Queen Bed Platform

A quiet, peaceful revolution in bedding has resulted in a resurgence of popularity for the platform bed. Since the invention of the box spring in the 1860s, interior designers have struggled to find ways to make the box spring bed look more like a bed and less like a box. The double-decker beds have been disguised with ornate framing, tented with elaborate canopies and draped with masses of bedding. Rarely do they look sleek and contemporary.

While decorators have extolled the look of a bed covered with unnecessary frills and throw pillows, homeowners have had to contend with beds that too-easily overwhelm the bedroom’s décor. Until recently, although platform beds offered a solution, using them often meant sacrificing some comfort for style. Today, modern technologies have made a single queen-sized mattress so comfortable, durable and functional, that the box spring has become, for the most part, redundant.

For queen-sized beds, the platform bed offers a streamlined look that allows the bed to blend in with surrounding furnishings, rather than dwarf them. Whether constructed in fine wood, or covered with cushioned upholstery, a broad selection of materials, textures and colors provide options to suit every taste. Platform beds may include an attached headboard or footboard. Some platform beds offer a shelf instead of a headboard, which may extend to the either side to include an attached nightstand as well.

A queen-sized platform bed effectively does away with dust covers and frills, presenting a tailored, finished look that conveys a serene atmosphere. One great example is the Ludlow Bed. The platform bed helps create an environment that is more conducive to rest and relaxation, and far easier to maintain and clean. The long, sleek lines of a queen-sized platform bed establish a low profile for the bedroom, a look associated with the supreme luxury and style. They invite lounging on lazy weekend mornings, and provide an inviting space to read a good book or enjoy a favorite movie.

Platform beds offer functionality to a bedroom, providing additional storage options. Drawers or open shelves can be built into the platform. The storage may be located either at the end of the platform bed or at the sides. A queen-sized platform bed offers substantial room for meeting a variety of storage needs, from bedding and linens, to off-season clothing. Additional storage frees up the surfaces of surrounding furnishings, reducing clutter, and making the whole room work more efficiently.

In addition to elegant offering from quality designer brands, Viesso is pleased to offer platform beds hand-crafted in house and customizable for any taste. Viesso’s attention to quality ensures that customer expectations will be exceeded. A commitment to use eco-friendly materials at every opportunity ensures that furnishings from Viesso are healthy for the environment, and healthy for those who enjoy them, too. Viesso is dedicated to presenting platform beds that take advantage of the latest technologies, in timeless styles that suit every décor. Visit Viesso today for more information, and to peruse a distinctive selection of quality platform beds.

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