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Play Outside with These Outdoor Ping-Pong Tables

Many people associate their garden with fun; there’s nothing more fun in the garden than table tennis tables.

Playing ping pong on an outdoor benefits introduces multiple benefits. For example, you can burn calories without having to go to the gym or go out on a run. Also, some ping pong tables double up as outdoor dining tables, making them an easier sell for those who don’t like ping pong.

However, how do you choose an outdoor table to play ping pong? Continue our ping pong outdoor tables guide for a comprehensive list of the best outdoor table tennis tables on Viesso and more.

Why Should You Consider Outdoor Ping Pong Tables?

Before going into the best ping pong tables on Viesso, we need to go into more detail on why you should have one.

Playing ping pong on an outdoor table allows you to enjoy it as a pastime while getting some fresh air. The natural scenery will make the ping pong matches more entertaining.

Additionally, while you play ping pong on outdoor tables, you will get more exposure to sunlight, which will boost your vitamin D levels. Exposure to sunlight can also improve your mood.

The main other reason an outdoor ping pong table is a good option is that it gives you a good workout in your garden. There is no need to go to the gym or go out on a run.

You can also play them anywhere in the garden, including:

  • The patio.
  • The deck.
  • The yard.
  • And more.

Is A Ping Pong Table You Play Outdoors Resistant to Bad Weather?

Thankfully, these ping pong tables can withstand multiple weather types, including wind, rain, snow, and more. Additionally, some will come with a cover to protect them from watermarks from the rain.

Waterproof ping pong tables also allow you to play all year round. With some cheaper options, you may only be able to play in the Summer.

They are waterproof and weatherproof because they have coatings that protect from weather like rain and UV rays.

What Are the Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Options on Viesso?

Now you know why putting a ping pong table outside is a great idea, we need to detail the best options on Viesso.

These high-quality products come with two paddles, but they range in features, materials, and functionality.

Here are some Viesso outdoor ping pong tables for you to consider.

James De Wulf Ping Pong Dining Table

The main selling point of the James De Wulf Ping Pong Dining Table is that it doubles as a ping pong table and a dining table. Because it’s so versatile, it might be an easier sell if you need to convince other family members of the purchase.

Also, it consists of concrete, making it sturdy and durable. A sturdy table is perfect if you have a patio or deck that isn’t entirely even.

The only addition it needs to be perfect is cup holders; you can also use these to hold the paddles.

James De Wulf Rolling Ping Pong Table

The James De Wulf Rolling Ping Pong Table is brilliant if you want to move the table around the backyard. You may not be happy with it in one specific place, so moving it around the backyard is the best option.

Also, the colors on offer are all natural and subdued so that they won’t clash heavily with anything in the garden.

Similar to the dining table option, it also uses concrete. It also doesn’t come with cup holders.

James De Wulf Vue Ping Pong Table

The main difference between the James De Wulf Vue Ping Pong Table and the other Viesso options is its slimmer and sleeker design. This option will fit better if you have a more understated garden design.

It also comes with paddles and balls, ready for you to play.

Neuvo Ping Pong Table

The Neuvo Ping Pong Table is an option your friends will love because of the gold net and the oak surface. It looks elegant and extravagant but is still functional because of the sturdy legs.

Also, the paddle options are wooden, so they are consistent with the design (the balls are standard).

Additionally, because of the materials, it is cheaper than many other outdoor table options on Viesso. However, the wood makes it less weather-resistant, so you may need a cover.

How Do You Choose Between Table Tennis Tables?

We presented you with many excellent outdoor table tennis table options, but how do you decide on the best one?

When choosing an outdoor table tennis table, consider the following:

  • Measure the space you want to place the table to determine the best size.
  • Consider if having a table with wheels will be a suitable option for your backyard or if you prefer a stationary one.
  • If you can, find a weather-resistant table so you don’t need to repair or replace it as often.
  • Find one with the best surface to play on. It must have a good bounce and be reflective so the sun doesn’t get in your eyes.
  • Determine if the features you want justify the cost of the products.

Do You Need to Maintain the Table Before You Play Ping Pong?

Although you don’t necessarily need to clean the outdoor table tennis table every time before you play, it is a good idea to clean it regularly and remove stains and dirt.

Also, consider investing in a cover to place over the table for extra weather protection. If the table has a weather-resistant coating, you may not need a cover, but it’s there if you want to keep it completely safe.

Also, consistently check it for damage. If you find any damage on the table, repair it or replace it.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Consider Our Table Tennis Tables

In summary, a table tennis table is an easy way to create fun outside while getting excellent exercise and health benefits like vitamin D.

If you are struggling to decide on a ping pong table for outdoor use, remind yourself of the aspects that matter the most to you, whether it be the price, size or playability.

If you want to enquire about our table tennis tables, contact us on Viesso.

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