Modern Home Accessories

Modern Home Accessories

Modern home accessories enhance the style of contemporary homes. While many people use the words “contemporary” and “modern” furnishings interchangeably, they are not the same. Contemporary furnishings are furnishings that are produced today. They are contemporary to the current time. Modern furnishings reflect a specific design style, a style that primarily originated during the time period between the two world wars of the last century. To understand the major role that modern home accessories play in a contemporary home, it’s helpful to look at the tenets of modern design.

Modern Principles

While the modern style has continued to evolve, it has retained certain specific characteristics. Central to the modern style is a design approach that seeks to create something new, rather than base designs on past decorative styles. Today, that approach is viewed as a normal part of the creative process, but at the time, it was revolutionary. In part, Post-war Modernists were reacting to the heavily ornamented Victorian style. Modernists wanted to strip down furnishings to their essential function and let the form of the furniture evolve from that function. Sleek lines and streamlined forms remain hallmarks of modern design.

Modern designers also took a fresh look at the space of home interiors, opting for large windows and open floor plans that allowed them to make the most of light and expanded view points. This changed the way the people view their homes in a profound way. In modern design, rooms are viewed in their entirety, rather than from an item-to-item, piecemeal perspective. This is typically achieved by presenting expansive spaces, by featuring furniture with sweeping horizontal lines and by keeping the color palette spare.

Light, space and form lend an air of movement, energy and dynamism to interiors decorated in the modern style, but without the right modern home accessories, rooms can feel bare and uninviting. Modern home accessories add strong visual interest to contemporary rooms. They punctuate modern décor with style.

Style Statements

In modern décor, home accessories can play a starring role. As the eye sweeps across the expanse of modern interiors, accessories provide a visual pause. The right accessories not only engage the eye, but provide strong design statements, establishing or reinforcing the room’s distinctive style. From fireplaces and lighting, to clocks and canisters, each accessory contributes to the overall style of a contemporary home.

The modern style genre includes several subsets of style. Some prefer an urban, industrial modern style, one that focuses on materials like bare bricks, natural wood and exposed piping. Modern home accessories with texture and color complement the urban modern style. Others favor a more cosmopolitan look, one that features colors on the cool spectrum, striking lighting effects and luxury materials. Modern home accessories with reflective surfaces add gleam to the cosmopolitan style.

California modern takes a more casual approach to the modern style, employing eco-friendly fabrics, bamboo and wood, with innovative technology as well as colors and materials that enhance an active life style. Modern home accessories with strong, sculptural elements, innovative electronics and natural textures enhance the California style. At, homeowners will find all the accessories they need to create their own distinctive, modern style.

Unifying Elements

When modern décor features furnishings that make their own strong design statement, home accessories may play a more supportive role. When the intent is to feature a distinctive coffee table, for example, the accessories placed on the table’s surface should not distract or detract from the table’s style. By coordinating the accessories on the table with other accessories in the room, stellar design features are allowed to shine. Modern home accessories in similar forms, colors, finishes or materials serve as unifying elements, giving interiors with striking design statements a cohesive, pulled-together look.


Lighting is an essential component of a modern designer’s toolbox. An effective use of light is one of the hallmarks of modern style. Skilled modern designers understand how to layer light so that interiors are striking at any time of the day. Using natural night, pendant lighting, floor and table lamps, spot lighting and ambient lighting fixtures, modern interiors are illuminated with style.

In addition to the light that they offer, lighting fixtures can be distinctive design elements in and of themselves. They offer opportunities to add art and sculpture to contemporary homes. Since light naturally attracts the eye, it’s essential that lighting fixtures complement the quality and style of modern furnishings, with forms, colors and materials that add another layer of sophistication and depth to the overall design. From dramatic pendant lighting, to sculptural holders for votive candles, the Viesso line of lighting features a wide selection that enables homeowners to light up their interiors with style.

Vases Of all the modern accessories in a contemporary home, vases play one of the most significant roles. Home furnishings like vases have strong, symbolic, emotional and historical connotations that lend depth to interior design. Just as a book symbolizes knowledge, vases are associated with water, the basic element of life. A vessel is open-ended and receptive. Like a circle, a bowl symbolizes unity and eternity. In modern interior design, vases that draw attention to their shape and sculptural quality are often most effective. The Viesso collection of vases features a variety of vases designed in natural shapes, colors and materials, vases that enrich the look of contemporary homes.

Viesso offers a wide range of serving trays, dispensers, containers, coffee makers and teapots as well. Whether entertaining friends or colleagues, or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, these fine modern home accessory products add taste and sophistication to a modern life style.

Accent Pillows

Perhaps the most versatile of all modern home accessories, accent pillows offer homeowners the opportunity to change looks according to the seasons, or even according to their mood. Modern interiors typically feature neutral or limited color palettes that ensure furnishings will look stylish for many years to come. Pillows not only make seating more comfortable, but allow people to punctuate the décor with pops of color or to layer the style with textural elements. Viesso understands the power of a simple accent pillow’s versatility, as evidence by the “Build Your Own Pillow” option. Since Viesso crafts the pillows, customers can choose to have custom pillows made. A broad selection of fabrics, sizes and fillings ensures the right choice for any contemporary home.

Area Rugs

Area rugs play a distinctive role in any home. They are particularly effective, however, in spaces decorated in the modern style. Area rugs add warmth to the expansive space of contemporary homes by creating visual islands. In open floor plans, area rugs create subtle boundaries to define entryways and conversation, dining and work areas. The extensive Viesso collection of area rugs features quality, eco-friendly rugs with fine detailing and exemplary style. Viesso not only offers a broad array of area rugs, but offers a variety of naturally tanned cowhides as well, to add texture, shape and visual interest to floor areas.

Technological Innovation

The classic, modern style has always featured technological components. Viesso continues this tradition, offering a unique line of sound systems to provide the soundtrack for modern living. Although the products feature minimal size and design, they deliver rich, full, stereophonic sound. Featuring all-in-one designs, they include CD players, FM radios, iPod and iPhone docks, as well as additional external source inputs. Available in a selection of finishes, they are energy-efficient, too.

Viesso features a unique collection of clocks as well, each with a strong geometrical or sculptural look that enhances modern décor. Other technologically innovative products include Viesso’s line of filament light bulbs. These bulbs emit a soft warm light while using far less energy than conventional bulbs.


Fireplaces not only add welcoming warmth to contemporary homes, but offer opportunities to add distinctive, visual design elements to a home's interiors. Viesso features an exclusive line of portable fireplaces that can instantly add style to the home. The Viesso line of fireplaces uses ethanol for fuel, ensuring that no harmful gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Each fireplace represents the artistic vision of the some of finest artisans in the field. Since the fireplaces are portable, they can easily be taken outside as well, to enhance the outdoor livings areas of a contemporary home.

At Viesso, a commitment to offering quality home furnishings built with environmentally-friendly materials is matched only by a commitment to stellar customer service. Staff is available not only to guide customers through the purchasing process, but to offer design information and assistance as well. Viesso encourages people to request sample materials of their products. Customer satisfaction is priority one.

Viesso understands that customers want a distinctive look for their home as well. Viesso features a wide range of customization options that ensures that every contemporary home can achieve a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Whether visiting online or at the Viesso showroom in Los Angeles, Viesso ensures that the shopping experience is both productive and pleasurable. To view the Viesso accessory inventory visit Viesso today.

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