Modern White Sofa Sets

Often the most arresting part of a living room is the sofa, around which other elements take their place. The sofa is where we are invited to lounge, to entertain, to nap, to read, and sometimes to work. Sectionals take the sofa many steps further, allowing for more seating space, as well as more footage for spreading out to watch a film, or nestle with a loved one.

Defining Today’s Modern Style

Viesso has a wide range of sofa sets that define today’s modern style, combining quality, comfort, and function into contemporary looks that fit any type of home. Built to last, many of these sofas can be compared to any classic that stands up to the test of time. Though many of them come in a range of color choices, the modern white sofa set is one of the most versatile when it comes to blending with your indoor palette.

The Ason

One of the most popular custom designed sofas in the Viesso collection is the Ason. Instantly eye-catching, it speaks of lazy afternoons filled with reading, daydreaming, and dozing. With clean, elegant lines that belie the deep comfort one feels in its embrace, this sofa has a linear design with the perfect frame for fitting into small spaces. The Ason emits a cozy feeling, yet with buttons running horizontally along the center of the back it also has a certain formality that gives it even greater character. Measuring 72” long, 29” deep, and 29” high, the sofa is made with high resiliency foam and alder kiln-dried hardwood and comes in white infinity suede that is easy to clean.

The Dekayess

The Dekayess 92” sofa in white infinity suede, is made of 100% polyester and is easily maintained with its 30,000 double rubs that are created for heavy use. A large sofa, the piece is a marvelous addition to homes with children and pets because of its heavy-duty construction. With rounded arms, it takes its form from vintage couches and can be modified with either minimalistic or ornate legs in dark walnut or metal, depending on your taste. The Dekayess can be filled with regular foam, or with a green version that is both eco-friendly and highly durable.

The Brenem

The simple classic lines of the Brenem 84” sofa with its built-in back make a beautiful statement in any living space. With its foam cushioned bottom and frame and its white infinity suede upholstery, the piece can be modified by choosing custom legs and “go green” natural latex cushioning that is environmentally sound while providing the utmost in comfort.

The Luna

TrueModern’s designer, Edgar Blazona has designed nothing short of wonderful with the Luna sofa, his take on a Danish design that puts a capital “C” in Classic. With sensitively placed button tufting on the back cushions, the piece has a retro feel that combines seamlessly with its well-tailored presence. Sporting a solid wooden frame and legs, the sofa has removable back and bottom cushions, legs that come in an espresso, honey, or walnut finish, and fabric in a soothing Calvin Ivory color. The couch makes an elegant statement that works in any setting where aesthetics and comfort are valued.

The Pel

The Pel sofa in a white faux suede made of 57% acrylic and 49% polyester is a huge favorite with customers looking for supreme comfort and a juicy, contemporary design. At 84” long it is easy to customize, whether it is with natural stained legs or brushed steel at heights that depend on personal taste. Curl up with a cup of tea and enjoy the comfort on rainy days when luxuriating is the only thing to do.

The Strata

One of the most popular sectionals in the Viesso collection is the Strata, with its low wide arms for placing a laptop, a cup of coffee, or even for use as another seat. As an easily customized piece, you can even have these arms hollowed out to create a hidden storage area if needed. The Strata can also be created as part of a larger sectional, creating more options for entertaining and just hanging around the house. It is easy to imagine yourself spread out in total comfort on this elegant eco-sofa that commands a presence in white soft faux suede.

Sofa Beds and Sleepers

Viesso’s selection of sofa beds and sleeper sectionals are a marvelous choice when you need to accommodate sleepover guests. Because they don’t look at all like beds, they blend in with the rest of your décor like the perfect sofas they are, and at night when they change form, they live up to their reputation as being as comfortable as can be.

The James Lounge Sofa Bed

The James Lounge Sofa Bed is a great example of a functional and versatile piece of furniture. Simply remove the back and cushions and voila! you have a marvelous twin bed to offer your sleepover pal. With a frame made of FSC certified wood that supports Viesso’s commitment to responsible practices, a nine gauge no-sag spring system, and a stainless steel base, the piece is filled with polyurethane foam covered in Dacron wrap and measures 76” wide, 36” deep, and 30” high. Upholstered in white, this sofa bed stands its ground in any apartment or home setting.

The Little Bird Deluxe Sofa Bed

One of the most delightful models in the Viesso line is the Little Bird Deluxe Sofa Bed. Sporting an Icomfort seven inch mattress, it comes with chromed steel legs and a loose back pillow that comfortably nestles against a metal bar that when removed, becomes a twin bed. As a sofa, the Little Bird Deluxe measures 79” long, 28” deep, and 32” high, with a seat height of 16”. When it is converted into a bed, it measures 16” high. In beautiful white leatherette, this sofa is charming, functional, and a must-have if you are looking for a comfortable piece of furniture that easily converts to a haven for dreams.

The Oz Deluxe Sofa Bed

The Oz Deluxe Sofa Bed in white leatherette with a frame in matte black powder-coated metal makes a stunning statement with its contemporary lines. The Icomfort pocket spring system, steel frame, and pocket springs make it as sturdy as it is comfortable. Perched on stainless steel legs, the sofa easily folds down to a full size bed that will make it difficult for your guests to ever say goodbye.

The Cubed Deluxe Full Sofa Bed

Another great option is the Cubed Deluxe Full Sofa Bed. This convertible piece of luxury furniture can stand beautifully free in the middle of a room. Folding down to a full size bed, it stands on chromed steel legs and is composed of Freon-free foam and non-sag springs, making it as comfortable as it is stunning, especially when upholstered in white.

The James Lounge Sofa Bed

The James Lounge Sofa Bed upholstered in Vinyl snow has easily removed back cushions that attach with Velcro to its sturdy frame. Made with a nine gauge no-sag spring system and cushions filled with polyurethane foam covered in Dacron wrap, this piece has a simplicity of form that is as practical as it is elegant. Measuring 76” long, 36” deep, and 30” wide, it makes an exceptional choice for any home or apartment.

To discover more pieces, visit Viesso’s website and see how their “green” sofas can accent your living spaces today!

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