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Movie Inspirations: Wes Anderson Palette

Style choices can quickly change an upbeat scene to a dramatic, pivotal moment. These style choices can be interpreted into our own style choices. Take for example Wes Anderson movies. I see his films translating into simple style with a thoughtful color palate.



You would be surprised how these colors can translate into a living space, especially when you find pieces that compliment your vision. The key to translating your inspiration into a reality is having plenty of options. This is the beauty of customization. For example if you want to recreate the color palette from Moonrise Kingdom, you could choose from our fabrics: Calvin Sea, Calvin Bittersweet, Belfast Beach, and Belfast Night:



Frequently at Viesso, people ask us for color advice, but there is no wrong option. With over 400 fabrics to choose from it is about finding colors and textures that come together in harmony. Lets say you want that special custom sofa, we here at Viesso encourage you to bring in photos of those places or things that move you, so that we can create the perfect piece to complement your vision. We are here to help make your inspiration a reality because we know how important it is that the spaces where we live and work reflect not just who we are but also what we aspire to be.


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