Outdoor Restaurant Tables

Outdoor furniture for a restaurant should be heavy-duty, easily cleaned, weather-resistant and durable. You may want to use tables that are made from different materials for your indoor and outdoor areas. Style, beauty, comfort and quality are of equal importance for your outdoor restaurant space as they are for your indoor dining area. Your outdoor setting may be the only thing potential customers see of your restaurant to help them decide whether to patronize your establishment. Make sure your outside space is just as attractive as the inside. Your constant aim should always be to put forth and maintain the best possible impression of your restaurant and Viesso is here to support you wholeheartedly.

Table Materials

There are a myriad of choices for materials for the tops and legs of tables. Select the colors and style that are most likely to entice your desired clientele into your restaurant. Wood, heavy plastic or metal are some of the most popular table materials. Tables with a central pedestal tend to be more comfortable for your patrons because they can move their legs around more easily under this style of table. You may wish to choose one particular type over another because of cost, personal preference, aesthetics or convenience.

If cushioning material is included on the table tops, make sure it is made from sturdy material and constructed so it will last a long while under vigorous use without fading, chipping or cracking. The supplemental styles and colors that table cushioning material offer could be a huge asset for the aesthetic beauty of your restaurant. Be sure to choose colors and designs that are in keeping with the theme and decor of your establishment and that harmonize with other color choices including those of walls, light fixtures and decorative objects such as flowers and paintings. If your colors or styles clash, they will greatly detract from the attractive appearance you are striving to maintain. Keep in mind that cushioning material will probably need to have polishing or preservation liquids periodically applied to it to preserve the beauty and stability of the material. This will require more time away from other tasks for your staff.

Green Furniture

If deep concern for the environment is an important consideration in your purchasing, choose Green furniture for your restaurant. This is accomplished by obtaining furniture that is made from products with low toxicity levels that are recyclable and biodegradable at the end of their usefulness. This furniture may be constructed of such eco-friendly woods as bamboo or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified maple.

Style, Color and Décor

Your choice of furniture color can help set the mood for your restaurant. For example, red and orange are vibrant, active and exciting, yellow is bright and cheerful, green is a fresh, relaxing color, while black can be very dramatic. The furniture style is a primary method to portray the theme and feeling you wish to evoke in your restaurant. Combining color and style of furniture can change the look and feel of your restaurant space. Adding floral arrangements, plants and table decorations to outdoor furniture can enhance the interest and attractiveness of your outdoor setting.

When umbrellas are part of your outdoor table decor, be certain they are bolted, soldered, or otherwise securely fastened to the tables so there is no possibility that they can become detached and injure someone. Umbrellas must also be made of a very strong fabric so they cannot be easily damaged.

Configuration of the Dining Area

There are time-tested methods of configuring dining chairs and tables in a restaurant that maximize the efficiency and comfort of the establishment. To begin constructing the location of the outdoor dining location, draw a detailed map of the area, including any obstructions such as poles. Plan your placement to leave enough space between table groupings for not only customer comfort but also server convenience. Make certain there is adequate space for wait staff and customers to easily pass one another between all table and chair settings.

In an outside restaurant area there will tend to be small groups of one to four people choosing outdoor dining. Therefore, you will want to have mostly small table groupings rather than a mix of small and larger ones. One or two long serving tables may be used to optimize flexibility for your serving options. If possible,
place these on the wall that is located in the closest proximity to the kitchen. As always, however, your main objective is to make certain that there is enough access for a crowd of people around each table.

A bar table and stools added to an outdoor dining area can help you to maximize bar profits. People are apt to buy more drinks when the bar is in sight and easily accessible. You will want to obtain a bar table that needs minimum upkeep to keep it constantly spotless and attractive.

Decorative screens may be used to partition off certain numbers of dining tables. Having distinct sections will make it easier to close off areas to customers when you have limited numbers of serving staff. People tend to spread out over as much area as you give them, making it more difficult for your wait staff to serve them efficiently.

Remember that the comfort and ambiance your customers have experienced will remain in their memories. You want your establishment to stand out as special in their minds so they will gladly return and be inclined to have future gatherings with friends and relatives at your restaurant.

Storage Considerations

When you make the decision to have an outdoor dining area at your restaurant you must also have a furniture storage area available. If your restaurant is located where there are changing seasons, the furniture will need to be stored for lengthy periods during the cold months of the year. Even if you are in a region where the weather is warm all year, you must nevertheless plan for adverse weather conditions, such as hurricanes or other violent windstorms, when temporary storage will be necessary. Ideally, this storage area should be on the premises or as nearby as possible so that the furniture can be rapidly set up again after any danger from the storm has passed. The storage area should also be temperature-controlled so your valuable property will not be damaged while in storage.

A dependable, quality seller like Viesso will assist you in selecting furniture that will be attractive, serviceable and have lasting appeal. Your outdoor table solutions are a vital decision for you as a restaurant owner. Your furniture will automatically inject personality and style into your restaurant because it is the cornerstone of any dining space. Contact us today to bring flair and a breath of fresh air to your indoor or outdoor design.

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