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Modern Living Room

Words trigger pictures in the minds of people. Modern living room furniture sparks pictures of chrome and black leather in the minds of some, while sectional sofas and glass coffee tables occur to others. The thing about modern is that it has imagination and passion. Why does black leather and chrome say passion? When it’s combined with perhaps a sectional sofa covered in sky blue with a cloud print or a lounger upholstered with the orange and dark browns of autumn, the complementary black leather and chrome of bar stools, for example, inspire us.

Nor does modern furniture have to resemble the same-old, same-old. When three corner pieces can be combined with sofas in soft shapes, like the Harmony sofa, or sofas with depth, like the Nein, then old-fashioned pieces are forgotten. There is a special satisfaction in shape because it comforts people, inspires them or pleases them. Modern is all about the imagination, so combinations of shapes fulfill a need in people.

Color is important to people because it can inflame the passions or soothe the savage beast. A modern living room can represent the height of romance when it contains a sectional sofa, such as the Atwood, because it looks like it came from the time of Jane Austen. Clad in warm reds, it lends itself to a romantic aura. If folks entertain the family at holidays, for instance, sectional sofas combined with loveseats that will seat many in the golds and oranges of autumn will make them smell the turkey or the cinnamon in the yams.

People put their coffee cups and wine glasses on coffee tables. Gone are the days of heavy woods and fingerprints on the glass coffee tables. Spare and simple, the Stanley coffee table is a great example of modern imagination. Forestry was not harmed to make this table whose natural markings draw the eye. Remarkably basic, the small Cube coffee table can be topped with a variety of wood veneers or glass. These pieces add grace and fluidity to the modern living room.

Wherever your passion and imagination take you, take along with you the complementary colors and textures of fabric. Scratchy, knotty textile goes well with some looks, while soft velvets or suede define others. Jewel colors like ruby, sapphire and emerald set off the glow of certain woods used in coffee and end tables. Textile incorporating patterns, such as the Lake, Kashmir, swirls, bamboo stripes, circles, squares and so many others, bring back memories of folks with furnishings patterned likewise.

Finish off the aura of the room with mirrors, such as the Anna mirror, on which can be placed ornaments or small picture frames. The Malta mirror, with its stack ability, would be a great accent to any modern living room. Imagine a white oak About Face storage unit, with a full-length mirror on one side and storage on the other. It would be handy to keep books, DVDs, afghans for the sofas or anything else your imagination can dream up.

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