Modular Sectionals: A Must Have Trend

Gone are the 70's and 80's where the idea of having a sectional sofa in your living room renders images of retro colors and worn out cushions. These days the sectional has evolved and is now a symbol of modern tastes and beacon of space conscious interior decorators.


Modular sectionals are perfect for rooms that have limited amounts of space. In these rooms modular sectionals can be separated to offer the appeal of a room within a room. One area can be designated solely for eating or drinking while another section can be set up as an entertainment area.

The best part is that you do not have to figure out what type of furniture to buy for each placement in the room. All you have to do us take apart the sectional and move modules to the desired location!


Modular sectionals are probably the best option for rooms where guests will be entertained. Sectionals can seat a large group of people and can be arranged so that the entire group can sit comfortably together.

For added versatility, you can even arrange your sectional so that it allows guests to be seated at a table in the center of the sectional.

Using a modular sectional to design a room for entertaining allows you take the designs much further than traditional furniture. The difference is that you can literally create a space for conversation, an area to watch the game or and area to serve food and drinks

Sectional Add-ons

Modern sectional design has come up with some clever designs for sectional modules. Some sectionals feature a reclining chaise that provides additional comfort without disrupting the design.

If storage is something that you need, try a modular sectional that features shelf or drawer storage. This option would be perfect for a living room that doubles as a study

Fabric Options

Modular sectionals come in a variety of upholstery options ranging from soft fabrics to glossy leather. The best idea when selecting a fabric is consider whether the sofa will be prone to incidents such as spills or general wear and tear. Selecting a durable fabric might be a high priority in these instances.

However if your sectional won't have these issues, a plush fabric or intricately woven pattern is likely to prove an intriguing element to your room.

Customization Options

Opting for a modular sectional offers an immense opportunity for you to customize the components of a sectional. Minor differences in the upholstery fabrics or shapes of the individual modules can make each piece fit together so cleverly it is as if you discovered each piece on its own!

For some sharp contrast you may want to consider upholstery that includes bold swaths of color with some modules having more color than others. Alternatively selecting a sectional that is all one neutral color save for any add-ons such as a module that doubles as a table offers a very elegant and distinctive appeal.

The customization possibilities are the primary reason why the sectional has reemerged as a trending furniture staple. Today there are modular sectionals that have all of the components of high end furniture quality design and manage to incorporate all of these style aspects as well.

Viesso offer a multitude of modern sectionals. If you are considering purchasing a sectional, get your questions about customization options answered here in the comments.

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