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Modern Patio Furniture

Modern Patio Furniture

In 79 A.D., Pompeii was buried beneath a layer of hot ash and pumice spewing from nearby Mount Vesuvius. When the city was unearthed some 1700 years later, some of the most surprising artifacts found were patio furniture. The volcanic eruption had preserved much of the city intact, revealing extensive details of life during the height of the Roman Empire. For Pompeii’s well-to-do, lounging on patio furniture and enjoying the sun, sea and air of the Mediterranean coast was as popular then as it is now.

For centuries, outdoor furniture typically mimicked the prevalent styles of indoor furniture, and for centuries, designers looked to the past for inspiration, modifying or elaborating upon existing styles. It wasn’t until the latter half of the 19th century that designers began to seek uniquely new styles. Partly as a reaction to the mass-production techniques developed during the Industrial Revolution, European designers collectively agreed to create furnishings that were decidedly New. By the end of World War II, Modernism had taken a firm hold upon design trends. In the realm of patio furniture, Modernists in California began to dominate the upscale market.

California Modern

For decades, the California outdoor life style has held a strong influence over modern patio furniture trends. In 2011, when the Los Angeles County Museum of Art featured a retrospective of midcentury California design, modern patio furniture played a starring role. From the 1940s to the 1960s, Post-War Modernism flourished in Southern California, where a new generation of designers and architects were experimenting with styles that looked forward to an imagined utopian future.

Inspired in part by California’s temperate weather, Post-War modern design in the Southland featured a variety of novel patio furniture designs, in strong, bold lines and colors that stood up under the bright California sun. Home to the still-growing film industry, the California modern style was influenced by Hollywood glamour and wealth as well. Swimming pools and stylish patio furniture were counted as a measure of success. Elegantly sleek furnishings were favored over the plain and rustic.

Late Century Changes

According to industry statistics, almost half of all new homeowners invest in patio furniture. The housing boom sparked by the return of World War II veterans pushed furniture manufacturers to keep up with demand by producing generic patio furniture styles constructed from affordable, readily available materials. Between the 1960s and the 1980s, for the most part, patio furniture choices consisted of redwood picnic tables and benches, rattan and painted steel, all available in a limited color palette.

The focus was on affordable function, but in general, the materials used were not durable. A generation of Americans became accustomed to wicker that unraveled and deteriorated, painted steel that chipped and flaked and splintered and faded redwood picnic tables. Patio furniture was beginning to lose some of its cachet.

Style Follows Function

In the 1980s, resin, plastic and aluminum patio furniture began becoming widely available. Weather-resistant and easy to care for, the functional new materials sparked a return to style. Freed from the concerns of durability and maintenance, designers once again began to focus on fashion. Patio furniture collections, however, generally centered on casual decorative styles. The striking and distinctive forms of the Modern style were few and far between.

The 21st century has seen a renewed interest in “retro-modern,” leading homeowners to take a new look at modern patio furniture. Homeowners want modern pieces that are accessible, comfortable and chic. The founders of responded to the growing demand for quality, contemporary patio furniture with designs that not only harken back to the glory days of the Modern style, but that adhere to the primary credo of Modernism: to create something New. Based in Southern California, Viesso continues the unique sensibility of California Modern as well, with a mix of technological innovation, eco-friendly materials and natural style.

Furnishing Outdoor Spaces

Even a small area like a balcony, patio or deck can become a stylish outdoor living area with the right patio furniture. Furnishing outdoor spaces begins with a careful consideration of how large the space is, how the space will be used, when it will be used, how many people will use the space and the kind of atmosphere the homeowner wishes to establish.

Space. Scattered pieces of modern patio furniture can get lost in a large outdoor space. When creating outdoor living areas, it’s important to define the space, to create visual boundaries help make people feel at home under an open sky. Sectional modern patio furniture is particularly useful in creating conversation areas in outdoor spaces, establishing welcoming places that invite family and guests to gather together.

In compact spaces, patio furniture can create an intimate, home-like setting, with styles that closely reflect interior decorative styles. In larger areas, however, patio furniture must create comfortable seating areas without obstructing or distracting from surrounding views. Modern patio furniture with slim silhouettes and low profiles are best suited for this task. Seating areas placed near picture windows must not obscure the view from indoors, but must be attractive to look at from indoors as well.


Some purchases of modern patio furniture are sparked by specific events. The installation of a swimming pool, an upcoming outdoor social gathering, a move to a new home or a renovation of an existing home can all trigger an interest in purchasing new patio furniture. When choosing patio furniture, it’s important to consider how the outdoor spaces are expected to function over the long term.

For families who love to eat outdoors or for those that love to entertain, patio dining sets are an obvious choice. But homeowners may want to consider other amenities to enhance the experience as well, such as storage, outdoor heating and counters for preparing and serving food. Poolside areas call for seating where swimmers and non-swimmers alike can stretch out and enjoy the aquatic setting.

When the outdoor areas will be used most is another consideration. Choices for modern patio furniture for seasonal use may differ than choices for year-round use, not only in function, but in style. Homeowners who enjoy evenings spent in the great outdoors may consider how the patio furniture will look and function in a nighttime environment. Patio furniture in pale colors or white, with reflective surfaces like aluminum or polished stainless steel, will gain luminescence under the light of a full moon. Patio furniture in warmer colors and materials will glow under fire light.

Atmosphere. Nothing quite suits an active, contemporary life style like well-designed modern patio furniture. With the sleek lines and streamlined forms that are the hallmarks of the classic Modern decorative style, patio furniture designed with style and sophistication helps create an atmosphere that is imbued with energy and dynamism. Viesso’s commitment to selling furnishings that not only feature the best of modern design, but that enhance a modern life style makes them the premier destination for fine modern patio furniture.

Viesso’s exclusive line of modern patio furniture includes dining tables and chairs, benches and stools, chairs and sofas, sectionals, sun loungers, accent tables, as well as sun shades, cabanas and garden planters. Viesso has a broad selection of eco-friendly outdoor fireplaces, too. With ethanol as their fuel source, the Viesso’s collection of fireplaces emit no harmful emissions. Portable and durable, each fireplace is designed in distinctive forms, not only providing warmth to evening entertaining, but adding attractive visual accents to outdoor settings as well.

At Viesso, as much care and attention to style is paid to outdoor furniture as indoor furnishings. Attention is paid to the environment as well. Viesso combines modern technology and green materials to offer modern patio furniture that is safe for the family’s health as well as friendly to eco-systems. Viesso is dedicated to offering a broad variety of customization options that will give a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look for contemporary outdoor living areas, including green options for just about every piece of modern patio furniture offered.

Viesso encourages requests for material samples and swatches to ensure that homeowners acquire modern patio furniture that best suits their environment and life style. A dedication to offering exemplary service, informed by extensive knowledge of design, color and materials, means that homeowners will enjoy a shopping experience found nowhere else. Viesso offers a broad array of furnishings for the entire home, representing the finest designs of some of the world's best modern designers.

Homeowners who want the outdoor living areas of their home to look as stylish – and to work as efficiently – as their indoor living areas will find everything they need in modern patio furnishings at Viesso. Viesso modern patio furniture can be purchased online or at Viesso’s showroom in Los Angeles. A commitment to stellar customer service is evident by Viesso’s willingness to assist in design and purchase decisions. The entire collection can be viewed at Viesso, where Viesso staff is available to answer any and all questions about the distinctive line of modern patio furniture.

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