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Drawing 35,000 attendees from all 50 states and more than 80 countries, NYIGF is produced twice annually and is open to the trade only. The Summer Market scheduled for August 17-21 will host 2,800 exhibiting companies showcasing the very best lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum.

What’s new?

The summer 2013 market will introduce new comprehensive market collections and the show’s transformation includes new branding, as NYIGF becomes “NY NOW, the Market for Home and Lifestyle.”

NY NOW is positioning New York as the defining marketplace for fashion-forward, design-driven home, gift and lifestyle resources and we at Viesso are thrilled to see some of our own treasured brands garnering the accolades they richly deserve. NY NOW does the research on exciting new products and the latest trends and this keeps us informed to assist you. Here is a selection of some of the leading gourmet houseware and home furnishings products:

Simple Wave Calibowl Non-Spill 5-Piece Iconic Mixing Bowl Set

Honoring eco-responsible design that embodies green living principles, the NY NOW “Green House” Design Award was presented to the Simple Wave Calibowl Non-Spill 5-Piece Iconic Mixing Bowl Set. Featuring Calibowl’s patented non-spill design, each bowl has a curved undercut lip that pushes food onto the utensil that prevents any spilling over the edge. Made in the USA from non-toxic 100% BPA-free recycled polypropylene, each bowl has a wide base with a silicone grip to prevent slipping or tipping.

The bowls are shatterproof and top-rack dishwasher safe, and also suitable for the microwave for all foods except those that are very oily.

Eco-friendly responsible manufacturing practices

At the end of the lifecycle each Calibowl can simply be thrown into the recycling bin or returned to the company for a rebate to be recycled into new bowls. Eco-friendly packaging includes the use of 70% less material than conventional box packaging and what is used is made from 100% recyclable materials that can all be recycled – saving thousands of trees annually.

Creating jobs here at home

Calibowls’ dedication to the US economy led them to move the manufacturing process from China to the US. They hope that other manufacturers will follow their lead. They believe that manufacturing in the US reduces the freight cost and carbon footprint and improves the company’s response time to fulfil orders.

Indoor vertical gardening system

The Urbio is a system of mix and match modular planters and organisers that snap into place with high-strength magnets. The series of various sized containers provides opportunities for a personally design solution for a unique wall garden, an elegant room centerpiece, or a space-saving solution for greening the home office environment.

Magnetic grip

Urbio came from collaboration between designers Beau Oyler and Jared Aller. The system consists of a standardized wall plate and a variety of plastic vessels perfect for planting herbs, succulents or other small indoor plants. The vessels are embedded with rare-earth neodymium magnets holding them firmly in place on any ferrous surface as well as when they are joined to each other. If your living environment is low on wallspace the Urbio plates can be used on any unused space with a ferrous material such as a refrigerator door, bathroom mirror or even a metal stair railing.

Modularity provides opportunities

The system’s modularity provides ongoing creative opportunities in design as you grow the plate and vessel numbers over time. The Urbio system pays homage to the wall organizer from Vitra that was first released in 1969. This classic mid-century modern product designed by Dorthee Becker is still in production today. Urbio takes the winning element from this piece and adds a green spin by optimizing the system for modularity, flexibility and indoor gardening.

Easy guided installation

Urbio is very easy to install and includes a template for planning the layout of your plates. There is also a quick instructional YouTube video that runs through the mounting process to assist.
image – http://inhabitat.com/transform-bare-walls-to-bright-indoor-gardens-with-the-versatile-urbio-system/

Bubble Chandelier

Souda’s Bubble Chandeliers are delightful conversation starters and there is a lot more to them than meets the eye.

Socially responsible manufacturing practice

Each chandelier is created from 60 post-consumer PET bottles collected by people who are homeless in New York City through a partnership with the Brooklyn-based non-profit organisation SURE WE CAN. This program empowers homeless people to be able to help themselves because they receive an income from the bottles collected and also a portion of the proceeds from each fixture sold is donated back to SURE WE CAN’s homeless-friendly can redemption center that is the only one of its kind operating in New York City. Taking trash off the street and reducing rubbish landfill needs contributes to the overall attractiveness of this item.

Design inspiration

The cell-like interlocking shapes of soap bubbles inspired the Bubble Chandelier’s design. Each fixture is handmade and involves cleaning, cutting and riveting the recycled bottles. The elegant and simple design makes the Bubble Chandelier a beautiful and functional art piece for the home.
Image – http://inhabitat.com/nyc/soudas-bubble-chandelier-is-made-of-plastic-bottles-collected-by-homeless-individuals-in-nyc/souda-bubble-chandelier-6/?extend=1


This construction toy offers endless creative possibilities for budding designers of all ages to make stylish sculptural features for the home – just by adding drinking straws to the joining nodes. As a construction game from Blank Bubble you can build an endless array of forms including ambitious room-sized structures to intricate tabletop sculptures.

Creative relaxation

Linx was developed by French-born New York-based artist Patrick Martinez as a way to create a sense of ‘density with almost nothing.’ Adults can engage with this highly rewarding relaxing activity to wind down at the end of the busy working day.

Developing children’s creative confidence

Linx can extend children’s imaginations and manual dexterity can be developed through participating in this self-directed activity. Creative endeavours can be temporarily showcased as ornamental installations throughout the house to provide children with a sense of value for their efforts and to provide individually tailored minimalist design features for table tops and shelves.

Image: http://www.jix.us.com/

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