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Outdoor Bistro Furniture

Enjoying a meal in the outdoors is one of the best ways to relax after a long hard day. Observing the sunset across the beach, watching the birds in your back yard, or just chatting with a loved one while dining on a tasty meal can be rejuvenating to the soul. Furnishing your outdoor living space with tables and chairs can give you a comfortable, relaxing place to unwind.

When considering what to buy for your patio, you should carefully examine your options. What is your budget? Will these furnishings need to be stored in the off-season? What style and color will blend best with the other outdoor décor? Homeowners with a modern home and minimalist interior design will not be interested in patio furniture that is heavy or rustic. What if you want to make a bold and colorful statement with your outdoor décor, without the mess of having to paint it yourself? Finding outdoor furniture that fits these criteria can be a difficult thing.

The Bistro collection from Fermob may be exactly what you are looking for. These tables and chairs are imported from France and convey a modern, European feel with their clean lines and elegant style. Additionally, these pieces can be ordered in an amazing variety of colors so you can express your individual style by mixing, matching, and coordinating your outdoor décor.

The Bistro line is created from top-grade steel, so your investment will last a long time. The metal then undergoes several stages of rust-proofing, before it is painted with two coats of paint. The paint is one hundred percent polyester, anti-Ultra-Violet light, Du-Pont powder paint. After the pieces are painted, they are then baked at 193 degrees, the same way that the finish on your car is created. Because of this, these pieces will not only be long-lasting, but they will look fabulous for years to come. The manufacturer gives you a one-year guarantee against wear and tear.

The Bistro pieces fold up easily for storage. In the winter you will not need a large place to store them nor will it be a difficult chore to put them away for the season. Alternately, the lively colors and minimal profile of these chairs and tables means that you can easily move them indoors during the off season to add a touch of color to your interior design.

Viesso stocks a variety of items from the Bistro line. If you want patio seating, you can order lovely metal folding chairs, high stools, or even a coordinating chaise lounge for poolside use. If you need a table, the Bistro line contains a high table for use with your stools. But if you need a lower table, Viesso stocks a variety of Bistro dining tables. Some are rectangular, others are round, and they even carry square tables too. The largest tables are 46 inches by 30 inches, and the smallest is a 22-inch square table.

To find out more information about outdoor Bistro furniture, Viesso is the best place to look. You can browse their product lines and view photos of these pieces in natural settings to get a feel for their scale. To learn more visit Viesso today or contact us today!

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