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Modern Furniture Styles for a Modern Lifestyle

Modernity is always present in every age. It is defined by the world view, attitudes, values, and products of the moment, expressed in real time. How one expresses modernity has everything to do with subjective perception and how this perception gives rise to personal style and taste.

An Extension of Who We Are

A modern lifestyle is how we apply our attitudes to the way we operate in the world, how we live our lives, and how we populate our personal environments. Within this, we incorporate our beliefs, our taste level, and every single one of our choices. Our homes and offices are the perfect extensions of who we are, and even if we have created our environments randomly, they speak of us, whether we have decorated them on an unconscious or conscious level.

When Thought Goes Into Choice

The modern attitude is one that is “awake.” Where thought goes into choice, we are able to not only express ourselves with more clarity, but also to clearly create situations where we feel better, where we are able to get through each day with greater ease, where the unnecessary becomes so completely superfluous that it is eliminated entirely.

Space: the Emblem of Modernity

With technology taking over much of our lives, we now have more space with which to operate. Most of our filing now occurs online, eliminating the need for bulky shelving or filing systems. Much of our entertainment occurs online, eliminating the need for large entertainment areas in the home, freeing up space for more space, which has now become the emblem of modernity.

Form and Function

Because more of us are realizing the value of space, our furniture is becoming lighter, with clean, unadulterated lines that speak of a new kind of elegance. Form and function are more powerfully wed than ever before, with desks housing wire management units, beds housing storage areas, couches with arms that provide extra seating or a place for the laptop, seating that is both beautiful and ergonomic, and lighting that comes in unexpected form.

Enhancing One’s Lifestyle

At Viesso, we believe that furniture is the perfect tool to enhance one’s lifestyle. By providing design solutions for every type of space, from small studios to lofts, country homes, townhouses, and offices, we feel that we are helping to promote and advance a modern way of living. Our mission is to assist our clients in creating more space, both physically and mentally, along with providing a beautiful contemporary aesthetic.

Harmonizing With an Ever-Evolving Vision

Our company is committed to working not only with our own designers, but also with others who share the same philosophy. Dedication to exceptional materials, workmanship, and craft form the basis of all of the choices we make for our inventory, and we are constantly expanding our line to harmonize with advances in technology, design, and an ever-evolving vision.

Some of the Viesso Inventory

Some of the lines we carry besides our own include:

• Bend seating
• Bensen shelving
• Brasa and Ecosmart fireplaces
• Chandra rugs
• Design House
• DeWulf tables
• Fermob, Geneva
• Gus Modern
• Henzel designs
• Innovation
• Knoll Textiles
• Modloft
• Omi
• Marset lighting
• Roost
• sohoConcept
• TrueModern
• … and much more.

Expressing Your Own Vision

Because we offer a myriad of options for customizing most of our furniture, you have the perfect opportunity to express your own vision through selecting the materials, size, finish, filling, color, and texture you like. Our Green Furniture designs are created for those who have a strong environmental awareness, whereby we use certified and organic materials for construction and design.

Latest Additions To Our Inventory

Our Viesso online or Los Angeles showrooms are ideal places to look when you are looking for modern furniture styles. Some of our newest additions to the inventory include the following:

The Carmichael Bed, created by our own design team, is a contemporary bed with classical lines that do justice to anyone’s concept of exquisite bedroom furniture. Featuring a fully upholstered headboard, side rails, and footboard, you can choose from Urban Tweed Ink or Urban Tweed Potash to create a magnificent setting in which to enjoy your dreams. We have constructed the frame and tapered legs out of FSC certified wood, and have added an exquisitely configured mattress suspension system to provide you with the best possible support each time you get horizontal. Snoozing in contemporary bliss has never felt or looked as good!

Our Gardiner Bed is another testimony to stunning lines and perfect function. With a fusion between an elegant 1930’s feel and a completely modern elegance, we have created a low profile upholstered bed that allows you to easily remove the upholstered slipcover for cleaning or changing color scheme. In Cabana Husk with our Urban Tweed Ink trim or Billiards Nickel with our Billiards Flint trim, here again we have constructed the frame and feet with FSC certified wood and included our impeccable mattress suspension system that merges the chic with true functionality.

Roost’s Constellation Pendant Lamp is a gorgeous globe made of zinc-plated iron that is hand drilled to create sparkles of light. With its clear cord and porcelain socket, it makes a beautiful statement in your dining or living room as it sheds light on your excellent taste level and more.

The Cala Floor Lamp by Marset creates a warm light emanating from its white polyester shade. Inspired by artists’ easels, this unique lamp comes in three sizes, the smallest of which is perfect next to an armchair or sofa, and the other two for illuminating wider spaces. The Cala also comes in an outdoor version that works wonders on a patio, porch, terrace, or balcony.

Gakko’s Slide Dining Chair will lift up any dining table to new heights. In red leatherette and chrome with steel tube, plastic tipped legs, this futuristic chair is ideal for either home or office. Its folded backrest and S-shaped springs are there to provide the ultimate in comfort, with a flexible, strong structure that is built to last.

Contact Us

For more information on design ideas and options within our modern furniture line, please contact us by filling out our form or call us at 877.8.VIESSO.

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