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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s always a good idea to have an idea of what is available out there before buying. Here are a few important points to help you get started.

Outdoor Fireplace Styles

If you are trying to decide which outdoor fireplace style will work best for your home, it is important to note that there are a number of style options. The major options include built-in, steel, clay, cast iron, and cast aluminum. If you opt for a built-in outdoor fire place, it will be a permanent structure that has been designed using mortar and bricks. It is probably the most expensive of all outdoor fireplace options since a fireplace will need to be constructed, however you will enjoy the look of a built-in fireplace.

If you want to try a steel outdoor fireplace, you will find that they are cheaper when it comes to price and can also be portable. Steel outdoor fireplaces are prone to rusting so they should always be stored indoors when they are not being used.

A clay outdoor fireplace is a unique option that is surprisingly affordable. However, a clay fireplace can be easily damaged and they are often unable to stand up to weather conditions outside your home over the long term.

A cast iron outdoor fireplace can be very durable. However, this option is heavy so you will likely want to consider this option if you are looking for a more permanent fireplace that you won’t need to move around.

A cast aluminum fireplace looks roughly the same as a cast iron one, however, it costs less and is lighter in weight. A cast aluminum fireplace is a good idea if you are looking for a model that is more portable. Also cast aluminum fireplaces stand up well to weather conditions and you can store it easily if the weather is not good outdoors.

All of these options have custom features that can help you to personalize your grill. If you are looking to cook outdoors, consider upgrading your outdoor fireplace with a rotisserie, spit or grate so that you can enjoy outdoor cooking. If you plan it right, you can create an enjoyable space to share with loved ones and friends. You can also create a great outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Fireplace Fuels

Outdoor fireplaces typically use wood, natural gas or liquid propane for fuel. The type of fuel that you want your outdoor fireplace to use depends on your personal preferences and your location. Outdoor fireplaces that burn wood are great for people that want the authentic outdoor camping experience, however, they may not be allowed in your area. Check with local regulations regarding wood burning for fuel.

Gas burning fireplaces can be fueled by either natural gas or liquid propane. Wood burning involves a lot of maintenance and cleaning. Therefore, gas burning fireplaces can create less of a headache. Installing a natural gas outdoor fireplace does mean that you must have a gas line available or are you are willing to install one.

If you opt to use propane for fuel, a separate tank may need to be set up in order to transfer the gas to the fire area. Natural gas and propane will also become ongoing expenses as you own your outdoor fireplace. Therefore, it is a good idea for your to check with a local retailer regarding installation costs and gas delivery costs. This may have a big impact on the choice that you make.

Check Local Regulations

If you are considering installing an outdoor fireplace in your home, you should make sure that you check with any homeowners associations as well as the local authorities regarding building codes. Some communities have standard rules in place regarding renovations to your home. While some might be more lenient, others could require that you obtain specific permissions before adding an outdoor fireplace to your home. You should make sure that you complete the necessary steps to proceed first before beginning any construction.

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