Natural Modern Furniture

Too often when people think of modern furniture they immediately imagine the sterile steel and glass furniture design of Mies van der Rohe fame. However, modern furniture design has moved far beyond its original and minimalist reputation.

Now most people who are looking for modern furniture are looking for furniture that is not only sleek, functional and contemporary in design, but are also looking for furniture that incorporates many natural or green aspects to its design. While modern furniture encompasses many styles, one prevailing theme present in much modern design is that of using only or mostly natural, locally sourced and sustainable materials during the construction process. Green or natural furniture construction involves using materials that are easily renewable as well as durable and aesthetically pleasing. It also involves avoiding toxic chemicals during the construction process which may give off noxious fumes and odors that can be harmful to both the environment and the human body.

In recent years bamboo has become the wood of choice for many modern furniture makers because of its sustainability as a material. Because bamboo is one of the fastest growing deciduous or woody plants on the planet it is ideal for furniture makers looking for a material that readily and reliably available. In addition to being a fast growing plant, bamboo cultivation does not kill the plant as bamboo has an extensive root system and simply regrows upon harvesting. Additionally, the bamboo tree rarely requires pesticides and can easily be gown with organic fertilizers. It is also harder than Maple and Red Oak. In addition to its use in furniture construction, bamboo is very versatile and has been used for flooring, fencing and even clothing.

Another popular sustainable material used in natural and sustainable furniture design is cork. Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree not by killing the tree but by peeling off the outer layer or bark of the tree approximately every nine to twelve years. Because the process does not requiring killing the tree a single cork tree can be harvested several times over lifespan of the tree, which may be up to 250 years. Additionally, cork trees absorb more carbon dioxide when the cork is regularly harvested than if the cork were not regularly harvested from the tree.

Finally, sustainable materials can and often include recycled and repurposed materials from other sources. This means that materials such as old barn wood or discarded furniture and fixtures are deconstructed and rebuilt into different objects rather than thrown away. In this case the original materials may or may not be sustainable, but when they are reused and repurposed as opposed to being thrown in the trash they then become sustainable by not being added to landfill waste.

As consumers and furniture designers continue to become aware of the many natural and modern furniture designs readily available to them, the use of sustainable and locally sources materials to create desirable and functional pieces will only continue to rise, and that can only be a good thing for our planet. Check out Viesso’s line of natural modern furniture today!

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