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Innovation in modern loungers not only pertains to the look and feel of such chic pieces, but the way designers produce them. Mass-producing designs without insuring sustainability is a thing of the past, as outdated as wall-to-wall plaid. Concerns about the environment means that designers and consumers must find a responsible way to enhance the beauty of their surroundings, yet neither wants to sacrifice style. As an industry leader in high-end eco design, Viesso understand these concerns, and offers a wide range of furniture for the stylish environmentalist. In the case of modern loungers, Viesso offers many stylish pieces that achieve environmental soundness for modern home and office decors in a range of colors and materials. Viesso also sells pieces by eco-leading companies like Icon, Mamagreen, and Sparta as well as others. All of these designs are paving the way as industry leaders in both sustainability and cutting-edge craftsmanship.

When shopping for green furniture, look for pieces that use recycled wood and that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means that the piece meets the FSC standards for maintaining the world’s forests. Many people do not realize that stainless steel offers huge eco-friendly benefits by being one hundred percent recyclable as well as long lasting. Using stainless steel means a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Also, green furniture connects the owner to nature in a basic way by utilizing natural products to encase the body and highlight surroundings. Local economies also receive a positive boost with better work environments and direct profits that revitalize the community. Buying a sustainable piece also saves money, as they last longer, requiring less upkeep and frequent replacement. Cleaning is easy, too, and can be done at home.

All loungers can be shipped almost any where in the world. Both Los Angeles and Southern California have flat rates for shipping. Viesso also ships the other lines they offer. The cost of shipping across country varies from place to place, but some pieces from other lines ship for free if they cost over $99; each line decides that on their own. Any piece made by Viesso takes three weeks to make, and are then delivered with applicable set-up included. Another helpful Viesso standard is that they will ship materials to potential buyers, so people are not surprised by the color and feel of their customized piece. Viesso offers a more detailed explanation in the shipping section of their website.

Viesso also offers two innovative ways to make a decision on purchasing: an in-home consultation with designers flying to any space with material in hand, the $99 cost of which gets applied to the order. They also provide Fly and Buy for buyers who want to visit a showroom, which means Viesso applies up to $400 of the cost of a plane ticket on orders totaling at least $4000 before tax and delivery costs.

Loungers work in almost all areas of a space, indoor or out. On the deck, they are great for parties or just relaxing in the sun. In the study, they offer a great place to curl up with a book. In the living room, they make a bold accompaniment to other seating. In the bedroom, they offer a place other than the bed to sit. Friends who have a reason to go into a bedroom will instantly appreciate a an alternative to the bed. And though loungers are the ultimate in modern decors, they bring to mind old Hollywood and people who appreciate the finer things. They provide practicality cloaked in flair. A lounger can consist of one extended piece to stretch out on, an arm chair with a footrest, or distinct sides for two people called a double lounger, whether extended or with footrests.

One of the most stunning loungers on the market is Viesso’s Lauser Outdoor Lounge Chair, which is not only sustainable, but detailed for comfort. The headrest is adjustable, and the wood is a gorgeous teak angled to fit the comfort needs of the human body. The wood and fabric withstand the sun, rain, and snow. The environmentally friendly wood sealant helps protect the teak against the weather and Sunbrella furniture fabric is used in this piece, which is GREENGUARD certified for eco-conscious weather protection and style. Produced in L.A., the piece can easily be customized for fabric design, then made to order. No materials are wasted until the order is finalized. One of the best things about this piece is it requires no assembly. Just unload, pick a spot, and look stylish while taking it easy.

Another Viesso lounger crafted in L.A. is the Blumen Settee Sofa Lounger, a piece that combines elite standards of eco-design with the customized criteria of each owner. Choices of seat cushions, pillows, and leg options consisting of stainless steel or alder wood reflect the personality of the buyer. The stunning high sides serve as a backrest or decorative ends depending on the day, and heighten the drama of any décor. All materials are eco-sound and comfortable.

Any Viesso piece works well with other Viesso pieces, or can easily be mixed with pieces from another line. One such line would be Mamagreen. Belgian designer and entrepreneur Vincent Cantaert of Mamagreen conceived of exclusive outdoor furniture, which includes the Liliniki Lounger. The Liliniki makes a distinct statement with sleek angles and jutting seat. Made for outside use, this chair commands a great deal of versatility, so would also compliment contemporary rooms of the home or executive office. The frame comes in a choice of two stainless steel finishes and the Sunbrella cushion comes includes both fabric and color options. Recycled teak guarantees the green sanctity.

The Icon Batyline Double Sunlounger provides minimalistic standards of design times two, for relaxing days on the deck or pool parties. The teak sides in this piece command FSC-certification, providing storage space for drinks, magazines, snacks or anything to create the ultimate lounging experience. The base consists of stainless steel and the mesh sling comes in a variety of colors from basic black to tropical shades. The mesh also works well in tropical climates by creating a relaxing airflow. Mix and match each seat as desired. The Icon Honeymoon Cabana Lounger comes with a canopy to shade the rays while enjoying the view.

The Sparta Sunlounger creates sublime and sleek lines. Hidden wheels in two of the stainless steel legs allow for easy mobility and placement, depending on the mood and event. The Batyline sling is easy to care for, and comes in a variety of colors. This lounger really looks captures the comfort and functionality of an outdoor piece with hints of East Coast modernism.

So being stylish no longer equates to being irresponsible. Saving money, saving the planet, and saving spaces from languishing in obscurity are all possible. For loungers that elevate the inside and outside, look no further. From the home to the home planet, all decors flourish with Viesso.

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