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Mid Century Modern design with emphasis on edited form, clean and simple lines, natural materials and seamless flow, creates functional comfort and chic style that perfectly suits current living. The look bridges the organic and the man-made, with one foot in the natural world and the other in a brave new territory that continues to inspire and surprise – right down to the wallpaper! No modern decorative look is complete without imagining walls and wall treatments – the “air and landscape” of a room interior.

When considering home décor, wallpaper is usually thought of as background rather than foreground and a kind of poor relation in the decorative arts. Yet nothing could be further from the truth, as its role in decorating is a vital one, which helps to dictate the ambience, setting and mood of a room. Mid Century Modern wallpaper and modernized versions are the latest en vogue and have had a dramatic relevance in today’s design inspirations.

The reigniting interest in Mid Century Modern has influenced the return to wallpaper thought of as – “wall color with additional dimension”. Modern wallpaper adds texture, graphics, geometrics, and concept to paint color alone. Viesso, known for their spare and sustainable sophisticated modern furniture options, has brought that same smart sense to upgrades in Modern wallpaper, and the results are nothing short of inspirational. They’ve delivered a “fresh coat of wallpaper”.

Brave New Wall

If Modern furniture is thought of as clean and lean, then Modern wallpaper is thought of as progressive and daring. This combination of furniture and walls creates a conjoining of opposites reflected in the current modern world, where organics and technology exist side by side. By finding a way to harmonize these elements in the home, a way is found to harmonize disparate elements in your world, and nothing could be better.

Great leaps have been made in the construction and design of wall paper as well, that make it more than just an aesthetic choice. Viesso offers choices of materials from grass paper, sisal and jute, to paper from sustainable timber sources with water based inks and no solvents. The wallpaper is durable and sponges clean, and wallpaper hanging no longer requires labor intensive long installations with messy preparations.


Choosing a style of Modern wallpaper is where it all begins. The textural coverings bring in a feeling of nature and handcrafting endemic to Modern design. Viesso carries a style created from Mica shells in a range of natural color tones that give great texture and sheen. Fabric wallpapers in decorative weaves, jacquards, tatami, jute, and sisal warm up a room and compliment the modern look of furnishings free from ornamentation.


Geometric design in wallpaper is one of the hallmarks of the Modern style. Geometrics can run bold and colorful or subtly printed in geometric patterns hinting of mid century glamour. Paper can be traditionally hand-flocked or can make use of the newest digital technologies for printing. Viesso offers geometrics that are faithful to tradition and made contemporary in tone.


Floral wallpaper with large or small patterning and colorful backgrounds is another style option in Modern wallpaper. Many Modern florals use Eastern design influences and patterns made popular by combining the ornate design details of Chinoiserie. A unique marriage of two worlds is created by combining minimalist Modern décor with Chinoise design tradition.

Illustrative Art

Wallpaper using illustrative art is successful in describing a Modern or modern/traditional room. Designs made from original drawings have found a new contemporary audience and are replicated or reproduced with the addition of bold colors or tones that contemporize. Illustrative walls act as a kind of ‘wall as art’, making a modern abstraction of framed art by using the wall itself as a canvas.


The beauty of Modern damask wallpaper is that it adds emotion to a room. Perhaps it is because it holds to a tradition of elegance and timelessness, or perhaps it is its juxtaposition to sleek spare furnishings, that it creates an emotion in the atmosphere. Damask wallpaper captures the essence of the Rococo, or Baroque as well as decorative and architectural elements from more ornamental periods. The clean lines of the Modern are maintained because the basic damask wallpaper design is still created in simple decorative line drawing, though florid, on a solid background.

A Modern Approach

“I have very expensive wallpaper,” Philip Johnson said of the Glass House, an iconic Mid Century Modern building he designed in New Canaan, Connecticut. Indeed, the “wallpaper” to which he referred, is the vast unfolding landscape outside the clear glass walls of the house. The idea that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” in Modern design suggests that everything together creates a design environment, so that one begins to see the importance of wallpaper in the design concept. And in lieu of the great outdoors, or along with it, wallpaper creates the fundamental framework. Wallpaper creates place.

Mid Century Modern designers recognized that creating an interior “design landscape” allowed objects and furnishings to have a meaning because they gave those design elements a context in which to be seen. And, it would be wallpaper as opposed to just wall paint, because paint would be living in the sky, and wallpaper is living in a landscape.

For much of its history wallpaper has appeared as an affordable substitute for more costly materials. Yet in the hands of those true to the spirit of Mid Century Modern design ideals, lowly wallpaper is elevated and has never been more exquisitely seen, revisited and recognized for its place in design.

Viesso is a company that acts as a purveyor of modern designs in home and office furnishings, outdoor furnishings and complimentary accents. The real essence of the company lies in providing elements that enhance contemporary life – designs for living. Their customizations, sustainable offerings, chic and detailed inventory and ease of access, describe the original ideals of the Modern movement where a union of art, architecture and the environment are key principles in creating a harmony in life. Browse their website, and imagine something wonderful for your place.

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