for sofas features 100 percent natural latex foam on the arms, back, frame and in the cushions.

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