Modern Furniture for Tech Companies

Lately there has been much discussion on how furniture is changing according to technological demands. As more and more gadgets are being developed, furniture designers must adapt to these new forms in order to provide consumers with comfortable and utilitarian surfaces to accommodate them.

Adapting Furniture to Technology

As furniture adapts to the technology, it becomes smarter and more efficient in the same way that computers and other electronics are becoming so. To quote the contemporary designer, Philippe Starck, we are now in an age that defines “the elegance of the minimum” where objects are “dematerializing” to create more empty space.

Freeing Up Interior Space

The best example is an obvious one: the computer. Because of the computer we don’t need clocks, file cabinets, records, or books. Everything we used to put on our walls, in cabinets, or on shelves we now have stored in one efficient place, our electronic notebook, PC, iPad, or telephone. Through this exquisite efficiency, we have freed up our interior spaces for other things, such as art.

New Work Surfaces

As we free up our space, we are also freer to work anywhere, whether it is in the office, in the home, or on the road. A lap or a couch is the new work surface, and companies creating furniture that make it more comfortable to do work in this manner are now at the forefront of the industry.

A Minimal Aesthetic

Modern furniture for tech companies reflects this new paradigm, providing offices with functional pieces such as comfortable workstations, modular areas for team work or privacy, reception areas that put clients at ease, and meeting spaces that provide the room for creative ideas and a confluence of minds. Combining contemporary lighting with versatile desks and ergonomic seating that rises to the challenge of a minimalistic aesthetic is the challenge of today’s contemporary office furniture designers.

Visionary Solutions

Viesso offers a visionary solution for modern pieces that configure beautifully in a high tech environment. Our designs are supple enough to maintain their relevance as technology advances, even at the incredible speed in which we see new elements appear in the marketplace on almost a daily basis. If the true definition of “modern” is something that adapts to new ways of thinking and behaving, then we deserve our moniker as one of the most modern furniture design suppliers in the United States today.

Current Trends and Contemporary Solutions

At Viesso, our designers are known for staying on top of current trends as they happen in real time. Our exciting roster of creative minds is constantly coming up with exquisite examples of contemporary ways to get more comfortable with less, rather than more.

Maximum Comfort, Minimal Strain

With some of the most elegantly devised office seating, we are able to populate any office with beautiful chairs that allow for a full day of sitting without placing stress on any part of the body. Swivel, tilt, type, and think in any one of our models and you will be shocked that the end of the day came upon you so suddenly! Each one of our designs is created for maximum comfort and minimum strain, whereby all you have to think about is the task at hand.

A More Relaxed Office Culture

Because of the incredible modularity of today’s world, tech companies are changing the way they organize their office space, creating a culture that is more relaxed and user friendly than ever before. Here again, the technology has dictated this type of atmosphere, with emphasis on ideas and innovation rather than a strict adherence to conventional modules that represent a more rigid ethic.

Emulating Efficient Living Areas

Many tech companies today are opting for an office look that emulates an efficient living area. You may find one of our Viesso couches in any one of the most contemporary spaces, as we have many designs that accommodate laptops on a wide arm that can also double as extra seating for casual meetings.

The New Work Ethic

As we advance in one area, other areas of our lives are always affected. When minds open, generally we want the spaces we live and work in to do the same. As we grant more elasticity to our boundaries, they open up to give us more room to think, to share, and to explore. This is the new attitude we are experiencing as we consult with tech companies that are looking for new and exciting ways to reflect their work ethic in the look and feel of their office furniture.

Functionality, Ease, and Pleasure

We are truly living in an exciting time when it comes to the kinds of transformations that are occurring in every walk of life. We have technology to thank for this, as through this we are able to streamline our workspace as we expand our abilities to take on more, whether we are talking about productivity or leisure time. The furniture we manage and create at Viesso is made to accommodate both paradigms. We believe that each and every piece we manufacture should be functional while affording the greatest amount of ease and pleasure. Work and comfort should go hand in hand.

Catalysts for Innovation

Consulting with tech companies, we have come up with exceptional ideas that we’ve made into reality in order to accommodate new and creative solutions in the work place. As leaders in the furniture industry, we are always excited by challenges, as they are catalysts for innovation.

Exceptional Interiors, Beautiful Aesthetics

And innovation for us does not stop with furniture. At Viesso we are also dedicated to finding the right upholstery, as well as the perfect accessories for homes and office spaces. Using contemporary fabrics and textures, we have helped create exceptional interiors for tech companies that are interested not just in ideal working surfaces, but also in making a statement with a specific type of aesthetic.

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