Platform Beds With Storage Drawers

Today platform beds are more popular and more stylish that ever before. No longer is a platform bed just an extra bed in a small room. Platform beds are in a category of the finest furniture and are making a decorating statement of their own. There are many good reasons to buy a platform bed. Let’s review a few of those reasons:

They are stylish and add to the décor of the room.They are perfect when space is limited. Some platform beds offer extra storage. They can be well-constructed and of a high quality. They are comfortable and provide more than adequate support for a restful sleep. They come in a large selection, offering many styles, colors, and prices.


Viesso’s selection of beautiful modern platform beds offer you everything you could desire as they meet all the criteria mentioned above. Every style is appealing in its own way, with a personality to complement every room and every decorating scheme. There is sure to be a size and a style that is just right for you and your home. With a variety of materials in woods and fabrics, your choice of several colors, and the availability to customize the bed to your exact tastes and specifications, you’re guaranteed a platform bed that will contribute beautifully to your overall décor.


One of the main reasons platform beds are purchased is because of their compact size and therefore the smaller amount of space they occupy than most traditionally styled beds. A platform bed is the perfect choice for a smaller room with limited space, or for a larger room where you want a more open look and feel. The minimalist look is more popular than ever these days. A platform bed is the right choice to help achieve those sleek lines that are crisp and clean, giving the room that relaxed uncluttered look. When your bedroom looks uncluttered and inviting it allows you to relax. One more advantage to a low platform bed is the greater ease of getting into and out of the bed. Because of the compact size of the platform, it is also easy to move, care for and keep clean.


One of the main reasons platform beds are purchased these days is because of the extra storage space that can easily be included underneath the bed itself. This is an ideal way to keep extra clothes, shoes, bedding, magazines or anything else neatly out of the way and out of sight. Imagine how convenient it would be not to have to search underneath your regular bed for that shoe you can’t find or some other long-lost item. Extra storage space is a welcome plus for every bedroom. Let a platform bed help you organize your bedroom more efficiently and help you keep it that way.


As with every piece of furniture as well as every accessory offered at Viesso, each platform bed is made of the finest, eco-friendly material available. The workmanship is precise and professional. Each bed is held to the highest possible standard of construction and finish work. You’re buying a platform bed for many excellent reasons. One of the most important reasons is that the bed is well-made. You can count on these beautiful platform beds to be rugged and durable and to last a lifetime. Your satisfaction is guaranteed in every aspect your are looking for in a platform bed.


Gone are the days when a platform bed was just an easy to put together bed for the kids’ room. Today’s platform beds are constructed with exact specifications to be the most comfortable bed in the house. These beds are specifically designed for strength and comfort. The inner spring mattress offers comfortable, restful sleep for everyone. The design of the bed itself allows for sufficient support of the mattress. Enjoy a restful and rejuvenating sleep each and every night on your incredibly comfortable platform bed.


The selection in beautiful, durable, stylish platform beds in wide and varied. Choose from a small single bed, an ample double bed, a roomy queen-sized bed or a spacious king. Headboards are expertly padded, and along with the covering and perimeter of the bed frame, come in a wide and beautiful choice of several color options. These beds come with extra storage drawers below the frame of the bed as well as some storage in the headboard.

There are several different sizes of platform beds offered at Viesso. The twin size comes in four styles. The Ekay Twin Bed is a classic style that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful. It comes in a wide array of fabrics and colors. The mattress fits perfectly on the top of the platform. With the legs hidden well under the frame, the bed looks as if it is floating.

The Nini Twin Bed has a wide ledge around the mattress, adding convenient sitting room. The headboard is constructed in such a way to offer a limited amount of innovative storage. As with the Ekay, there is a wide variety of fabrics and colors available with the Nini.

The mattress for the Bramo Twin Bed sits deeper down into the platform giving it an ever more sleek and compact appearance. The most unique characteristic of the Bramo is a beautiful tufted headboard. This is an elegant and sophisticated bed that can be made to fit your personal needs.

The Buden Twin Bed is a beautiful bed with a platform constructed from solid bamboo. The available options let you choose a cut out at the foot of the bed for extra storage. This space along with the handy base drawers give you more than sufficient storage in a bed that will be the focal point of any bedroom.

The Ekay, Nini, Bramo and Buden styles are also available in the full, queen, king and California king size beds.

Other styles are available in the larger sizes of platform beds. These beautiful beds have to be seen to be truly appreciated. Visit to learn about other sleek and modern beds and how they can enhance the look of any bedroom.

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