Modern Wood Furniture

Modern furniture doesn’t have to be all metal and black fabric. Warm woods with rich colors and gorgeous grain patterns make incredible accents for modern furniture pieces. The next time you are looking for a new nightstand, desk or other piece of modern furniture, consider the amazing wood selections found at Viesso.

The Vere nightstand is a low seated nightstand that will allow you to maintain the open feel of your room along with the clean, crisp lines you love in modern furniture. Made in Brazil, every piece is unique due to the natural variations in the wood. The nightstand features a single drawer with crisp, clean, steel handle while the matching dresser features a total of six drawers. The beveled edges on the top give the dresser and nightstand a smooth finish and a slim profile that you are sure to enjoy.

When shopping for wood, it’s also interesting to choose reclaimed pieces. The Koper reclaimed wood end table is a 16” cube that is built entirely out of wood that is has been used once and has found new life. Made from buildings that have been demolished in the Los Angeles area, this table has hollowed out areas that give it an open look and make it more interesting. Once used in the construction of buildings, this modern piece of furniture can boast about its former life.

Most wood tables feature the wood on the top, but modern pieces like to put a new twist on old ideas. The Knar Dining table features wood legs that rise in a rectangular pattern to support an elegant glass top. The entire piece maintains an airy look through an open area that is maintained between the leg stabilizers and the dining surface. This particular table has the added feature of being a custom piece. They are available in stock in 60”x36” or 48”x48”, but they can be crafted in a wide range of sizes, depending on what you need.

Modern wood furniture can be brought into your home in the form of benches and stools. A great feature of wood stools is the ability to add interest and geometric shapes through the seating options in your home. The Pawn stool is designed in an angular, hourglass shape that can be easily stored in any corner. Use it for extra seating or as a display stand for your favorite potted plant to add some interest to the room.

For a modern feel that combines stainless steel with the incredible look and feel of natural wood. The blend of natural and man-made elements is an attractive finish to any home and can help you bring the feel of nature into any area that needs to be softened.

Visit Viesso to learn more about the different wood furniture options that are available. Choose from tables, benches, chairs and a wide range of other furniture to complement the décor in your home. Warm up a room by adding a wood accent and bring more interest to any area by choosing modern furniture pieces that incorporate the natural feel of wood. Contact us today!

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