Modern Stripe Fabric

Viesso is a leader in high quality modern home décor and eco-friendly and custom furnishings. In addition to the large stock of furniture and home décor, Viesso also has a wide variety of modern stripe fabrics available. If you’re a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) decorator, purchasing fabric is one of the simplest ways to decorate your home on a budget. Below are five simple DIY projects you can embark on using elegant modern stripe fabric from Viesso.

5. Simple Fabric DIY Projects

1.Window treatments. Custom window treatments made with Viesso’s quality modern stripe fabric can transform the look of a room from boring and dated to modern and sophisticated. With just basic sewing skills you can make window valances, pleated curtains or faux roman shades. If you have advanced sewing skills you can make your own custom luxurious drapery to dress up the windows in your home.

2.Make throw pillows. Throw pillows can anchor the ambiance of a room when the right fabric is used. Whether you’re striving for a transitional, midcentury modern, traditional or contemporary style, using modern stripe fabric to create throw pillows can help you achieve the desired look.

3.Revive furniture. There’s no need to purchase new furniture when you can revive your existing furniture by using modern fabric to reupholster your furniture or create custom slipcovers. Beginner upholstery projects to tackle include reupholstering a dining chair seat cover or reupholstering a bench. Slipcovers can be an involved and intensive project, but they can easily be tackled by someone with advanced sewing skills.

4.Create wall art. Sourcing wall art to decorate the empty space on your walls can be a pricey endeavor. But by using your favorite modern stripe fabric you can create your own custom wall art in just a few minutes without breaking the bank. In order to complete this project you’ll need a large picture frame, scissors and your favorite fabric. Measure the glass of your picture frame and cut the fabric to size. Then slip the fabric into the frame. This easy and inexpensive wall art project can make a few yards of fabric go a long way in adding pizzazz to several rooms.

5.DIY bulletin board. Create a stylish bulletin board for your home office or kitchen command center. The only supplies you’ll need for this project are your favorite fabric, a bulletin board and a staple gun. To begin this project lay your fabric out on a flat surface, right side down, and place your bulletin board over the fabric. Trim the fabric to size with about an inch of overage. Then simply pull the fabric taught and staple the fabric around the bulletin board. Adding nailhead trim around the edges of the bulletin board can provide even more sophistication.

Viesso has many modern stripe fabrics available. If you’d like to peruse the online inventory or receive more information please visit You may also order samples of your favorite fabric online. Contact Viesso today!

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