Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Modern Outdoor Fireplace

After investing tons of money inside your home or business, you turned your attention to the surrounding areas outdoors. You’ve got your patios, tables and lounge furniture all set up, but there’s a problem. You can only really take advantage of these comforts during half of the year.

Things are fine in the summer, but in winter months, the biting cold makes the prospect of outdoor enjoyment impossible. When you’re tired of being cooped up indoors, modern outdoor fireplaces are the way to go.

There are many considerations and advantages that come along with these great pieces of fully functional furniture. When you’re trying to warm up, nothing’s better than a fireplace that works in and of itself without any accessories.

Of course, the enjoyment you derive from your outdoor fireplaces will also depend on how you use them. Today, we’ll cover outdoor fireplace basics like:

• Best uses
• Decorative placement
• Green alternatives

The Best Uses for Your Modern Outdoor Fireplace

The obvious use of an outdoor fireplace is to keep warm. Placed on decks, patios and even in lawn areas, these heat-generating mavericks are ideal for ensuring multiple people stay nice and toasty. By using yours in the colder months, you can enjoy the clear winter scenery that only comes around every now and then. Unlike other fire pits and space heaters, Viesso outdoor fireplace goes from cold to roaring flame in an instant.

Outdoor fireplaces are easy to set up and move, especially considering the fact that they’re largely self-contained. This also means that they work well in impromptu applications.

Not all fireplaces need be large behemoths. Many people favor the smaller burner variety. Restaurant owners use these to keep outdoor diners hot during sudden cold snaps, and you can easily place yours out whenever you decide to throw a party on the fly.

The fact that these fireplaces are great for unplanned events also has a lot to do with their structure. Unlike most stationary fireplaces, they provide heat from all sides, similar to how a fire pit would. Unlike the typical fire pit, however the heat doesn’t require everyone to hunch over or huddle together around a hole in the ground.

Larger modern outdoor fireplaces are typically equipped with a re-circulation system that keeps air flowing. This ensures that the heat is evenly spread around the fireplace, allowing users to experience maximum comfort even if they decide to sit or stand a bit further back. They allow large groups to experience a more familiar sense of camaraderie, because they can face each other instead of all staring forlornly into the flames.

Owners find that in addition to being easy to enjoy, the Viesso outdoor fireplace is also easy to operate. Unlike other fireplaces, these turn on at the flick of a switch, spreading instant warmth. Instead of relying on fossil fuels, they burn agriculturally-produced bioethanol.

How Green Alternatives Make Fireplaces Better
Bioethanol and other green fuels make fireplaces cheaper to run because they’re more efficient

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