Modern Furniture Store In Los Angeles; The Viesso Experience

If you love cutting edge, modern furniture, Viesso is the furniture store for you to visit. This is one truly modern furniture store and way to shop. If you live near Los Angeles, CA. you can visit the attractive showroom and see all the quality modern furniture there, along with the many ways to customize every piece of furniture. You can experience the high quality of the furniture offered. If you do not live near LA, you have more ways to shop with Viiesso including phone, web site, newsletter, Facebook, twitter, blog and ads.

Viesso opened its show room in Los Angeles in 2005 basing the company on modern technology and design that is fully customizable and eco friendly. Viesso has many of its own great designs and lines of furniture, then ads to that with many fine partner companies. The company makes great efforts to blend smart design, modern technology, sustainable living and customization to offer a new way for people to furnish their spaces with style and comfort. In fact, Viesso is the furniture store that offers the most customization in LA. Viesso has 30 furniture companies' products for you to choose from either in the show room or on line.

When you shop on line at the Viesso web site, you will be able to see the full line of products available and how they can be customized to suit your needs. You will be able to find modern furniture for your living room, outdoor spaces, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or workspace. In addition to furniture, you can find rugs, wall coverings and whole wall murals, accessories, kitchenware, lighting and eco fireplaces. The furniture features modern, clean lines, interesting materials and a fresh perspective on design. You will enjoy policies like free samples, house call service availability, all the customizable features, price guarantees, shipping policies, tax savings and periodic on line sales and specials.

If you take the time to visit the beautiful Viesso show room in LA, you will be able to experience the comfort and quality of the furniture first hand. There is a qualified, helpful staff to assist you with design questions and final furniture choices. You will be able to see all the different choices in person, including hundreds of fabric samples, multiple stain choices and all the choices for upholstery stuffing for your comfort. If you go on line and see a piece of furniture you like, you can call ahead and see it in person at the showroom.
If you love modern furniture that is also eco friendly and customizable, visit Viesso to get to know our company and its lines of fine modern furniture.

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