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A sectional sofa is the heart of your living space where you and your family or guests can enjoy lounging around whilst talking, watching movies or even taking a nap. Often just referred to as a “sectional,” this furniture is formed from multiple sections and usually includes at least two pieces that join at an angle of 90 degrees or slightly greater for wrapping around walls or other furniture.

It is important that your sectional accommodates the needs of those who will be using it, as well as its role as a cornerstone, setting the tone for the whole room – in tune with your colours and style.

Solutions for your space

Modern sectionals come in such a diverse variety these days and so there is now ample opportunity for you to find just the right solution for your space. The great thing with a sectional is that you can create your own combination, so you get exactly what you want. Also, you can adapt or add on to what you have if your needs change. Also, sectionals can be customized to fit the size of your room and so you always feel that you can purchase exactly what you want.

If your room is relatively small you can buy a low profile sectional that will make your room seem larger. If you need additional seating, you might consider cubes or single chairs to place around the room.

Develop your style

There is now a big choice in styles. Contemporary modular look sectionals are highly popular as well as those that draw from design trends from yesteryear to give a funky retro-chic feel. For those looking for exotic flavors there are sectionals that blend traditional materials and furniture features from cultures from other locales.

Structures built to last

Sectionals need to be high quality and built to last. Most are made with a foam core with feather wrapping to give the best of both worlds. The density of the foam and the level of feathers need to be matched to get the cushion just right for each sectional type.

Some people like their sectionals firm with sharp modern lines whilst others prefer super cloud like comfort with softer edges. Different types of foam and feather fillings can create the desired feel. Also, softer or firmer cushions to match some sectionals can be arranged.

Checking the framework

Sectionals that last are those with frames made by hand from quality hard wood. An indication of additional strength includes joints bound with screws, solid glue and corner blocks. Sectionals built with robust internal zigzag springs give superior support and comfort.

Fabrics for your special tastes

Choosing a fabric is often the toughest part of buying a new sectional, as there are countless different types of fabric yarns and weaves. The best sectionals are those where the designers have done the hard work and chosen the fabrics and colours that best fit the range. The fabrics have been selected for their texture and finish as well as durability and stain resistance. Some sectionals have removable covers making them washable or dry cleanable.

Some people like leather sectionals while others prefer fabric; it really is just a matter of personal taste. However, you might take into consideration that leather is the only material that looks better and more luxurious with age. It is easy to care for and easy to clean, and because it is a natural organic material it can “breathe.” It also will not pick up the surrounding room temperature, which can be too hot or cold, and it creates more comfort with human contact.

Color matching for your vision

Your sectional can be a neutral color with scattered accent pillows and accessories introducing color to your room. In this way these smaller items can be easily changed if you want to adjust the mood to suit the seasons or when undertaking a major room mood revamp.

On the other hand, the fabric of your sectional can be the bold statement bringing texture and warmth to your room. Do some research on color schemes or consider the services of an interior designer to assist you with choosing the right color temperature for your room and to play with color combinations that involve contrast and tension to give a dramatic effect.

Coordinating with your sectional

If you want a coordinated look in your living room, other home furnishings can be selected to match your sectional. Soft furnishings like rugs and cushions to tables, TV stands and lamps are now available to create a family of related forms or colors for your room.

Choose a range of fabrics that form a mix of related colors as patterns and solid colors in your furnishings. This will draw out particular colors and develop a subtle theme in your room to set a personal mood. This personal touch can be done quite simply through one or two carefully considered additions.

Accent Pillows

Pillows are available that cater to a range of personal needs taking into account that comfort is a very personal thing. Feathers give a luxurious soft sink-in feeling and compress to the shape of your body. They do require maintenance and should be fluffed daily. Foam cushions on the other hand give a bouncy feel and are much better at maintaining their shape.

As outlined above, accent pillows with exciting and bold colors can combine to make a vibrant room design and can be a perfect complement to a room featuring neutral colors. This is particularly the case if the sectional is part of this color palette. Using bold colors adds life and energy.

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