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Residential outdoor spaces are increasingly being turned into inviting and multipurpose spheres. These exterior “living rooms” are overwhelmingly being viewed as extensions of homes.

By selecting furniture, accessories and decorative objects in complementary and coordinating materials, colors and styles, homeowners can create an easy indoor-outdoor flow. This is true whether outdoor spaces are patios, porches, decks, lawns or poolside.

Outdoor spaces have evolved from landscaped yards with foundation plantings. With today’s focus on clearly defined outdoor spaces for relaxation, dining and entertaining, homeowners are selecting outdoor furniture with as much care as that given to their choice of indoor furniture.

With this trend comes a heightened demand for a great variety of outdoor furniture to suit each customer’s exact requirements. Irrespective of whether homeowners are selecting garden furniture for a mansion or a more modest dwelling, a number of factors remain important: Style, personal taste, size, climate and color scheme are vital considerations for creating pleasing and harmonious outdoor environments.

Those considerations are perfectly addressed by Viesso’s entrepreneurial vision. The company offers a wide range of modern outdoor furniture that is both fresh and invigorating. More importantly, any requirement can be satisfied: Custom outdoor furniture can be crafted to suit, and environmentally friendly products abound.

Viesso offers a full complement of outdoor chairs for all budgets and tastes: A creative and innovative mix of armchairs and armless chairs offer sharp and modular outlines, gentle curves and up-to-the-minute details. From the deep and well-cushioned comfort of the Bogard single-seat to the space age Flux chair in bold, tropical colors, Viesso’s modern outdoor chairs are gloriously voguish.

Available in round, square and rectangular designs, the outdoor tables are temptingly unique and extremely modish. The materials used in the construction of the tables include teak, concrete, stainless steel and glass. Styles range from the conventional to the elemental. Folding bistro tables are offered in many sizes and a wide array of rich and vibrant colors. The concrete Ping-Pong and dining table deserves special mention: Designed by James DeWulf, it is nine feet in length and five feet in width. The table is colorfast and the top has a smooth finish for playing Ping-Pong. The net is removable. This table can be left outdoors year-round because it is constructed to repel rain and salinity, and to withstand frost.

All of the tables offer clean and unobtrusive lines. Modernistic in detail and approach, they nevertheless have timeless appeal. Truly, they are tables for today – and tomorrow.

Alfresco dining is one of life’s savored pleasures, whether it is an intimate meal for two or group dining. Eight outdoor dining sets currently comprise the range, providing choices for all situations.

The bistro dining set is lightweight and possessed of a Mediterranean charm. Offering understated elegance, the Soho dining set in taupe has a glass top and a steel frame. This set is also available in white. The Icon bistro dining set is rendered in stainless steel and reclaimed teak, with a cool, clean appearance. A veritable breath of fresh air, the Breeze dining set is a contemporary and artistic combination of steel, glass and teak.

From the Soho range, the linear charcoal HPCL dining set incorporates a long table and two long benches. It is a fresh update of a long-standing staple of informal dining. The slim-line Costa dining set adjusts from 63 inches to 95 inches, and can seat up to 10 diners. It is available in a choice of 24 rich colors. Mamagreen’s Quilt dining set exudes class and quiet elegance. It comprises a long table of FSC-certified teak wood and six contemporary club chairs with stainless steel frames.

Twenty-seven varieties of outdoor loungers cater to poolside and other lounging. Designs include the subtle Piano – HPCL fixed sun lounger and the bold Lauser outdoor lounger chair. The Piano chase is available in left- and right-hand choices, as are the square loungers. The Icon teak sun lounger is offered as single and double versions. Unencumbered by unnecessary details, they are the very essence of style and Scandinavian-like purity of design. The Icon teak loungers are highly desirable modern pieces. They hold an especially delicious summer appeal when they are upholstered in the sunbrella macau.

The magnificent outdoor fireplaces are true works of art. Each fireplace is a harmonious marriage of form and function. Providing warmth and glowing, romantic light, these beautiful statement pieces are designed with clean and arresting lines that bring outdoor heating into the 21st century. The Stix, Cyl and Mini T outdoor fireplaces are particularly modern and cosmopolitan.

All of the fireplaces are Eco-friendly, utilizing only ethanol as their fuel source. As such, they do not release toxic emissions into the atmosphere. They are highly portable and can be easily moved. Thus, they work with seating arrangements - not the other way round.

Of truly unique designs, the rugs define outdoor rooms. Not only are they long lasting and weather-resistant, they also combine style and comfort. A rainbow of colors promises to delight: From neutral tones to spicy oranges and reds, there is a hue to complement any color scheme. Stripes, floral or geometric patterns impart a visually stunning, up-tempo and contemporary flair to each rug. The outdoor rugs are also suitable for indoor use, and are easily maintained and cleaned.

Sun protection, style, and comfort are fashionably combined in all of the sunshades and canopies. The Sombrero Personal Shade is adjustable and easy to move. The frame is made from stainless steel, and the mesh frame is available in an array of mouth-watering colors. Its larger counterpart, the Sombrero Canopy provides greater shade.

Providing the ultimate in outdoor relaxation, the Bogard Teak Pondok is grandly over-sized to accommodate families or groups. Its cutting-edge proportions and inviting air gives it a seductive charm.

Containerized gardening will be given an ultra modern twist with the Kubus and Rio planters. Available in three dimensions, the Kubus planter features teak sides and element-defying stainless steel feet. Grouping all three sizes guarantees instant pizzazz and urban chic. The Rio planter sports a sleek outline and speaks of cool refinement. Available in two sizes, they are the perfect surrounding to showcase potted palms with ultramodern flair.

Outdoor loungers, sofas and seats can be boldly accessorized with throw pillows and cushions. They are available in a range of colors that range from bright and breezy to cool and calm. Five different sizes are currently available. The covers are made of Sunbrella fabrics, which have proven durability and sun-fastness. The covers are also removable and machine-washable.

A lack of outdoor storage for entertainment needs is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Orangerie racks. These inspired racks offer storage versatility to please even the most exacting host or hostess. They are available in four convenient heights and styles, and utilize locking wheels for maneuverability and safety.

Multifunctional and handsomely made, the Icon Trolley is available in two generous sizes. The wooden panels are constructed from recycled teak, which adds a green dimension to its charm. The Icon trolley can be teamed with the Icon loungers for a coordinated and ultra-stylish effect.

Beautiful designs do add to one’s quality of life and the enjoyment of one’s surroundings. This is especially true when ample use has been made of recyclable, reclaimed and sustainable materials during the production process. The pleasures are not confined solely to residential properties, however: Viesso’s outdoor furniture items are equally suitable for commercial and business enterprises. Furthermore, all of Viesso’s own products are manufactured in the United States.

Wherever impeccably realized, stylish, comfortable and modern outdoor furniture is required, the variety and versatility of Viesso’s imaginative product lines can match each customer’s requirement to create or modernize all manner of outdoor entertaining spaces. Visit www.viesso.com or call today to let the team at Viesso craft your modern outdoor space.

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