Modern Storage Units: Stop Clutter and Get Organized

If you are looking to get organized this season, modern storage units are the answer to your call for help. Our modern storage units can help you bring even the most out of control clutter under control. Whether you need a place to stick your books, hide your old CDs and DVDs, a modern storage unit from Viesso can help return your room to the sophisticated oasis that it should be. Here are a few tips on shopping for modern shelving and storage units to help you get started.

Tuck Away the Clutter

Modern storage units are designed to house all of the things that often end up lying about. If the clutter in your space should really be stored and packed away, do a quick cleaning first before you decide on a storage unit. This way you can make a home only for the quirky items or daily necessities. This is an important part of maintaining the visual aesthetic of your room which can easily be ruined by too many loose items lying about. Modern shelving is a good option if you would like to put a few items on display while you move rest out of the way and out of sight.

For loose items such as DVDs and electronics accessories, closed shelving units are recommended. Small items like these can really subtract from the aesthetic of a room if they are left in plain view. Instead, consider hiding these items away so that the are there when you need them but aren’t on display for everyone to see.


Bookshelves are not to be overlooked as a modern storage unit choice. While they are often considered to be the traditional approach to living room or study storage, Viesso has bookshelves that reflect the chic minimal style that modern furniture is known for. If you have an empty wall that needs something, an open bookshelf can provide an interesting look. Bookshelves can also double as accent tables or room dividers.

Custom Modern Storage Units

If your space is not very flexible when it comes to layout options, a custom storage unit is probably the best option. Viesso offers several Build Your Own storage unit options that will allow you to find the perfect size and design for your storage unit. This is an excellent option if you are looking for something to match your existing décor (because finding the right color and size can be somewhat of a headache).

Modular Storage Unit

Modular shelving is another option for finding the perfect fit for your space. With optional shelving that can be added on, you can buy just the right amount of storage for your needs. In addition, you can take each section apart and completely redesign your space as you see fit. Modular shelving is a great option if you do not always need the storage or if you love to design and redesign your space. Most modular shelving systems feature horizontal or vertical support so that your shelving unit will stay intact regardless of how you decide to arrange the modules.

Room Dividers

Modern storage units can also double as room dividers for large rooms. If you are trying to figure out the décor for a large room, a large open Format storage unit can help to separate your room into two sections. Now, you’ll have the flexible option to reverse your decision if you decide to change the room layout at a later date. Sectioning your room off into multiple sections works well in a space such as a studio apartment or loft where room boundaries may not be clearly defined.

In addition, you can still use the storage unit as a display case for interesting items that you want to put on display. If you are feeling adventurous, consider an asymmetrically designed storage unit for added visual appeal. Click here to see modern storage options at Viesso:

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