Natural Modern Cowhide Rugs: Trend Suggestions and Cleaning Tips

Cowhide rugs have made a comeback and these days more and more people are using cowhide rugs to decorate their homes. If you are trying to decide if a cowhide rug is right for your home, then you should know that it is now easier than ever to own and maintain a cowhide rug. Here are a few tips if you are trying to decide where to place a cowhide rug.

Cowhide Rugs Are Not Just For the Bedroom

Traditionally, cowhide rugs were designed to decorate the bedroom or living room. While these options are still great locations for placing a cowhide rug, there are additional options that you can try. Have you considered a cowhide rug for your dining room or kitchen? Cowhide rugs provide an eco-friendly alternative option to the traditional flooring that are often found in these rooms in most homes.

Diverse Colors And Options

The cowhide rugs of today are no longer limited to the boring options of yesteryear. These days, cowhide rugs come in a massive number of colors and patterns so that you can find a rug that caters perfectly to your taste.

Cowhide Rugs Are All Natural

At Viesso, the cowhide rugs that we sell are produced without bleaching agents and harmful chemicals. The process of manufacturing a cowhide rug is extremely environmentally friendly and cowhide rugs are also designed to last longer than any other other type of natural fiber or synthetic rug. In this way, you will be receiving the most value for your money while having a stylish rug that adds a touch of modern taste to your home.

How Do You Clean a Cowhide Rug?

If you are looking to add a cowhide rug to your home, you may be wondering how you can maintain your rug. Cleaning a cowhide rug must be done with care in order to maintain the original state of the rug. Before cleaning a cowhide rug, you must first consider the type of spill or damage that has occurred to the rug.

For routine cleanings, a cowhide rug can be cleaned with the soft-bristle brush on your vacuum cleaner. In order to prevent damage to the rug, make sure that you are not vacuuming against the natural direction of the hairs. This process will allow you to remove any dust and dirt that has settled without picking up the rug.

This method is just the first option. The second option is the old-fashioned method for cleaning a cowhide rug. If you have someone to help you, simply pick the rug up by the corners and fold the rug in half. Take the rug outside and gently shake away any dust and dry dirt that has collected within the rug. The shaking of a cowhide rug allows the rug to breathe. However, cowhide rugs are typically heavy and this is not a method that you will be able to do on your own without assistance.

If you spill something on the rug, cleanup is easy so there is no need to worry. Simply start by taking a damp cloth and a small squirt of dish washing liquid and stroke the hairs of the rug where the stain is. Once you have cleaned the spill, rinse the cloth of the dish washing liquid and continue to go over the spill area until all of the dish washing liquid has been removed. Then allow the area to dry by placing a clean dry cloth underneath a few books or other heavy objects. In 24 hours, the process should be complete and your rug should be back to normal.

With cowhide rugs, an expensive dry cleaning is never needed. Most issues that occur with your rug can be resolved either by vacuuming or spot cleaning. Vacuum your cowhide rug on a regular basis to prevent the build up of dust mites and other allergens.

If you are looking for a cowhide rug for your home, Viesso has a variety of options that will work great in your home. Click here to chat with one of our rug specialists and let us make some recommendations for your home. If you have questions about cowhide rugs, please feel free to leave your questions in the comments and we will answer them for you immediately!

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