Modern Holiday Dcor

What we all love about modern design and furniture is that clean, crisp, simple, elegant look. Sometimes the aesthetic can even border on the austere side with hard edges, chrome and negative space. Have you noticed all of these descriptive terms (perhaps excusing chrome) can be used to also describe the grey chill of winter?

This is why the holidays are so important to us both now and historically speaking. They are the one glowing light of cheer, abundance and a refuge from the cold and dark season., which leaves modern holiday décor in a delicate position. We want to compliment modern design and still include all the warmth the holidays have to offer. The following are a few tips for keeping modern while decking the halls.

First remember simplicity is good, and clutter is still too much. Remember to pick and choose what you wish to emphasize and then focus on how best to achieve it. For example, an over-sized tree with ornaments that have similar themes or a basic idea that ties them together will provide a bold focal point for your space. Modern design, especially with its Northern European heritage, includes an amazing array of textiles. You can put out holiday colored or printed throw pillows and table runners without needing to string decorations from every corner.

Simplicity can be employed whether you are using a limited color palette, a few strategic decorations or natural elements. Red, white and silver are great bold and modern colors. Try floating shiny ornaments or animal figurines from your ceiling or banister with fishing line. If your space appears too stark soften it with white ceramic or glass candle holders. The flicker of candle light or a fire is always welcoming. And the sparkle of tensile can be a fun mid-century modern compliment; or search out retro ornaments and decorations for playful space.

Natural elements are important to modern design. Often wood is used to make a piece of furniture appear more inviting. You can bring nature into your home beyond the Christmas tree. Decoratively stack logs to remind you of a blazing fire. Use large, tall branches, like birch or pussy willow, as architectural elements. You can even spray paint the branches white or red and suspend ornaments or snowflakes from their slender arms. Find a way to artfully incorporate pine cones and berries, possibly in glass cloches or vases. Float cranberries and tea lights in water for a magical center piece.

There are so many creative choices for holiday decorations. Be discriminating about what to include and then go all out on those features. Visit Viesso to shop the best of modern home décor today.

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