New York Loft Style Furniture

Every since the early manufacturers left their industrial buildings for outer borough pastures, the loft has signified a departure from mainstream housing. Artists found these spaces to be ideal as they commanded great amounts of light and an open space for both creating and living. Modern city dwellers have found them to be equally as enticing for their commanding floor plans that invite a more personalized interplay of furniture and objects that reflect their sensibilities.

Setting the Mood

Viesso, the Los Angeles based contemporary furniture designers, handle a line of New York style loft furniture and accessories that help to set a mood as dwellers curate their space according to their needs and aesthetics. With their ultra modern inspirations, it is easy to create a stylish abode that is both comfortable and functional.

Built to Fit

One of the advantages of Viesso’s collection is that almost all pieces can be built to the inch to fit any type of space, be it a corner, a small loft, or the incorporation of a storage area. Their online store also provides customers with options for changing the shape and form of furniture lines and heights, creating an interaction between buyer and designer to accommodate any need.

Creating a Unique and Flexible Home

Using intelligent furniture groupings, a mix of styles, and lines and shapes that make a rectangular space feel more inviting, you can create a unique and flexible home that reflects today’s minimalistic approach and savvy lifestyle.


One of the best ways to define your space is through the use of a sectional. Viesso has a wide variety, all of which can be customized. With their highly functional structure and durable fabrics, adding a sectional will create a focus for entertaining and relaxing as you watch a movie, take a nap, or work on your laptop if the workaholic in you just can’t stop.

The Mota Wedge Open Sectional

The Mota Wedge Open Sectional, with its deep low frame and beautifully delicate arms, creates an extremely elegant look. Made with highly resilient, foam cushions, quilted fiber pillows, and alder kiln dried hardwood legs that come in a variety of shapes and heights, this piece is strong, yet will not overwhelm. With a perfectly chosen area rug, the sectional makes an exquisite addition to a large or medium size loft space.

The Neo Sectional

A timeless piece, the Neo Sectional makes another kind of statement. Built with premium materials, it sports a removable cover that makes it easy to clean or replace with another color when you want to change your décor. The sectional comes with a right or left facing chaise and is made with a steel reinforced laminated wood frame and a steel spring suspension system. Its cushions are made of DFD free polyurethane, and the back cushions are baffled for even distribution of feathers, making it comfortable and cozy. With a beautiful choice of fabrics and leathers, the Neo is simple and bold and just right for a large loft where comfort and style is a priority.

The Carmichael Loft Series from Gus Modern

When it comes to smaller loft spaces, you can choose a sectional or one or two couches to create a perfect living area. The Carmichael Loft Series from Gus Modern is an ideal choice for its unadulterated lines. A high back makes it extremely comfortable, as it supports the back as you sit on the comfortable polyurethane foam cushions covered in Dacron wrap. Its industrial look is practical and stylish and makes a great addition to a contemporary loft.

Sofa Beds and Sleeper Sectionals

When designing the interior of your loft, sofa beds and sleeper sectionals are great options, especially when guests come to town. You can choose eco-friendly pieces created with locally sourced hardwood frames, natural jute webbing, wool decks, and natural fabrics, or stick with more conventionally constructed materials that provide the same contemporary lines.

The Zeal Deluxe

The Zeal Deluxe sofa bed is a sexy, chic, and simple design that is ideal for your visiting friend or for a quick catnap when the sandman comes around. Using Innovation’s Icomfort 7”mattress, the sofa has a loose back pillow that rests against a metal bar. When it is removed, you have an exceptionally comfortable bed that stands on stylish and lovely chromed steel legs.


When it comes to beds, Viesso has a multitude of options that include built-in nightstands and storage space. When you can sleep on something beautiful, supportive, and functional, you have the ideal solution for keeping your loft minimal and clutter-free.

The Worth Bed

The Japanese inspired Worth bed is an exquisitely lean and sophisticated piece with its low profile hardwood frame and matching nightstands. The bed includes an upholstered headboard and a pine slat mattress support system that is healthy for the back and restful for the soul.

The Schshi Bed

The Schshi Bed is a perfectly created platform bed with its bamboo headboard and a side extension that eliminates the need for night tables. Modern and eco-friendly, this bed makes a lovely addition to a loft bedroom, whether it is small or large.

The Buden

Made of solid bamboo, the Buden platform bed is designed not only for encouraging the perfect sleep, but also for providing subtle storage areas at the foot and base of the structure. Customize the amount of space you need and you can keep the room as sleek as you desire.

Eco Fireplaces

One of the most popular signature pieces for a loft is fast becoming the eco fireplace. These portable pieces add warmth and focus to any room, and come in a range of styles that speak of modernity and absolute function. Using clean burning domestic ethanol for fuel, there are no harmful emissions as you enjoy an evening by the fire or you drift off to sleep as dancing flames cast shadows on the wall. Viesso’s eco fireplaces add coziness to a loft space, and with their modern lines, are as good as contemporary art pieces.

The Zeta Fireplace

A great example of art meeting function is the Zeta Fireplace. An original design by John Dimopoulus of Geoform, Design and Architects in Sydney, Australia, the elliptical shape creates a true conversation piece with its outer leather covering and its chrome plate or stainless steel swivel base. Made with iron toughened starfire glass, the panes allow for a clear view of the flames as they emit both light and warmth that add dimension to any space.

The Aspect Fireplace

The Aspect Fireplace makes another kind of novel statement in a New York style loft. With its clean rectangular shape, the black or white frame highlights a fire that mesmerizes as it provides ambient heat. A magnificent free-standing piece, the Aspect can be moved to any part of your loft, as all of the eco fireplaces are designed to do.

Sound Systems

No contemporary loft style life is complete without the most up-to-date sound system. Viesso features the Geneva Sound System Model L, providing a healthy marriage between your iPod and iPhone and two full size speakers, a premier amplifier, and a radio and CD player. This multi-functional sound system comes in white, black, red, and walnut piano lacquered wood, and can be placed on an aluminum floor stand if desired. Chic and modern, the Geneva Sound System takes up almost no room at all, in keeping with the clean lines of your living space.

Planters and Organizers

Whatever your taste in art and objects, the new Urbio wall planters made an exceptional addition to a loft as they allow for a touch of green, whether it is a succulent plant or a bevy of herbs. These mix and match modular planters also make great organizers as they snap in place with the help of high strength magnets. Personalize your walls with these brilliant space savers designed by Beau Oyler and Jared Aller and your loft will come to greater life as each hand selected piece will speak of your creative approach to comfort, beauty, and functionality.

Viesso has its showroom in LA, as well as a beautifully designed and easily navigated online website from which to choose furniture and accessories. For more information, please contact us or call us at 877.8.VIESSO.

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