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Modern Wall Decor

Since founding Viesso in 2005, brothers Travis and Ryan, along with business partner, Alex, have strived to bring innovative, stunning visuals to home decoration, while simultaneously making the act a simpler process for the consumer.

According to satisfied customers across half the country, Viesso has succeeded beyond expectations. Offering a wide range of high end, striking furnishings, Viesso has fast become one of the most dependable sources for superior, modern, design solutions for the living space.

While offering numerous options for not just customizing furniture to a consumer's exact taste and specifications, Viesso also has an extensive catalog of amazing products from brilliant and bold designers from all over the world.

Go check out the website or give Viesso a call. Viesso’s design experts ready to help answer any questions about the site or what you have in mind for creating the ideal space in your home. Viesso can walk you through the entire process. Be it the living room, patio, bedroom or dining area, Viesso can blend customization, modern technology, smart design and sustainable living to offer an entirely new and refreshing means to furnish your home.

It's Done …

You went to the Viesso website. Saw the incredible inventory. Decided this was perfect and began the uncomplicated process of clicking and adding to the cart. No shoe leather to burn. No store to store travel, staring at one after another generic product.

Three weeks later, your Viesso furnishings are delivered and you're giving it the once over with a smile.

The living space is magnificent, beginning with a classic button-tufted Jane Sofa. A brilliant design with practical purpose, it sits in the middle of the room draped on either side by a pair of Alfa End Tables. Simple and unique at the same time, these pull up tables by sohoConcept maintain the presence created by the couch.

That style continues to spread with the chairs. Perhaps a set of Innovations' Splitback Deluxe Chairs, with its lounge style seating. It, surprisingly, doubles as a sofa bed. Or maybe you decided on an Ason. These modern chairs are designed and manufactured by Viesso with custom options. With instant appeal, it draws inspiration from classic designs of the past with a modern twist. They come in an armless version as well.

The coffee table, either an Adelphi or wood top Munro, helps fill the space without overwhelming it.

You didn't forget to throw in the accents: Distinct Reef Series Vessel vases sprinkle the room. Made of porcelain bone china with subtle crafting, they give off a soft, clean look. There are plenty of throw pillows. The Fold Charcoal Pillows, linen, pleated and fun to the touch.

Thank the stars for Viesso. Thank the stars you finally took a moment to look at their online store. Its fresh, green furnishings were exactly what you needed. So you sit down and relax.

But now you're looking at…

The Walls

There's nothing necessarily wrong with them…

But with your new, striking décor…

It hadn't occurred to you until this moment that the walls needed as much sprucing as the rest of the space. That, ultimately, you want the entire area to captivate, not a small corner, or a piece of furniture. Sure, a nice paint job might go over. Only … you want a little more than a change of color. You want a statement.

It's time to go back to Viesso's website.

Viesso's brand includes all aspects for the home, up to and including light bulbs. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Viesso is also leaders in wall decoration. Yes, Viesso gives you the tools to select, even create, the perfect sofa, bed or patio environment with eye catching furniture. Only, it doesn't have to end there. Viesso also has any accessories that can help cement the look. When it comes to modern wall décor, Viesso is as capable and forward thinking as it is about partnering with eco-friendly companies.

Go to Viesso's store. Take another look. This time at the wide array of living accessories that can be used to bring highlights to any room in the home.


Vases aren't just for tabletops and shelves. Shine Labs, based in San Francisco, designs a meticulously curated collection of fashionable products that inspire the type of second look your furnishings deserve. Shine Labs' handmade Cypress Wall Vases mount to the wall. With a smooth surface and pure white finish, under the right light, they do indeed shine and brighten the environment.

You Can See Yourself Too

Mirrors, of course, are traditional and smart additions to a room. They do wonderful things, including increasing the illusion of space. They can be used to accent a certain part of the space or to create an interesting slant.

Lean mirrors are becoming hugely popular. Viesso has a collection of wide and narrow leaning mirrors. A departure from traditional frame pieces, these items float off the floor, resting gracefully against the wall at a five degree angle. Full length, they reflect head to toe images even at a close distance. The noticeable separation from the wall gives the mirror grace and presence.

Coming in several wood frames, it's safely structured. The lip at the base of the frame holds it in place. That makes its sleek, seamless stance difficult to disrupt. So the kids or pets won't accidentally knock it over.

With rubber inset feet that protect both the frame and the floor, place one of these at the front door to get a last look before leaving for the day. Or lay several side by side in a larger room to give a space a grander appearance.

Timely Pieces

A clock's main purpose is traditionally to be a time piece. They are set up for this, and, for the most part, utilized for nothing more. Finding a clock that isn't more than a clock isn't the best way to spend one's time. Most of us want to put as little effort into it as possible. It's why so many consumers have those cat clocks hanging on their walls. You know the ones, where the tail and eyes rock back and forth.

Viesso has a collection of clocks that definitely say more than the time. It does its function of keeping time, as expected, but each has a flare and style. Go to the Viesso website and peruse their time piece inventory. You will be surprised. You may even be amused. But you will be curious and impressed. Put these clocks up on the wall. They say far more than its 3:15 in the afternoon. They say art.

The Flow Clock by Dario Antonioni is sleek and sophisticated. Proceeds from its purchase go to the Special Olympics. Lines Clock by Massimo + Lella Vignelli captures classic design at its best. It gives off a bouncy splash of color. The Unformed Clock by Mike + Maaike challenges the viewer's perception by blurring decoration and form.

Go to Viesso and check out their clocks. It would not be a waste of your time.

Wallpaper and Decals


Wallpaper adds color, tone and texture to an environment. It does much more for a space than painting ever can.

When you let Viesso work with you, modern wallpaper becomes progressive and striking. They have partnered with renowned designers the world over to give its customers access to more than the predictable and tired. With product filled with texture, shape and concept, Viesso will turn your surfaces into art. Don't just browse their selections, let Viesso send you free samples so you can hold them up against your particular space. Find the one that makes you go 'wow'.

Omexco is a trendsetter in high end wall coverings. Their studio is constantly in pursuit of original design and colors. The Omexco collection that's found at Viesso consists of bold patterns that resonate on the wall. Go with one of Omexco's traditional or playful patterns. Either way, your living space will be enhanced.


Make a statement, the most distinctive statement at the forefront of your mind at a specific moment.

Wall decals allow you to do that. Viesso's contemporary wall decals utilize clever and bright designs that cover the wall.

The best thing about it is, if that statement no longer applies, make another one. They easily peel off. The decals are cut from a specialized vinyl developed specifically for home décor. It has a matte finish, presenting a gorgeous painted feel. Giving a stunning effect, the edges are crisp. Removing them leaves no trace of adhesive.

Viesso has a smart collection of wall decals. Go the web store and take a look. There are flocks of birds, tributes to martial artists, and kid friendly outer space and dinosaur patterns.

Wall Murals

Bold? Different? Daring? Striking?


Nothing challenges the senses and perspective of a space like a full length wall mural. They are completely unique and give every environment, in conjunction with its furnishings, a stunning, personal appearance. Viesso offers masterful vision and pioneering artists from around the world. Ordered to the exact inch and shipped in strips like wallpaper, the finished result is a massive painting. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will give any room the flair that will come with a wall mural.

Out the Box

Viesso is ready to take you outside the box. Viesso has magnificent standing lamps that can be placed in corners, sideboards and indoor fireplaces that can be set against the walls.

When it comes to accessorizing and decorating, Viesso is the place to go. Go check out the website at today.

Have you ever heard the saying, if these walls could talk? Now your walls really can talk, when you decorate them with them with expressive modern wall decor. The perfect wall mounts and portraits can make a bold statement inside your home. For this reason, it is essential not to overlook the importance of purchasing quality pieces of wall decor for your home’s interior.

The Art of Transforming a Room One Wall at a Time:

Creating an inviting atmosphere in your home begins with well-conceived designs. It is essential not to overlook the importance of walls in defining the mood of your living space. What you hang on your walls is the first step to setting the tone of your entire house. It is important to keep in mind that walls create the first impression people rely on when entering your home.

Modern Means Classic:

If you are looking for wall décor to compliment your home’s interior, there are many reasons why incorporating modern trends into your interior landscape is a good idea. Swapping modern décor with old fashioned styles rejuvenates a dull or dated looking room. If you are updating a room with custom modern furniture, leaving old wall décor in its place would be a design disaster.

Modern Trends Break All the Rules:

The trends of modern home décor really break all the traditional rules about matching that have been common in interior decorating for decades. Modern style dictates that the blending of different patterns and the merging of textures is preferred over neatly matching sets. This means you don’t have to worry about matching your walls perfectly to your furniture, rather you should focus on creating a flow, or a stream of style that subtly drifts throughout your house.

Modern and Natural Can Co-exist:

Bringing nature inside is a great way to establish an earthy, natural look to your home decor style. It also softens the utilitarian edges that modern décor can have. This can be achieved by selecting wall décor that borrows its inspiration from nature. This includes portraits, candle sconces, and artisan pieces of wrought iron or metal. Instead of filling up on items that are blatant recreations of nature, the modern approach is to accessorize with pieces that borrow shapes and colors from natural elements like trees, leaves and flowers. These understated patterns allow nature to flow through your home.

Green is Always in Style:

If you want to make a statement about the environment, there is no better way than by dressing your home in green furniture. Environmentally friendly designs mean you can love your habitat while showing that you want to preserve the habitats of others as well. Understanding their customer's concerns about eco-friendly designs, furniture creators like Viesso have crafted beautiful pieces of furniture and home décor that are manufactured in ways that helps to keep the earth beautiful.

If you are seeking modern designs and a green approach to decorating your home or office, shop from the vast selection of high quality, eye-catching pieces available at today.

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