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San Francisco Apartment Furniture

Selecting eco friendly pieces for your San Francisco apartment furniture is a conscious decision that helps to reduce detrimental environmental affects, and also helps to protect the health of persons living within your home. We at Viesso understand your concerns with avoiding harmful chemicals and emissions, such as formaldehyde adhesives, harmful tanning metals, and petroleum-based products. Instead, our line of green furniture is made with materials we know will get your approval, including organic and raw materials used to make furniture fabrics and materials that were made using procedures that reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. We also work with a select group of companies that also produced furniture where wastes are properly disposed of or recycled, and fabric dyes are made with eco friendly ingredients. Unlike other companies, our policy is to provide you with properly labeled furniture pieces, so that you know exactly why we call it green.

Coffee and End Tables

Our eco-friendly coffee tables and end tables are made with the highest standards in environmentally friendly design and quality. When browsing our selection you will find high quality materials made for the modern taste. Our line of coffee table and end tables are made with friendly products such as recycled wood, bamboo, and other eco-friendly woods. You can be confident that the finish work is made with natural oils and low odor paints called low VOC.

Eco Fire Places

Using the best technology and craftsmanship, our eco fireplaces will meet your standards for clean burning fuel, portability, and aesthetic beauty. As wonderful additions to modern San Francisco apartment furniture, eco fireplaces will provide a great alternative to real fireplaces and will add an element of modern decor.


Whether you need an office size desk or conference desk, you will be pleased with our selections of eco desks that provide simplistic design elements that will work well with your stylish San Francisco apartment furniture. Made with the best in eco friendly finishes and materials, our desk selections meet environmentally friendly and functional standards.

Living Areas

Your living room area is a spacious and friendly area for gathering family and friends. With our unique selection of living room furniture, you will find several options that will meet your needs for style, functionality, and comfort. We provide a wide selection of essential living room items including sofas, tables,, and sectionals. Not only will you find our beautiful-but-exclusive living room furniture, but you can also browse through our selection of other famous brand furniture, including our selection of smaller living room accent items.


Unique, simple, and comfortable are important aspects of our modern sofa selections. No matter how selective you are about your seating arrangements, you will find that our selections meet your standards for form, function and beauty. Browse our exclusive and unique choices of sofas or browse through our brand name sofa selections.


Upon viewing our long-lasting, comfortable sectionals, we are confident that you will find a model that will meet your needs. Our handpicked selections are all made with amazing quality including our own exclusive line of furniture designs. So whether using your sectional for socializing, watching movies, or relaxing, you will find just the right model to for your seating needs.

Sofa Beds and Sleeper Sectionals

Modern sofa beds and sleeper sectionals now have the functionality of extra sleeping space without the bulky look of traditional sofa beds. With our beautiful selection of sleeper sectionals and sofa beds, you can still outfit your San Francisco apartment with minimalistic design, stylishness and comfort while maximizing your space.

Customizable Furniture

When designing your space you should have access to several selections for your San Francisco apartment furniture that will help you to turn your space into a unique, beautiful, and cozy living area. For this reason, we provide you with multiple selections in modern furniture, including custom sectionals, custom chairs, custom sofas, custom tables, and much more. Not only can we customize your apartment furniture up to the inch, but we can also utilize your own design to build a fully custom piece of furniture. You don't have to settle for less than perfect furniture. Our company will incorporate your exact specifications to create a cozy living piece that will work well with your large or small space. So whether you want customize accent pillows, headboards, or end tables, we can provide you with the best customization possible to meet your needs.

Fabric Samples

We understand that your furniture choice is just as important as its form and functionality. This is why we provide you with a large selection of fabrics. With our exclusive line of brand furniture, we provide you with the option to customize your furniture. You also have the option to browse our brand name choices by color, price, type, manufacturer, and eco friendly fabric. You can also order samples of fabric choices you are most interested in to help you narrow down your selection.


Your bedroom is a treasured retreat that should encourage relaxation and provide beautiful aesthetic surroundings. For this reason, we have provided you with valuable choices in bedroom products, including beds and bedding, eco friendly mattresses and headboards. We also offer those little accents that help pull your room design together. Whether you are creating a modern room for a baby, yourself or you are creating a relaxing guest room, our exclusive line of products can help you create the foundation for restful sleep and relaxation.


When choosing modern sleeping form from our selection you will see that you have many platform options. Whether you are choosing a king size bed, queen size bed, or something smaller, you can browse our large selection of beds based on the wood and fabrics you most desire. You can also browse our exclusive line of Viesso brand products for the ultimate opportunity to customize your bed.

Dressers and Chests

Bedroom storage options can be just as stylish as matching bed sets. We provide both large and small storage units in a variety of high quality styles and types, including wood based storage units and polished aluminum units. You can find a variety of wood choices that will compliment your bed selection, including maple, great oak, and walnut. We also provide pieces that are stackable or pieces that can be placed side-by-side to create larger units such as sideboards, side tables or chest of drawers.


You deserve every opportunity to get supportive and comfortable sleep after a hard day’s work. With our exclusive line of natural based latex mattresses, not only will you find a supportive and comfortable mattress, but you will also have the opportunity to sleep on one of the healthiest materials available for sleeping. Browse our mattress choices to find high-quality selections made with 100% natural and organic sleeping products.


Whether you are acquiring sophisticated pieces or casual dining pieces, you can browse our beautiful selection of modern dining furniture to create the quality look of your dreams. You can choose from several options in dining room seating, including benches and stools, dining chairs and bar stools and counter stools. We also offer quality sideboards, dining tables, and several options in coffee and tea serving accessories. Don't forget to browse our dining ware, tongs and utensils and bar and wine accessories.

Dining Tables

We understand that your dining table selection is the foundation of your aesthetic vision for your eating area. Browse our beautiful and modern solutions for dining table pieces, including lady tables, emphasis dining tables, Madrid style dining tables, and much more.

Dining Chairs

Regardless of your desire to create a formal dining room look or to create something a little more playful or casual, you can browse our complete selection of dining chairs that provides you with a variety of sophisticated and sleek options. Whether you want armless tall chairs, deluxe chairs, or you enjoy the look of short back chairs, you can browse through our selection based on color options and styles.

Bar and Wine

Beautiful bar and wine accessories can enhance the taste of many fine wines. Not only can you create delicious and beautiful cocktails, but your bar and wine presentations can also be aesthetically pleasing by choosing some of our selection in beautiful carafes, acrylic wine holders, or beautiful ice buckets.


Large and small accents used with your San Francisco apartment furniture can help you to pull the entire room ensemble together as one beautifully pleasing unit. Whether you are purchasing accents for form or functionality, you'll find a variety of essentials and must-have products that can provide your space with additional beauty. Whether you're looking for one-of-a-kind accent pillows, vases, wallpaper and decals, or specialty clocks, you can find it all right here within our exclusive selections. We also have specially designed coat racks and hooks, modern audio systems, and we offer special accent products for your pet. Whatever your furniture needs, Viesso understands your needs and commits itself fully to fulfilling those needs, view our wide selection of apartment furniture.

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