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Modern Sleeper Sofas Beds

When you picture a sleeper sofa, what image comes to mind? That floral sleeper sofa that you slept in at your grandma's house? While sleeper sofas of the past were bulky and sometimes downright unsightly, modern sleeper sofas not only provide seating and sleeping spaces, but they also come in sleek modern designs that look nothing like grandma's old sofa bed. These modern sleeper sofas aren't just comfortable - they are stylish and smart, marrying form and function.

The Function

If there is one thing that most homes need, it's more space. Many homes don't have an additional guest bedroom, so living rooms and offices do double duty when guests stay over. Sleeper sofas not only provide a comfortable place for overnight guests to stay, but they function as stylish seating the rest of the time. Modern sleeper sofas come in a variety of sizes; even small spaces can comfortably house a sofa bed. Don't have room for a full sofa? Consider a chair-sized sofa bed, which functions as a comfortable single bed when converted.

The Look

The first thing you will notice about modern sleeper sofas is the clean, simple look of modern furniture. These pieces of furniture blend in perfectly with any modern room design - nothing screams "sleeper sofa" with these stylish sofas. The bulky look of older sleeper sofas has been replace by smarter designs, allowing the true style of the sleeper sofa to become the focus.

Modern sleeper sofas come in all shapes and sizes. They are available in sectionals, sofas, or chairs and have a variety of options for arms - wide arms that double as table tops or additional seating, sleek wood arms, or armless. Some models have optional coordinating ottomans. Take a look around your space and consider the style elements you'd like to see in your sleeper sofa.

The Options

Create the perfect sleeper sofa for your space by customizing it. Many models come with a host of features that you customize. Style elements are completely up to you. Choose a fabric to fit your space - from fabric to leather to faux suede and more. Decide which leg height is right for you, and how much stuffing you want in the cushions Not only are the style options up to you, but many sofa sleeper models are available with green options such as eco-friendly fabrics and natural material foam used for filling. Add even more function to your sleeper sofa by creating a storage space in wide-arm models. Find the mattress type that is right for you - today's sofa sleeper mattresses are nothing like their springy, lumpy ancestors. Modern technology has allowed for improved comfort that your overnight guests will definitely appreciate.

Designing Your Perfect Sleeper Sofa

Ready to design your sleeper sofa? Need more design ideas or want more information about what modern sleeper sofas have to offer? Visit Viesso at to view sleeper sofa designs and be inspired by all the possibilities of today's modern sleeper sofas.

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