Modern Living Room Ideas

The hallmarks of modern living room design are minimalism and functionality. This style of interior design relies upon a “less is more” mentality to create a space that is restful, sophisticated and clutter free. Nonetheless, this room is also singularly useful. In this type of living room, every item not only has a defined space to inhabit, but also has a carefully defined function. People who have converted a more traditional living room over to a modern style frequently state that they become liberated through the act of disposing of the fussier furniture items and artwork that used to crowd the space.
After deciding to redecorate the living room, it’s important for the homeowner to reflect on how their family uses the living room and, perhaps more importantly, how they would like to use the space. Is the living room the spot where the family gathers for movie night and video game playing? Is the living room a more formal space that is infrequently used? Whatever the current use of the living room is, and whatever the desired future use of the room may be, it is critical to design around this use. For instance, minimalism may dictate that clutter be banished, but functionality requires that there be enough seating in the living room to accommodate at least all members of the family. The key to successfully designing a modern living room is striking a balance between functionality and minimalism. Some trial and error may be involved, but the results are definitely worth the effort.

Most people like to approach interior design from a color standpoint. Choosing a color scheme helps set the tone for the entire room and can affect decisions relating to lighting, flooring and furniture. With a modern design scheme, it is best to start with a neutral base. White is a perennially favorite choice for modern décor devotees. A stark white is not necessarily called for, though some have used it to stunning effect in the past. Instead, browse through a selection of white tones, including off whites and cream colors. These warm, basic hues are excellent building blocks for the modern living room.

Few people choose to decorate their living room with just one color. An all white living room would certainly be difficult to maintain, as well as being a little boring in the visual sense. Interior design experts suggest combining at least three colors in the living room. Begin with the neutral base, then add a pop of orange and a splash of aqua. Bring these colors into the room via the addition of a throw rug, pillows scattered on a couch or a dramatic vase.

One popular technique for adding color to an otherwise monochromatic living room is by painting an accent wall. For this project, each of the walls will be painted in the same neutral tone. One wall is reserved for quite a different color that is bright, bold or dark, depending upon the homeowner’s preference. The accent wall looks attractive surrounding windows, which keeps the color from becoming overpowering. Another sound accent wall strategy is painting the wall behind the room’s electronics. Paint the wall a bright hue, then place the television, game consoles and any related accessories and storage furniture against it. The impact will be spectacular.

Flooring is another important consideration in the modern living room. Both hardwood floors and carpet are excellent choices. Hardwood floor is generally easy to maintain as long as spills are wiped up quickly. If vacuumed regularly, a carpet can also be an attractive option, though it is difficult to completely remove stains. Families who like to sit on the floor for game play and movie watching might find carpet more comfortable. Alternatively, a thick throw rug can be quite comfortable when placed on a hardwood floor. For the modern living room, choose a light colored flooring material, whether it is wood or carpet. The lighter color makes the space look larger and less cluttered.

Furniture is an essential part of the modern living room, and variety and design are two things we here at Viesso pride ourselves on providing to customers. It may take quite a bit of time to find just the right pieces to incorporate, but it’s important to not settle for an inferior piece. Living room furniture typically sees heavy use on a daily basis. It’s vital that these pieces be fashionable, functional and sturdy. Look for clean, straight lines and avoid any pieces that are ornate or look particularly heavy. Fabrics should be solid colors, rather than featuring a pattern. To add visual interest to a solid color sofa or chair, purchase a throw pillow in an unexpected pattern – like zebra stripes – for a fun and interesting contrast. Another nice accessory, like a fuzzy or chunky woven blanket in an accent color, adds texture and variety.

In modern furniture designed for living rooms, it is possible to find unusual pieces. Think about placing translucent tables next to the seating area. The translucency adds to the clutter free feel of the space and can make a smaller room appear larger. Don’t shy away from seating that has an avant-garde sensibility. However, it pays to make certain that even the most visually striking pieces are actually functional. The chair or table that would be more at home on display in a museum has no place in the modern functional living room.

Window coverings can be a tricky consideration for some homeowners, but keeping the “less is more” ideal in mind can simplify things. The modern living room rarely features drapes or curtains. Instead, blinds, with their straight lines, are the window coverings of choice. They are easy to maintain and easy to raise so the room can be flooded with natural light. Some homeowners dislike this look and prefer hanging curtains. As long as those curtains are a solid color and do not feature a bold pattern, they should be well in line with modern décor principles.

Accent pieces and wall décor are the fun finishing touches for a modern living room. Only a few such pieces are required for a modern décor scheme. Stick to the idea of having only three colors in the living room and look for wall art and accents that are available in these hues. For wall art, choose a painting in monochromatic colors. Have it framed in a clean, simple surround that won’t distract from the painting itself. Use a large, bold mirror to reflect light and color and to make the room appear larger. Carefully select some wall space that will be reserved to be bare. These clean, restful spaces are always welcome to the eye.

By keeping important considerations like minimalism and functionality in mind, any homeowner can design the modern living room of their dreams. The careful use of color is the first step to perfecting the look. Choose no fewer than three colors and then stick to this scheme throughout the decorating process. Light colored flooring and simple blinds at the windows contribute to the uncluttered feeling. Furniture should possess a sleek, streamlined look, yet maintain full functionality. Fun, colorful accent pieces finish the look with taste and style. Decorating a living room has never been easier or more creative than with Viesso. Call or click today to schedule an appointment and make your living room a comfortable and artistic space for you and your loved ones.

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