Outdoor Club Chair

A luxurious patio or deck is one of the most pleasant places to relax after a long day at work. People enjoy the convenience of being near their home, but still take pleasure in being outside in the clean, relaxing air. A patio is also an excellent place to accommodate guests. These are some of the reasons that many people choose to equip their patios with elegant, comfortable patio furniture. Durable outdoor chairs will add that extra style to a deck or patio, as well as provide a relaxing place for a person to unwind and rest.

One beautiful style of outdoor chairs is the Club variety. Club chairs come in two types: the Pino Club and the Quilt Club. They are both manufactured in Indonesia, by the Mamagreen brand. Each Club chair frame is made with a mixture of chromium and stainless steel. These metals are highly resistant to staining and corrosion, making the Club style a remarkably durable outdoor patio chair.

Pino and Quilt Club chairs are upholstered with Sunbrella and Batyline materials. Sunbrella fabric maintains its color even in the most concentrated sunshine and after the most intense cleaning. While being highly durable, Sunbrella fabric still preserves its shape, flexibility and softness. Likewise, Batyline material exhibits exceptional resistance to ultraviolet radiation. The fabric also is unlikely to rip and tear, or receive weather damage. Because Batyline fabric features an open weave structure, the fabric will dry quickly after rain shower. Furthermore, the material keeps its shape and color in all types of weather and is resistant to mold. Because of these properties, these fabrics are known as premium outdoor fabrics.

To guarantee a comfortable, cozy place to sit, the Club style features three layers of cushions and padding. The core of the cushions underlying the fabric ensures that the Club chair will be soft and comfortable. The QuickDryFoam insert pads were developed to dry quickly, guaranteeing a dry place to sit shortly following a rain shower. Overlying the QuickDryFoam insert pads is a thick layer of Dracon cushioning. The recycled Dracon cushion is light, fluffy, and comfortable. A layer of polyester gauze covers all of the above cushioning, making a soft, durable cushion that will keep its shape. All of this ensures that the buyer will have a luxurious place to sit for an extended period of time.

The metal frame, the cushion, and the fabric come together to make a durable, elegant, and comfortable Club chair that anyone would wish to have on their own patio or deck. Club chairs are available in many different styles with many different fabric patterns. You can certainly find a set of Club chairs that would accommodate your own patio or deck.

Would you enjoy having a set of beautiful Club chair on your deck? Does the idea of being able to relax comfortably on your patio while enjoying the fresh air sound appealing to you? Viesso stocks Club chairs of all styles and patterns. If you would like any more information or would like to see these Pino and Quilt Club chairs, you can view the entire inventory at Viesso today.

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