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Furniture and decorative accents make your house a home. The smallest touches have the largest impact. The way you decorate your home says a lot about you. Not only does it create an overall feel, but it also makes a statement about your personality. A clean and modern look tells visitors that you like open spaces and value function over form. Romantic pieces say that you enjoy history and equate larger pieces with solidity and longevity. Shop for custom furniture that tells YOUR story; let your home extend the welcome for you. Viesso custom furniture is all about unique designs that blend to create an atmosphere of hospitality.

Design Starts Outside

The first thing visitors see when they visit your home is the outside. Your outdoor furniture must make just as much of a statement as your inside design. The landscaping on the approach and patio furniture indicates whether or not you enjoy having guests. Make sure your design choices create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for friends, both new and old.

Viesso has an entire line of outdoor furniture that complements any landscaping choice. Furniture designs range from small two seat tables to longer banquet sizes. Plan small intimate gatherings or large exciting parties, whichever you prefer. A nice evening meal eaten in a lovely garden setting is relaxing and romantic. Gardens, planters, rugs and fireplaces make lovely accent pieces. Start from the ground up when you are putting together a total look for your outside area.

Getting Started with Landscaping

The entire design of your outdoor space must be cohesive. You may want to work with a qualified landscaper and designer to create overall harmony. In America, appearance comes first for front yards. Thoughtfully chosen flowers, bushes and trees make your front yard a showplace. Make sure that your garden will have something to offer all year round. This can be a challenge in areas with cold winters or extended summers, but there are options for year round greenery and color.

Use planters to add depth and dimension to your design. Natural wood planters, like the Mazzamiz or Kubus options offered by Viesso, make a perfect backdrop for ever greens and colorful flower displays. Basic squares or shapes that are more unusual draw the eye and create aesthetic appeal. Even if you do not have a lawn to work with, you can still have a lovely garden area in front of your home.

Repeating planters in both the front and backyards builds harmony. Even though the building in between visually separates the two areas, repeating the use makes it clear that the same vision decorated the entire yard.

Building a Design from the Ground Up

Once you have finished with the landscaping aspect, start looking at outdoor rugs. A patio is a nice place to entertain, and a rug can add that perfect touch. Of course, you may be put off outdoor rugs due to the many bland and uninteresting options provided by the vast majority of suppliers, but do not despair. Viesso has many different, colorful patterns that work with any design plan. Rugs range from monochromatic to bright pops of color that bring a smile to your face. No more boring, flat colored rugs. Now, you can enjoy fun patterns, vibrant colors and all the durability you need. Made from PVC-plastic and polyester warp, these rugs are comfortable, cleanable and durable.

Adding the Furniture

Once you have made your choices on landscaping and flooring, it is time to start looking at furniture. First, remember that there is a wide variety of outdoor furniture available, and all of it performs different functions.

• Outdoor Dining – Many families enjoy bar-b-queing or entertaining outside. There are many different options for eating outside. Tables and chairs come as sets or as individual pieces. You can either purchase a matching set or put together a more eclectic design by mixing and matching from different collections. Tables are offered in round, rectangle, square, and oval surfaces. Materials also run the gamut, though with Viesso you always get furniture that designed with the environment in mind.

• Lounge Furniture – Whether you have a pool or simply enjoy lounging in the sun, there are furniture options to bring the comfort of your living room to the backyard. Outdoor sofas and loungers make a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. Viesso offers entire sets that look living room ready, with the durability to stand up to all weather.

• Accent Pieces – The final touches for your design are just as important as the larger furniture choices. Do you need a fireplace for cooler nights? Are there enough tables sprinkled around as drink catchers? These are important questions to ask as you add in the final touches. Don’t forget the sunshades either. If you live in an area that gets a lot of sun, having a shady spot is essential.

Custom Options and Fun in Individuality

There is nothing like knowing that you have a design that is absolutely one-of-a-kind. When you finish up choosing all of the furniture for your yard from Viesso, rest easy knowing you have a finished look that is totally unique. With hundreds of different pieces to choose from, all environmentally friendly and made from sustainable materials, redecorating is no easy task. Thankfully, no matter what you choose, you can create a funky, fresh design that makes your house a home.

Go Green and Get Quality

Viesso is a company that focuses on providing not only unique, visually interesting furniture, but also items made using sustainable building techniques. Fabrics are all made from either recycled materials, all natural fibers or produced to minimize environmental impact. Bamboo and other natural materials make up the frames. Bamboo, in particular, is a sustainable building option with limited environmental impact. Bamboo is a grass, it grows quickly and harvesting the stalks does not affect the root system. Unlike trees, bamboo will naturally replace harvested stalks with only limited human interruption.

Many furniture manufacturers use polyurethane foam as a filler for their products. Viesso prefers to use biodegradable alternatives like natural latex. Natural latex comes from rubber trees, but it still offers the same resistance to mildew, mold and bacteria as man made options. The one downside to natural latex is that it is not fire retardant. Fortunately, eco wool acts as a phenomenal fire retardant, and it is also sustainable and green.

Even the chemicals used on Viesso products are predominantly low impact. Instead of using solvent-based glues, Viesso prefers water-based options. They are less flammable and less toxic. Stains and sealants used to create gorgeous colors and durability also offer lower toxicity levels and are less flammable.
Viesso is a company that puts the needs of the entire planet first. Sustainable, durable and natural are the watchwords for their furniture offerings. We even plan to offer free recycling on their products in the near future. Currently, this socially responsible company tracks its carbon footprint from deliveries and donates that money to ensure replanting of trees. Although they make every effort to make sure that their products only minimally impact the environment, you choose the degree of sustainability.

Sustainable Living and Its Benefits

With the customize option, you control the level of carbon footprint left by the furniture you buy. Viesso allows you to order products that are green from the ground up. Every single element comes in renewable and sustainable products. Take responsibility for your environmental impact by applying green philosophies on every aspect of your life.

Be Proud to Be Green

When your neighbors see your beautiful yard, you can act as an ambassador for green, durable furniture. Not only will your furniture look great, it will stand the test of time. Natural materials often last significantly longer than cheap, man-made options. Plus, your furniture will not look like assembly line junk that fills thousands of homes. All furniture meets only the highest standard of quality. When you custom order furniture, you may pay a higher price in the short term, but the long-term savings are tremendous. Always buy the best furniture that you can afford. The many extra years of use you get more than make up for the initial higher price tag.

Choose the Best: Choose Viesso

Redecorating is a monumental task, but when you buy from a company you can trust, the process can be a lot smoother. Why buy off the rack furniture that will break in only a few years, when you can own showroom quality pieces that will become heirlooms? Not only do you get quality and beauty, you also get durability made from green materials. The entire catalog is available online. You can also take a look at the customizable options and begin building your furniture today. From fabric to fixtures, you control the final look and feel of your furniture. Take a look at the incredible product offerings available by Viesso. Browse, shop, and ask questions before you finalize your order. Contact Viesso today for your next decorating challenge.

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