Mountains Of The Moon

Mountains of the Moon is an Eco-Friendly clothing line that pretty much blew us away. Want to know how their Eco-Friendly? Ready?

They use low impact dyes, with eco-friendly fabrics and materials, to create their clothing, which is all done in the United States and is 100% sweatshop-free. In addition, they use reused packing materials and even use recycled and biodegradable office supplies. Quite the impressive list.

Founder and head designer, Melissa Baswell, combined her love of fashion and environmental studies, making it her mission to create a fashion forward, vintage inspired line. And she’s done just that. Just when you think it can’t get any better, there are also accessories and art offered, along with the clothing selections.

Looking good while saving the planet? What could be more fashionable than that? You’ve always known that we love Eco-Friendly furniture, but now the secret is out: we love Eco-Friendly fashion, too! You can learn more about Moutains of the Moon here, and shop their collection here.

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