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Modern Wall Sconce

A wall sconce with a modern look can be a part of a more general modern décor in your house. A sconce is a wall fixture that holds lighting in place using only the wall as support. That is to say, unlike standing and table lamps, ceiling lights, or floor lighting, sconces are attached to walls and act as holders for lights.

Modern decoration is a large field and basically means any sort of décor that is not traditional. There are a lot of design advantages to having sconce based lighting in a house and they work well in modern contexts despite their long history as light fixtures and design elements. The following are some advantages of sconces and some things to keep in mind when installing them in modern décor situations.

Sconces Free up Floor Space

Sconces, being entirely wall based, allow floor space to be used for other purposes. This is especially useful in modern houses that often go for the clean, spacious, uncluttered look. Sconces are often used in hallways where it is desirable to have free space on the floor and there are few objects to interfere with the free passage of people walking in the hallway. They can also be used in rooms very effectively.

In modern interior design, sconces can take the place of more traditional lights. A room may be primarily lit with overhead ceiling lights, recessed floor lights, and interesting looking modern sconces. This can really free up space for interesting décor of other sorts and create a low maintenance and effective modern lighting solution.

Visual Interes

Modern houses are all about creating inventive and sophisticated looking conglomerations of décor that inspire visual interest. Sconces can accomplish this very well without being overly intrusive. There are all kinds of great modern designs in sconces that can capture the viewer’s interest as he or she walks down halls or enters a living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Correct Height

It’s important to install sconces, modern or otherwise, at the right height on walls. The general rule of thumb is that they should be at a height around ¾ of the total wall height. Traditionally this is the height at which wall sconces have been installed. Bear in mind however that there may be some room for improvisation with modern wall sconces. In modern décor, everything that was traditionally accepted as a standard can potentially be departed from and the designer is free to try more experimental approaches. That’s what modern decorating is all about – the new, innovative, and experimental. There are still tried and true design principles that can be helpful however, and these are touched on below.

Use Interior Design Principles

Interior design principles such as balance, harmony, focal point, color, and symmetry can all be employed to help a designer create interesting and esthetically professional looking décor. Wall sconces can be complementary to other elements such as furniture, wall paint, other lighting, art, and general interior layout and house construction. Using interior design principles is a good way to create effective interior décor that will bring out the best in the fixtures and the room’s look as a whole. Visit Viesso at to find the modern wall sconce of your choice today.

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