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Build your own furniture?

Stop staining that wood. Put away the hammer and nails.
Even if one does enjoy the occasional carpentry project, you'll still want to go to Viesso, view their inventory and see what they're doing.

Imagine, from the comfort of a computer chair, going to a website and building a couch from scratch. Determine the length, the fabric and color, the filling for the cushions, the design and type of wood for the legs and getting a nice image when finished.

Decide you don't love it?

Go back and pick a new fabric. Or start all over again with a completely different design.

With Viesso, the customer will always be right because the customer actually makes the decisions on how they want their furniture to look. Instead of trekking a showroom and settling on an inflexible model, Viesso allows its consumers to take a piece of that couch, the color of that one and the legs from yet another. And, yes, they have a showroom too.

History with a Purpose

The founders of Viesso had an epiphany in 2005.
Ryan Schultz, Alex Contreras and Travis Nagle were outside a massive Los Angeles mall. They were staring incredulous at a leading furniture store's enormous showroom with its many, many generic products.
It bothered them.

Their mutual passion for design and furniture prompted them to ask why do furniture stores insist on displaying products in such an outdated, inefficient and, yes, the same, ways. Why do consumers have to stroll around staring until they either (a) are forced to pick from what the retailer and manufacturers have chosen for them, or (b) go somewhere else for more of the same.

Sitting on a bench, the three men began to conceive of a process that offered the consumer maximum customization on their furnishings. Opposed to giving the customer merely a choice of beds, but a product created to their specifications at a reasonable price.The core of the idea was using a website and more effective showrooms. To implement facilities that would cater to the consumer and not the inventory. They began devising a method for not just manufacturing and selling modern furnishings, but using modern technology to do it.It was the seed for what today is Viesso. Explore the website at and see what they've accomplished.

About Viesso

It's not about retail, it's about customer accommodation.

-The exclusive Viesso line allows the customer to make a unique piece

-The customized online showroom contains actual products and all the materials available to mix and match, or create your own

-If you're in the Santa Monica area, visit their physical showroom and see what they've done to create a new shopping experience. If you're not in the area, give them a call and learn about how they'll pay for your ticket to fly out for a peek

-If you're in the area, their designer will come out to your space, with materials samples. Get a $99 refund if you purchase

-Find the same item priced somewhere else for less, Viesso will match that price

-Purchase from any state outside of California, there's no tax on your order

-Don't just browse the available fabrics and woods, order free samples

-With customer service at the top of their list, satisfaction is guaranteed. Otherwise, they have great return policies

Convention is not a part of Viesso's vocabulary. Browse their inventory. Expect striking, innovative furnishings from dining tables to patio furniture to wall murals, including:

-Bensen's line of modern home furnishings

-Botanist trays, lanterns and clocks

-Clean burning bio-ethanol fireplaces

-Harbour Outdoor's full collection

Unique wall murals made to fit your wall

Seccio's solid wood furniture, combining North American dark walnut and fine porcelain

-Mamagreen's beautiful outdoor solutions

-Ovopur's stunning water filters with natural filters that take tap water to a new level

-Viesso's exclusive, customizable products

Beautifully designed and high quality isn't the end of the road with Viesso. It's about being progressive and thinking outside the box. There is no other retailer building their own products to your specifications and hand selecting product from designers around the world that can be purchased online or in their store.

Go to Viesso's website and see their stunning concrete ping pong table that can also be used for dining. When it's said they are innovative, it's not hyberbole.

It's Easy Being Green

One of the basic tenets for Viesso has always been maintaining a passion for the environment. Its founders have lived up to that promise. The Viesso creed is to utilize the planet's natural resources, placing a more environmentally, friendly product into the world. At the bottom of every product description are details of how that individual piece is green. Viesso has also aligned itself with companies and designers that are like minded.

All Viesso's upholstered products are made with natural elements, not synthetics. They offer green materials on all the other parts of their furniture. When customizing your order, you could actually design a piece that is 100% natural, inside and out.


Bamboo plywood is the base material for all exposed woods in their beds, tables and desk.

FSC Certified Maple

This wood is used for the inner structure of any exposed wood on Viesso products. The practices used to produce this wood protect wildlife habitats and prevents soil erosion.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is taken from the sap of rubber trees. It's a naturally derived biodegradable product. Viesso also offers a wide range of upholstered furnishings not produced from synthetic materials.

Natural Down and Feathers

All feathers and down used in Viesso products are thoroughly cleaned with non-toxic substances.

Natural or Recycled Fibers

In their sofas, Viesso uses fabrics that are:
-Made from recycled materials

-Made from natural materials

-Manufactured under circumstances that reduce environmental impact

When designing an upholstered product, use Viesso's fabric filters to view green fabrics.

SFI Alder Legs

The wooden legs on furnishings such as sofas and beds are manufactured via practices associated with stream buffers, protecting wildlife habitats and preventing soil erosion.

Water Based Glue

Water based adhesives emit less volatile organic compounds into the air. It is used on all of Viesso's upholstered and exposed wood furnishings.

Stains and Sealants

The stains and finishes on any exposed wood is solvent free and have no biocides or preservatives. They contain plant oils and waxes. The sealants are water based, non-hazardous and non-flammable.

Viesso stands tall among its competitors in its determination to do its part to lower our carbon footprint, while maintaining a line of stylish, modern furnishings for the home. Visit Viesso and browse their extensive eco-friendly furnishings and materials. Order a sample.

Still Hesitant?

Granted, ordering something as vital to your home's appearance as a dining room table, or a sofa, can be intimidating. But Viesso has streamlined the experience for the customer. Viesso has satisfied consumers in over 25 states. Consumers that all ordered online. Viesso sends out free fabric samples. Their customer support phone service, ready to assist in any decision, is exemplary. Their lead time from order to delivery is no more than three weeks.

Viesso has an extensive web store. Visit and see how easy it will be to make a decision. Their catalog is visually striking. The Buden bed collection, built from sustainable bamboo and FSC certified birch, can transform any bedroom into a breathtaking boudoir. Each has a platform foundation that can house drawers of shelf space. The headboard also has drawers. Of course, the size can meet your space and storage requirements. Pick your own finish.

Viesso carries living furnishings such as sofas, sectionals, love seats, sofa and sleeper sectionals. And it doesn't end there. Everything from fireplaces to accent pillows to media centers, all stylish, unique and artful, is available. They carry a wide range of brands, as well as the exclusive Viesso designs. All as eco-friendly as manageable. They have a stunning collection of modern lighting products. Pillar style, Ashley Sargeant's Blink Lanterns can stand anywhere in the room or on the patio. Its design gives off a warm, comforting glow. Workshop Cage Lamps add turn of the century flair to modern spaces. Made from powder coated steel, the "lyt" Lantern displays stylized lettering, creating appealing patterns.

Viesso's collection of modern outdoor furnishings runs the spectrum of design. Outdoor dining, chairs, accent tables, rugs, gardens and planters, all eye catching products that will look brilliant under any weather conditions. They carry top of the line products from the likes of Bogard, Icon, Garbo, Soho and Breeze. There will something to suit any consumer's tastes. The dining catalog goes beyond merely tables to sit at and chairs to sit on. Look for accessories like flatware and cutlery. The Paul Smith collection includes serving trays, coffee pots and ice tongs. Every piece, managing to be classic and modern at the same time, evokes a vision of the future with a grasp of tradition.


A quality product. The prospect of designing a piece of furniture that fits your needs. Free samples. Unequaled customer support. A dedication to being eco-friendly.
What more could you want? Let's find out. Go to Viesso's store. The site itself is bright and colorful. The images are sharp, letting the details speak for themselves. And actually seeing some of these products in an environment will certainly impress the most cautious shopper. With an innovative opportunity to shop for modern furniture, Viesso is scouring the marketplace to fill its store with furnishings that meet your needs, all with an environmentally sound philosophy. Contact Viesso at today.

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